Thursday, July 25, 2019

Seared Chicken Bake

This wasn't exactly a summer-style meal, but it became one because it turned out so well. First, I did turn the oven on because it was a seventy-something day! So perfectly beautiful!

And I wanted something different.... but not winter-friendly different because it's July.

You understand.

So I coated three cut-up boneless, skinless chicken breasts with Montreal Chicken seasoning and seared them over medium high heat in just a grazing of coconut oil in my 4.5 quart Dutch Oven pan....  (some folks just call it a pan or a pot, but isn't the name "Dutch Oven" just plain fun? And Beth found me this one for $1.50 at a garage sale: BONUS!

I seared them quite well because I went to water the donkeys and forgot I'd turned them on and almost burned them (and the house, of course) but heard the sizzles in the nick of time... and thereby saved dinner AND the house.

Phew. :)

Okay, then I added about two cups of chicken broth to the pan, and boy did it sizzle! Like a lot, my friends.... but that's good because all those little bits of stuck-on pieces come loose and flavor the broth.

I peeled and tossed in about six potatoes... covered and baked at 300 degrees for about ninety minutes.

I made a side of rice....

And did some seared summer squash to go alongside, our first squashes are ready!

And I almost burned these, too, so clearly it was a theme for the day.

But they are better if they caramelize somewhat, it sweetens them, and they were delicious.

And then the very next day I discovered milk in glass bottles in the town fifteen minutes away: SOLD!

And I made rice pudding because I had leftover rice, and why wouldn't you make rice pudding with leftover rice, I ask?

And the mums are doing well.... it is an act of love each day because watering them is a long process when you don't have a mum-watering system, but I figure it's exercise to keep me on a slim-down trend that reverses itself quite naturally every stinkin' January.... but for now, the mum-exercise-plan is working its magic. The mums are growing and starting to set buds, I will be able to sell them with our gorgeous pumpkins (some are softball sized now!) and I can fit into my pants again. A total win for the lady farmer/author.

Did you know that some folks PAY farmers to come work on their farms and get "fit"???

Oh mylanta, what a great idea! :)

So that's it from the farm, life is busy and we've had typical weekends of reunions, picnics, family parties, graduations, weddings and showers.... Up here, folks tend to pack a lot of stuff into the fourteen to sixteen "nice" weekends of the year. In a way it's silly.... in another way it's beautiful. All in how we view it, I guess!

Wishing you all the best of Thursdays whether you're at home, in NYC for RWA or hanging out on a beach, a dock, in an office, or a kayak or a doctor's office... no matter what you're doing, our joy and prayers are with  you!

Multi-published inspirational author Ruth Logan Herne has written over 50 books and there seems to be no end in sight because she loves making up stories! Find her on the web at or email her at, friend her on facebook (she loves to chat with folks on facebook!) or follow her on Twitter where she is constantly amazed by the rude things some folks say... because their mamas would be sad to see it!


  1. Ruthy on the farm!

    I love your exercise program, and I'm sure hauling water to the mums is way up there on the cardiovascular fitness chart! This week my exercise has been hiking the 1/2 mile to our hosts' mailbox and back, with an elevation change that makes it worthy of climbing Mt. Everest. :-)

    That chicken...yum! That recipe would go great in an Instant Pot, with grilled squash...perfect for summer or early fall. I'm saving this recipe for the day when I have my own kitchen again!

    1. I forgot to say that I'm very glad you didn't burn the house down. That would be more than sad. :-(

    2. Oh, Jan, a 1/2 mile walk for real? I love that!!!! And with elevation???? Hahahahaha! I'd be huffing and puffing and telling myself "Ruthy! This is GOOD for you!" :)

      And I'm glad I didn't burn the house down, too. That would have been hard to explain.


  2. For all the rain this spring, we're sure missing out on precipitation this summer! I'm in awe of your mum watering workout. Maybe you need to start a farm b&b workout getaway. City folks like me get to come and work on a real farm for a few days - just until the picturesque farming life loses some of its wonder. But when your citified help runs back to the city (and their air conditioned gyms) you'll have a whole new batch eager to take their place. Especially if you feed them rice pudding. Yum.

    1. Kav, that is such a good idea! I love it... And rice pudding for the masses. Perfect!

      And it's funny but the kids' friends always wanted to work on the farm because it was a novelty. The novelty of course wears off when it's a daily chore. :)

      And yet, they survived. I think that's what spurred them toward college so they'd never have to work on a farm again.

      Only slightly laughing at the truth in that!

  3. I live in fear of forgetting I have something on the stove. Tonight I went out to empty the trash while I was boiling water, and I was so nervous I'd forget, that I couldn't stop thinking about it - so that was a win for worry. :)

    I'll have to look for that Montreal seasoning.

    Happy summer on the farm. All the RWA folks brought lovely weather with them to NYC this week.

  4. Ruthy, I'm glad you saved the chicken and the house! It looks good!

    Glad the garden is in full swing! However, I will still tell you to move to Georgia where you'll have away more nice weekends a year for activities. ;)