Monday, December 2, 2019

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Manhattan

You know that old saying, "The more life changes, the more it stays the same"?

Well, that's what my life is like as we ease into the holiday season, and I'm very happy about that! With all the changes we've experienced this year - ever since that fateful day in April when we saw that the PERFECT house for us was for sale and we made an offer - I long for a season of same-old, same-old. :-)

One of the traditions that hasn't changed is our annual Thanksgiving get together. This year we had fifteen - almost the same number we had the year of my original Turkey Manhattan post five years ago! The faces around the table have changed a bit, but the fellowship was even sweeter with the passing of time! (Never take friendships for granted!)

Enjoy this post from the past!

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Leftover Turkey Manhattan
(a rerun recipe from 2014)

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?

For years, ever since we moved too far away from our families to get together with them on a regular basis, we've invited friends who are in the same situation to our house for the big dinner.

After all, what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with friends and family?

This year we had seventeen at our house. Every family brought something for the meal and we had a wonderful time. :) I hope your Thanksgiving was just as full of blessings as ours.

But then comes the day after Thanksgiving. And leftovers.

I always assign leftover turkey to certain favorite meals, like the Turkey Tetrazzini Missy shared last week. (Find that recipe here.)

But when we have leftover potatoes and gravy (an almost unheard-of event!), we fix Turkey Manhattans.

Easy-Peasy, and sooooo good!

No recipe, just layer the goodness on your plate:

First layer: bread. I use bread leftover from making bread cubes for the dressing on Thanksgiving. You need one slice per person.

Second layer: turkey. Sliced white meat is the best.

Third layer: mashed potatoes. To heat them up, warm them in a pan with a little added milk and butter.

Fourth layer: gravy. All over your sandwich.

Since this was my day to say goodbye to simple carbs for a few weeks, I went ahead and had a few potatoes and the bread with my serving.

Oh yes, it's comfort food to the max! But after this (at least until Christmas!), I'm staying away from the starchy carbs and sticking to the other yummy fruits and veggies.

Of course, if you're a just-turned-twenty-one bean pole of a guy, then you can fix your serving this way:

Add a salad and a veggie - if you have room on your plate :)

You can also make this sandwich with chicken or beef - just switch the gravy for the beef version.

Now it's time to talk turkey (sorry, I couldn't resist!). How was your Thanksgiving? Did you have any leftovers?

Jan Drexler spent her childhood dreaming of living in the Wild West and is now thrilled to call the Black Hills of South Dakota her home. When she isn’t writing she spends much of her time satisfying her cross-stitch addiction or hiking and enjoying the Black Hills with her husband of more than thirty-seven years.


  1. The ultimate in comfort foods! I love this and it's a day to ignore carb counting and feast on a hand-made stew!

    Jan, I have snow here, and plenty of it, but today's snow is peaceful. Yesterday was freezing rain, hail and snow mixed from minute to minute... and then it turned to quickly accumulating snow. And now we have snow for sledding or creating or just mulling. Today's snow is sifting down. So pretty!

    I have all the ingredients for this. SHOCKER! :) Thanks for being here today!

    1. Happy December, Ruthy!

      You're so right about this being the ultimate comfort food. Just reading this post again this morning makes me hungry for a turkey Manhattan! I may have to find one for my lunch today!

  2. Jan, this looks yummy! Thanks for sharing again!

  3. Ha -- this vegetarian never needs to worry about what to do with the left over turkey! :-) Love your Thanksgiving tradition of inviting friends to your table when y'all are far away from family. Did Jack enjoy all the company?

    1. LOL! Actually I never worry about what to do with the leftovers - it's deciding which delicious recipe to use that's the problem. :-)

      And Jack did well with the company, but it was a little overwhelming for him. He spent most of the day snuggled in his crate, where he felt safe.

  4. We just called these open-faced sandwich. Yours sound so much fancier.