Thursday, August 1, 2019

Triple Fruit Crisp

 Life being as it is on the farm this week, there's been no cooking per se... and it's been grab this and toast that, but that's all right because we're all busy... and September sales ride on the shoulders of summer efforts. So this is a family favorite that uses three distinct fruits.... this one was apple/berry/cherry but you can substitute other fruits... peaches, mangoes, raspberries, blueberries, etc.... I like the base of apples for texture, but pears would work, too!


Apple-Berry-Cherry Cobbled Crisp

I'm totally cheating on this name because this is a crisp not a cobbler, but I found this at The Arlington Restaurant in Hilton, New York and had to try and replicate it. Yes. It was THAT good!

So, here's the Ruthy version that came out par excellence


4 cups chopped apples
2 cups sour cherries, drained
2 cups frozen strawberries (I didn't have these so I used blueberries instead and it was just as wonderful!)

Mix fruit together and spread in a deep, lightly greased  13" X 9" pan. I use my Corning Ware (yes, that is a SHAMELESS plug, LOL!) lasagna pan.... First, it looks nice, second, it's DEEP....

Now this picture is because Missy LOVES that I use huge things for my brown sugar and powdered sugar...

Fancy, right???

The good thing about these containers is A.: they're free and B.: the wee beasties can't get in there in the summer! I'm am totally not all about ants and moths in my baking supplies. I've learned to thwart them first.

This is 'Lijah making the topping:

1 cup flour
1/2 cup cold butter
1 tsp. vanilla

Cut butter and vanilla into flour with pastry blender or two knives



1 1/2 cups brown sugar
2 cups rolled oats (I assume this helps lower my cholesterol. Please do not tell me otherwise.)
1 cup chopped walnuts

(I usually double this topping recipe so that I have a bag of it in the freezer for a 'quick fix' dessert as needed.)

Mix together. Sprinkle generously over fruit. Bake at 400 degrees until top is golden brown and fruit juice is bubbling happily at edges and cracks.

Serve warm or cold and I like to top it with whipped cream or ice cream. Of course.  ;)

And here it is, ready to eat!

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  1. Yum, yum, yum!!!! Love apple crisp in the fall and winter but it's a scrumptious idea to add fresh berries to the mix in the summer. I may be drooling right now. Strawberries were super expensive this year for some reason so I've been sticking with frozen. Feeling a fruity mixed cobbler in my future.

  2. You had me at cobbler. If only it wasn't too hot to bake! We have been having cooler nights. Don't you just love how easy cobblers are to make?

  3. I had a bakery blueberry version of this the other day and now you've got me wanting more. The leftovers make a great breakfast treat!

  4. Ruthy, I needed a recipe for tomorrow for dessert. So I may use this! We have a lot of berries right now. Thanks for sharing!

  5. P.S. I forgot to put up a post for Friday!! So we'll enjoy Ruthy's post for another day. :)