Thursday, October 4, 2018

Bread Pudding Fail!!!!

I ruined bread pudding.

I thought I was so smart.

So cool.

So doggone amazing.

I used leftover donuts/doughnuts (spelling your choice) and added some apple pie filling to make apple cinnamon bread pudding...


Sigh. Big sigh.... Great taste, awful pasty consistency.

I am particular about my bread pudding. I like it firm.... I like it in a strong egg custard base, not too milky because I don't want it soggy, so when I got home tonight and had some:


Yep. All of the above. And I should have known because donuts are cake and cake gets soggy in milk but I didn't think of that.... I just thought of using up those stale donuts and making folks happy.

Well... I used 'em up, all right! :)

I'll be making it again, with just stale bread and my standby recipe and no apples. I've got nowhere to go but up right now!!!!

In other news on the SUCCESS bandwagon, "At Home in Wishing Bridge" released today! And yes, if you click on that link, you go straight to my friends at Amazon and you can buy it!! :)

Amazon/Waterfall Press sent me this gorgeous framed print of my cover... for my office wall. Isn't that a cool thing to do?

Oh, happy day!

I'm so excited to have this story out and I hope folks love it the way the loved "Welcome to Wishing Bridge" last November.

And we have sold a lot of mums. Like a LOT.... and two days of rain Monday and Tuesday allowed me time to do a few things in the house and writing. Another big weekend coming up, Columbus Day weekend with an extra day off Friday for Superintendent's conference day so I'm expecting a busy four days.... So I'm making jams now and I'll start baking on Thursday for the weekend. Here are some farm pics from two weeks ago...

 Happy customers on a cool day, note the jackets!

 Stacking pumpkins everywhere you look!!!

 Mums on rustic pallets.... So many pretty colors!

Farmer Dave tying half-bales of hay for customers. A lot of folks don't want to use a big bale, so we cut them in half... and tie them half bales! And then they fit in the big refuse bags so we don't mess up their cars!
 Mandy straightening things up in the mums... as people buy display pieces we re-create them if they're stacks of pumpkins.... or we refill them if they're just fun things!

 Bakery and jam and fundraiser for Kenzie's gymnastics for 2019...

She's selling cups of cider for $1.00

Normally she's in that chair.... but not at this moment!

Paul and Matt (oldest Blodgett son) tying cornstalks... this is a big job every year because folks buy a lot of cornstalks!!!!

Only a few more weeks of crazy farm fun and then the relative peace of short days, very long nights and ol' man winter will slip into our neck of the woods.... and more writing time.

I am totally psyched about more writing time!!!!

Although it's easier to maintain weight when you're working outside for hours every day. Hmm....

But we'll face that dilemma next month!

That's it from the farm where I am the Writer in Residence.

Well, that's because I live here, LOL!

Multi-published author Ruth Logan Herne is literally living her dream of being a published author and a really cool Grammy to a whole lot of cute kids. Author of nearly 50 books, Ruthy lives on a pumpkin farm in Western New York and she loves having hundreds and hundreds of people come to the farm on brilliant fall weekends! Find her on the internet at or friend her on facebook (she loves talking!) or follow her on Twitter @RuthLoganHerne


  1. Sigh I want to visit your pumpkin patch! If the flavor of the bread pudding was good did you try and mix it in with some ice cream? Might have taken your mind off the texture. :) Next time still use apples, but use fresh instead of pie filling. I love bread pudding! Somewhere on this "trusty" phone I have a blueberry lemon bread pudding recipe.

    1. Katie, I've got a great recipe on here for apple bread pudding with fresh apples and it comes out marvelous... but then I had this pie filling already made for apple cake and thought I'd throw it in... but between that and the doughnuts going SOGGY it was a mess.

      I made some regular bread pudding yesterday that came out much better... But I comforted myself by thinking that the only way to learn and discover is to take the chance to fail...

      WHICH I DID, LOL!!!

  2. I have a very old apple cider donut (like over a week - how did that happen?), but I guess I won't be turning it into bread pudding.

    I'm eating a harvest muffin as I type this. Whoever invented these is genius for putting walnuts and chocolate chips in a pumpkin muffin!

    1. I'm all over that pumpkin muffin studded with chocolate and nuts and then having the wisdom to call it "harvest" as if it was almost healthy... We must share these when I come to NYC again!!! Or anything, as long as I can see you!

  3. I love seeing pictures of the farm stand, Ruthy. Though I can't quite fathom long pants, let alone jackets yet. Sure wish I lived near enough that I could pop over and grab some of those mums. Guess I'll have to check our local nursery. And wait for another batch of your yummy regular bread pudding.

    1. Today it's 80 and muggy and huge rainstorms for three days so we're at up and down phase. Take a flight up, darling. You are always welcome here!!! :)

  4. I love looking at the pictures of your farmstand! Lovely. Just lovely.

    I've never made bread pudding, but I love to eat it. And I can see why you thought the leftover donuts would be perfect...except I can't figure out why you had leftover donuts in the first place. Donuts never last that long at our house!

    1. Good point! They are so much better fresh, aren't they? While I would prefer the box of Krispy Kreme, I try to make myself pass them by or just get one or two out of the deli.

    2. The donuts were a funny story... I went to the store on Saturday and bought a dozen donuts with cold cuts, etc. for the people working on the farm...

      Zach went to town to do his work-out (Zach is Blodgett Son #3) and he thought it would be nice to treat people to donuts... so another dozen donuts....

      And then he brought home a dozen on Sunday because there weren't enough left from Saturday so he wanted to round them out.

      So that's why there were left over donuts!!!

  5. Love to hear all about your home & read your books. Have never had bread pudding before. We like Apple Brown Betty with apples, bananas, whole wheat bread, cinnamon & sugar. Browned bettered bread pieces bottom & top layer. Pealed apples and bananas in the middle. You & your family are so sweet!

    1. Pam, I've never made Apple Brown Betty like that! I must try it, how fun!!!!

      And how could apples and bananas be bad, darling??? NEVER!!!!

  6. Love your column as always. I'm like everyone else. I only wish I lived near enough to visit.

    1. Linda, thanks for stopping in and commenting! I wish you did, too!!! I would hug you! And talk your ear off. :)

  7. I love the things you share Ruthy! I like that you share fails as well as triumphs. It gives those of us that fail more than not hope.
    Love the photos too.

    1. Oh man, failure is my spice of life! I hate wasting ingredients but if we don't take chances, we don't grow so I'm busily "growing" while messing up, my friend! :) And honestly, I cannot describe how bad the texture was... kind of like glue.


      And I'm not exaggerating.


      But I shall live to make bread pudding again!!!

  8. Your bread pudding looks wonderful. The donut one sounds great in theory. It totally should have worked! I'd eat it anyway. LOL Have you posted the old standby bread pudding one anywhere? I'd like to have it. My mother made bread pudding, but her recipe is: a smidgen of this, a little of that, etc.

    1. Winnie, my apple bread pudding (the real recipe) is right here on Yankee Belle. And I use a high ratio of eggs to milk for my bread pudding so if you think 6 eggs for 1 1/2 cup milk, 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1/2 tsp. nutmeg, whisk together.... and then break up or cut up enough stale or dry bread to soak up the liquid. I keep adding bread until there's no puddles of custard left. I like my bread pudding on the dry side.

      Bake in casserole pan that's set in a larger pan (I use a big frying pan with 1 inch or so of water in it) at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes to 50 minutes...

      Until it's the dryness you want.

      The pan of water beneath it keep the bottom and sides from getting browned and keeps the pudding moist while you're drying it out by cooking it. :)

      It makes the oven "humid".

    2. Thanks, Ruthy! It sounds delicious! I must break down and do some baking soon.

  9. So wish I was closer to visit the farm and purchase items. Better deals than I can find around here.

    Must have firm bread pudding too, Ruthy. I used stale whole wheat bread with plenty of cinnamon. Yum!

    Loved, loved "At Home in Wishing Bridge". 5 star reviews on major sites. Blessings and hugs

    1. I'm so glad you loved it! That makes my day, Marilyn!!!!

  10. Ruthy, I can't imagine doughnuts being bad in any way! hahaha

    Love the farm photos! Wish I could see it sometime. Maybe next year I'll show up on your doorstep!