Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Winter Lights and Salad

I goofed.

This post was supposed to go up last week, but I lost track of my days. I'm chalking it up to the 10 hour drive home from Maine on Sunday. I felt like I lost a day.

So, anyway....

I spent Thanksgiving in Maine. Honestly, we weren't sure how to spend our first Thanksgiving without my husband. Our daughters felt strongly about being together, but my Maine daughter's schedule didn't allow for her to fly home.
So daughter number one, her cat, and my dog, made the trek north.

Someone was excited.

The last time I spent Thanksgiving in Maine, we nearly died in a snowstorm, but woke to a winter wonderland.

These wild turkeys came out to play once the holiday was safely over!

This time, the snow fell the day before, but I awoke to this on Thanksgiving morning.

It's a little hard to see, but I loved the scarecrows steering the boat.

As Ruthy and Jan can attest (and Kav too!), it gets cold up north in the winter.

Portland, Maine has a tradition to combat the dreariness. They light the city up.

I love the idea. I'm a little less enthralled by the colors. Call me a traditionalist. The brightness is supposed to dispel the darkness of winter.

I'm a fan of white lights so this was a little over the top for me, but if it keeps people happy, then I'm all for it.

This is the work of a local artist.

We got to see the tree-lighting ceremony. Everyone sang along to the carols despite the cold.

It wasn't a traditional Thanksgiving, but it was just what we needed this year.

On to food - I've been eating tons of this salad. The blanched kale has a hearty winter feel. It's honey mustard chicken, toasted sunflower seeds, sliced beets, pomegranate arils, croutons on a base of kale. It's my go-to meal at the end of a long work day.

Hope you have something good to eat too.


  1. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! We have yet to put our Christmas decorations up....I know a fail, but we just have not had time. We have gotten some chilly weather too and I have been driving my SUV with a garbage bag window for a week! The window motor could have picked a nice spring or fall week long, but we made it work by taping a garbage bag to protect the inside from the snow we got over the weekend! That salad looks good! Tonight I wanted something fresh so I just stopped at the store and got a small head of cabbage and a bottle of Olive garden italiIt dressing and mixed those together to go with our meal. It was so good! The rest of the cabbage is going to marinade in the dressing a bit for my lunch through next couple of days. Wednesday nights menu is chicken soup with homemade noodles. Cold day means a hot meal!

    1. I love cabbage, Katie. My daughter ordered us bison burgers the other night and I asked for Napa slaw to go with mine. I love to roast red cabbage too.

  2. Mary Cate, I love these pictures. Even the purple lights. And it appears that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sounds like going to Maine was the right thing to do. And God rewarded you by surrounding you with winter's beauty. I bet Fenway had a ball running around.

    1. Thanks, Mindy. I love that they leave all those lights up through February to help brighten the bleak winter.

  3. I love the idea of leaving lights up because January and February are cold and dark with those shoooooort days! By the end of February, even though it's still cold, you can feel the difference in the sun on sunny days. The temp might be the same as November or December, but the intensity of the sun is different! It warms you! Ah, the power of physics!

    Cate!!! I love the box tower tree! HOW COOL IS THAT????

    And the crazy colored lights are gaining. I think the switch to LED lights makes our view of Christmas lighting different, because they included a purplish bulb in strings....

    And the lights shine differently... so it's kind of weird, right to us who are used to the old colors????

    But in any case, viva the lights!

  4. Katie Drexler, I am officially laughing at you! :)

    The best decorations of all are the ones we wear in out heart and show through our actions... so no worries, lovely lady!

  5. Mary Cate, I'm so glad you all got to be together. I love the photos (although I'm also a while light lover)! :)

    Sounds like a perfect salad!