Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Vegan Time

This is an odd week for me. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of losing my husband and today is my baby's 30th birthday. In honor of my daughter's birthday, I thought I would share this post I did a few years back. It's rather timely because I've been eating a lot of lentils and hummus as spring rolls around. It's a great, easy lunch.

Every year for Thanksgiving, the vegan girl and I dig into the recipe books looking for something new to share while the others eat turkey and ham.  This year, for Christmas, we didn't want the standard nut loaf. Instead we decided on a recipe she found for lentil balls.

To be precise, we made Lentil mushroom walnut balls with cranberry pear sauce. They come from the Oh She She Glows Cookbook and you can find her recipe and a wonderful picture tight here.

For anyone unfamiliar with this cookbook, it is amazing. We call it the cookbook that never fails.  We have yet to make a recipe that isn't just out of this world fabulous. (Although if you love to see recipe  fails, she does show a pretty epic pie explosion on the page with the lentil balls!)

Since you have her recipe, I'll just give our photos.

Disclaimer: we used pecans instead of walnuts.

My favorite part was the leftovers. That's where I got creative.

The first night I spread plain hummus on pita bread, added the smashed lentil balls and added some roasted red cabbage. That was delicious, but I was so busy eating, I forgot to take photos!

As I'm typing this, I'm eating defrosted lentil balls on pita with lemon rosemary hummus, beets, and beet greens. YUM!  (And sshhhhh - so very healthy!)

Two mini pitas spread with this luscious hummus.

Frozen lentil balls

These beet greens were so gorgeous in the January market!

I chiffonaded the leaves and boiled briefly.

 Added on the oven-roasted slices of beet and Voila!

Or, if you want to do an uncomplicated version - I cook lentils, mix them with hummus, and put them in pita with roasted sweet potatoes and beets. Delicious and healthy.

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  1. A year.
    What a year, Cate. A year of sorrows and shaded celebrations... and I know you said goodbye to your mom, too, so you've been hit hard this year. Still praying for you and those lovely girls!

    And lentil balls????

    Oh, I remember this idea, and I might have stared at the computer like REAL HARD, like JUNIE B JONES hard, wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but now...

    I bet they're good! I have not tried them, I have become boring this past year, simply eating/cooking to survive to keep up with work and farm, but I think I'll give these a try at some point because I like lentils... and all the rest. So why not????

    I mostly like M&M's.

    That's the sorry truth of the matter, but I need to self-discipline myself. I usually add the word "tomorrow" to that statement.


    Thanks for this, Cate! And God bless you!

    1. I'll share the M&Ms any day, though I prefer Whoppers.

      And yes, given m choice, it would definitely be candy over lentil balls, but there is this little thing (or not so little) called a waistline.

  2. A year. How can it be that long? Keeping you in my prayers this week!

    And one line of your post caught my eye: "We call it the cookbook that never fails."

    Don't you love cookbooks like that? Knowing you can trust every recipe to deliver what it promises? I have a couple of those, and love them. They're my go-to when I want to try something new. :-)

    1. I've been asking myself that same question, Jan. On the one hand, it seems like so much longer, but on the other, I just shake my head in disbelief.

  3. Mary Cate, this is a bittersweet week for you, for sure. Keeping you in my prayers. And hoping I get to see you in July. Maybe you could bring me a lentil ball or two. They do look yummy. Wonder if I could get my guys to sample one? Knowing the boys, they'd probably balk that it had something green in it. Yeah, insert rolling eyes.

  4. I'm so glad you're coming in July. We'll have to steal some time and hope cocoa dusted almonds are included.