Thursday, May 2, 2019

Easter, Spring-in-bloom and New Beginnings

Well, it's spring in Upstate/Western New York and there are daffodils....

And buds on the trees!!!

Birds singing at 5:00 AM...

Peepers peeping...


Oh, that's a joyous thing after a long white winter of silence from 4:00 AM on.

I am loving the noise!

And here's some pics from our Easter preparation:

The Mighty Finn and The Little Princess, preparing for Easter with remembrance art work:

And some baking, of course...

While I spent Holy Week in Dallas and Waco and Fort Worth, we still needed to read and talk and learn about Christ's sacrifice... and have Easter dinner and the joy of the Resurrection.

Easter is my favorite holy day...

We haven't wrecked it yet!!!! Yay!

Our family Easter Egg Hunt for the grandkids:

And then Dads and Uncles gathered to watch and coach and encourage... the way dads and uncles do!

Hunting on the porch...

In the sleeping gardens...

 And snooping around the wood rounds that Grandpa has cut for customers...

And Jello Eggs are always a crowd-pleasing favorite!

So I love getting ready for this beautiful day.

But this year I wasn't home to bake, so Beth went to Jackson's Bakery and got an amazing selection of stuff that was delicious! And someplace I have a picture of that tray of high-calorie goodness but I can't find it, so y'all have to trust the Yankee today! :)

It was a crazy and crazy fun and blessed week, and as I write this it is pouring outside... it's been pouring for hours, and they're predicting snow and rain for the next two days, but that's okay...

We've got a cozy wood fire and I've got contracts to fulfill and pretty soon I can get outside time between chapters... and finish cleaning my crazy messy garage!!!

But in the north we take this day-by-day out of necessity... and because we know when the change comes, it's like winter one day... summer the next!

And that just gives us something else to talk about!

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  1. Easter egg hunt -- what fun. I've never done one outside. Do you hide chocolate eggs or hard boiled eggs? Our weather is topsy turvy as well. So much rain and then snow and then rain and all the snow melting has created record-breaking flooding. My daughter's in a basement apartment in an area that might need to be evacuated. More rain tomorrow and then a sunny weekend and then back to rain all week long! It's been a crazy spring so far!

  2. We're bright and sunny today after a May Day snowstorm! The warmth feels soooo good!

    Easter is my favorite holiday, too. The Resurrection...what a wonderful thing to celebrate. :-)

  3. Precious, precious kids! I always smile when I see photos of your huge family, Ruthy. What a blessing! And what a blessing you are to all of them.