Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last minute change of plans: Lenten Salmon patties!

Hello, everybody! 
  So, originally I planned to post a recipe for home laundry soap. My friend Mindy came over and FORCED ME to confront my procrastination on learning how to make my own. 
   I just love Mindy. She's one of those friends that says, "You know you want to. You know you do. Here, let me prove it to you." And she's always right! Next, I have to start watching Dr. Who. She tells me it's amazing and since she's always right, I know it will be!
   Anyway, she came over to my house one day with all the ingredients to make laundry soap. I'd kept meaning to.... but had somehow never found the time or remembered to buy the ingredients. But I sure remembered it whenever we ran out of regular laundry soap and had to run to the store.

    But after I was done writing up this blog post, I found the tag "laundry soap" in the labels and realized that Jan had already covered this! (Whooops! Last minutes change of plans. Enter salmon patties.)
I'll leave a few pictures here so you can see what a great friend Mindy is (no, she's mine, you can't steal her away) and then we'll move on to salmon patties. I'm not looking in the tags to see if those have already been done because it's all I have right now! Ha! I shall proceed in willful ignorance. 
Another shot of the goods, which I think is very close to Jan's recipe.
And the cute little grater she brought.
She even brought two containers and I got to choose between red or teal (they both match my decor, so hard to decide) and the measuring spoon for the bucket!

Now, it's Lent so I was making a meatless meal tonight. We don;t eat that much meat, usually. We're more pie and ice cream people. (I'm just kidding. Please don't call CPS.)
So, this recipe is probably pretty standard for salmon patties but instead of cracker crumbs, I added flavored croutons. A friend of mine said she always made them that way and once I tried it, I liked it better!

1 can of salmon (or fresh salmon, which I had, so I used that)
1/3 cup minced onion
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp Old Bay seasoning or other Cajun seasoning (or, seasoned salt, which I used this time because one of my kids asked for "plain" salmon patties)
1 TBS fresh parsley
1/4 tsp fresh lemon juice (my friend uses zest but I never have)
1 cup of crushed crackers (about 20) or a cup of crushed croutons
1 egg
3 TBS of water or chicken broth

 I boiled the salmon instead of roasting it in foil with lemon and garlic like we do sometimes. reserve a half cup of the salted water if you don't use a can of salmon.
 Break into smaller chunks.
 Add onion.
 And croutons and spices and eggs.
 Form into patties. And this is where I left the kitchen since I hate hot grease. My husband took over and look what a great job he did!
 Obviously, this is his plate since it has a big serrano pepper. And beets. I'm not a fan of beets. I had plain salad, some sliced tomatoes and a few slices of fresh lemon..
I had trouble taking this picture because it was steaming up my camera lens.

Wishing you a prayerful Lenten season, everyone!


  1. Hmmm, I wonder if laundry soap works for HE machines. But either way, I do love the reminder that salmon patties are bliss.

    1. HE machines? Not sure what that is! And I haven't used it yet. We've got a little bit of regular soap left so I'll let you know how it works when I start.
      But she also said it was good for carpet stains and we had new carpet installed about 6 months ago. Of course, I chose a nice light blue color. I'll be trying out the soap mix on a few spots!

  2. Yes, the laundry soap works for HE machines.

    And Virginia, you made the dry version! Yay! I always make the wet version, but I need to make some more today, and I'm going to try the dry version to save time. (BTW, you make the two versions the same way, but for the wet version you dissolve the dry ingredients in water and store in buckets.)

    But on to the salmon patties! These look so delicious! I made a salmon frittata for myself for lunch yesterday (think salmon patty with more egg and no bread crumbs). It wasn't as good as it sounded, but it was all right. I won't be sharing the recipe here at the cafe, though. Regular salmon patties are much, much better.

    1. There's that HE again. LOL
      Interesting about the wet version! Does that make it more likely to dissolve? I don't have anyone with allergies here but I do have one child who seems to get a rash when the clothes haven't been rinsed as well. Any soap residue irritates his skin, where no one else seems to notice.
      As for the patties, I first was going to batter fry something, then changed my mind, so I had a big batch of batter before I started with the patties. After I'd fried enough for the post, my mixed half the batter into the salmon mix and made a sort of croquette. YUMMY.
      Also, we made onion rings with the remainder of the batter. That was excellent. It was quite the unhealthy meal but we all enjoyed ourselves and today went back to eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies, haha.

  3. I love salmon patties! I haven't made them in years because Dave isn't a fan, so may I come share yours? I love the taste and texture of them, it's a perfect Lenten dish, MVCM! I like some salmon, and I've had some I've really wrinkled my nose at, but the few times I loved it, I have no idea why... or what was the difference. It was all supposed to be really good quality salmon, so who knows? But salmon patties, I've used the canned salmon and that's been fine.... Mary Virginia, this is such a stinkin' treat!

    I've never done laundry soap, so my hat's off to both of you girls. But we're making soap with the little ones this month (I'll probably burn them with lye) and we're going to make candles (another burn, most likely.)

    I'm still not sure why their parents trust me with their precious children!!!

    1. You're making lye soap? I made home made glycerin soaps as Christmas gifts one year. I ordered 25 lbs of glycerin one Amazon and then when we started working I realized... I was going to have leftover glycerin until the end of time, so we had to have a soap making party. Even then, I ended up giving away 15 lbs or so. Crazy.
      We made honey oatmeal, lavender vanilla and oatmeal vanilla. The kids loved preparing it and picking the types, then wrapping them in tissue and ribbon when they were cooled.
      As for canned salmon, I've never been a fan. And I'm not particularly a fan of salmon in general unless it's Chinook, Coho, or Sockeye. And we can be picky here, because we have such a variety available.
      I have friends who only eat Humpies or Pink salmon because of the low fat content but dry salmon is just yuck to me. Also, they seem to have a fisher smell/flavor.

    2. I just laughed so hard over "going to have leftover glycerin until the end of time." LOL!!! That sounds like something I would do. :)

      I love salmon patties! I always used canned. If I have fresh, then I'm going to bake/broil it.

      BTW, I've never heard of all those kinds of salmon!! I had no idea. We usually have farm raised available. As well as "wild caught," which I prefer. Man, I wish we had more fresh seafood available around here!

      P.S. HE = high efficiency. They use less water and electricity.