Monday, September 16, 2013

Not Your Children's Hot Chocolate!

Oh. Wow.

Or to quote our very own Yankee, Ruthy, "Oh. My. Lanta."

What if I told you I've discovered a way to enjoy natural, low calorie, healthy chocolate. All the antioxidants, none of the fat?

You'd think I was crazy, right?

But hold onto your seats, ladies and gentlemen, have I got a treat for you!

First of all, let me introduce you to the friend who connected me with this heavenly delight. 

I first met Jill Evely back in early 2001, when we had recently moved to Kentucky and I was trying to get connected with a local homeschool group. Jill was the coordinator, and as we became acquainted, we discovered we had a lot in common.

We're now both graduates of homeschool mom-hood, but while my path has led to spinning tales on my computer, Jill continues to keep her hand in the homeschool world as a Sonlight Consultant (check out her blog here), a soap maker (check out her Facebook page here) and a very, very delighted grandmother to three little girls!

A couple weeks ago, Jill mentioned this chocolate drink on Facebook and I was immediately captivated. After all, it IS chocolate!

Here's the scoop. You start out with ground cocoa beans. Yes, that's right. Just like ground coffee.

And then you brew them - yes, just like coffee. I like to use a french press, but you can use any coffee maker.

I use 2 Tablespoons ground cocoa beans to 6 ounces of water, as recommended on the package.

Actually, I use 4 Tablespoons to 12 ounces of water, but it works out the same :)

I let the beans brew for 15 minutes, because I've found I like my chocolate strong.

When it's done brewing, stir, and then press it. Pour the chocolately goodness in your cup, and you're good to go.

Of course, you could sweeten it, or add cream...but I like mine straight.

Don't expect this to taste like Swiss Miss or your other favorite hot chocolate. This drink is for grownups!

The good part? This cup of chocolate heaven is only 20 calories. 

20 calories in 12 ounces.

And enough chocolate to satisfy even a chocoholic like me :) Since I don't drink coffee (I've never liked the taste....), this is a fabulous alternative to tea. Winter mornings are looking good!

You can buy the cocoa beans on Amazon here. I also bought my french press on Amazon here.

There's one more thing Jill and I have in common - we enjoy our dogs. Here's a picture of her Rocky - 

Isn't he a beautiful Border Collie? He looks just like my Connor, right down to the freckles on his nose!

And that wall in the background? A Kentucky icon. These dry stone walls are all over the Bluegrass, lining the fields and edging the roads. This shot should make Missy homesick!

We'll end up today with some gratuitous puppy pictures. 

Chillin' with the chewies on a Sunday afternoon...

Wait a that the cat?

Forget the cat. Give me my chewie!


  1. I don't own a coffee maker because I don't drink coffee, but now I'll have to look into this! I find a mug of hot cocoa so relaxing on a cold evening. Yum! But I make mine with hot milk and cocoa powder and yes a wee bit of sugar.

    And thank you for the puppy pictures. Never tire of seeing Himself and determining how he's growing into those ears. And such gentlemanly restraint over the cat! I'm impressed. And I see Wynter in the background with her chewy too. Sublime bliss in the household for all of what...ten minutes? :-)

    1. We have a coffee maker - one son loves his morning mocha (Swiss Miss made with coffee instead of water) - but once something is used for coffee, it just doesn't get rid of the flavor. So I splurged on the french press.

      And the Sunday afternoon chewies? The peace lasted for almost twenty minutes! Our little man is growing up into a dog who can be calm sometimes...when his energy is targeted at a chewie!

      But we're in that toddler stage - you know, if it's quiet, it's time to worry. I worry a lot. You never know what the next thing will be that he'll think looks appetizing :(

    2. ...and today when things were quiet? He ate about 2 1/2 ounces of 85% dark chocolate.

      We spent the next two hours doing less-than-appetizing things. The things you have to do when a puppy eats something he shouldn't.

      I just glad I own a carpet shampooer.


  2. I'd probably have to doctor mine up - not used to the strong stuff - dark chocolate is for desperation I'm a milk chocolate gal I think and like Kav I don't own a coffee maker either LOL!

    love seeing doggies- wynter's my girl! :-) my girls loved their chewies too.


    1. You might want to stick with regular hot chocolate, Susanna. This is pretty strong - it tastes like an 85% cocoa Lindt chocolate bar.

      And isn't Wynter a sweetie? I took the dogs for a walk where I could let them off the leash this morning. I took the leash off and she looked at me - "really? really?". She waits for me...waits...and then I say "Go run!", and she takes off! She has some speed on her! And then Thatcher tries to keep up - but he has so much fun doing it :)

    2. my Sasha could run like anything - she's 12 now so she'll occasionally try but her hips bother her too much. just got back from a walk and she went straight to her bed and plopped down. seems happy but I know she used to still be moving around not wanting to end the walk - now she turns down the sidewalk without prompting! sigh..

      probably should stick with the regular kid stuff LOL - 85% chocolate isn't my thing


  3. Already have the French Press. Use it when I am out of K cups.

    So, just need to buy the beans.

    Thank you, Jan!!!

    1. I'm having my second cup! You can reuse the beans - I just let them brew a bit longer the second time around.

      And I hope you've had a great birthday, Tina!

  4. I do own a coffee maker, and I'm not afraid to use it.

    I'm thinking add some of this to my morning pot. Love that dark chocolate flavor.

    Very interesting...