Thursday, September 19, 2013

Almond/Coconut/Chocolate Chip Cookies




This is my friend Christina, rocking the homework scene while I'm making cookies.
Christina wants to know why I check her work... and make her fix things.

I grin and tell her it's because I rocked seventh grade. Do you love that face???

Hugs to you, Christina-bella!!!!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.....

These cookies ROCK.
I'm not kidding.
Or exaggerating.
Or stretching the truth one eensy weensy iota.
Cross my heart!

Blame Facebook.
I saw the recipe going around Facebook and said, "Oh, must do those!!!"
Forgetting that five months of low carb has allowed me to wear things I haven't worn in CENTURIES.

I'm a dolt. But every once in a while a gal's gotta step out of the salad zone and well...


And these cookies rock the big Kahuna of Cookiedom.

I changed the recipe slightly.

Now hush, the lot o' youse, I know what I'm doing.

Some of the time.

There was that fire in the kitchen, but I wasn't even HOME, so it doesn't count, right?


Okay, back to cookies.... 

4 sticks butter
2 cups brown sugar (I used to say dark brown, but dark brown ISN'T REALLY dark brown any more, so get the regular brown sugar and we'll fix it three steps down. Promise)
2 cups white sugar
4 eggs
3 teaspoons vanilla
1/3 cup molasses  (I like the dark molasses. Such a rich taste. This is where we fix the brown sugar, and YES, USE THE MOLASSES... Other chocolate chip cookies will taste positively anemic once you've made these. Really. Truly.)

Cream the above ingredients together. Small children love to crack eggs around here, so we crack them into a separate bowl and remove the shells... If you are a big person, you are probably okay to crack them into the mixing bowl. I'll let you be the judge of that. And if you're too nervous to taste this amazing mixture (think brown sugar French Creme) because of the raw egg, go online and realize how much more likely you are to be hit by a bus. Tasting this is worth the risk. (Do not tell the Belle I said that. She gets anxious.)

Add in:

6 cups flour
1 tsp. salt (yes, add it, sigh, it's supposed to be there and it's all about ratio. It really is.)
2 tsp. baking soda

Mix together with top ingredients until well mixed.... and then add:

2 cups delicious, moist coconut!!!!
2 cups chopped salted, roasted almonds!!!!!
5 cups dark or milk chocolate chips or mix 'em!!!

Form cookies into balls about tablespoon sized... Bake at 350 degrees (MY DEGREE SIGN KEEPS BLOWING UP BLOGGER!!!! OY!!!) for about 8-9 minutes. You should just see them begin to darken along the edges... Like macaroons, they'll firm up out of the oven.

Oh. My. Stars.

I need a baby fix:

This is Joslyn.... She's coloring a possum gray. We're studying America pre-European immigration. What it looked like with no stores/shops/iinternet/shoes/churches/houses/Fisher Price Toys or electronics. Or lights.
Teach 'em young, I say!  :)

So I've eaten more than my share.... It's ridiculous. And here's this REAL shot of the cookies in my still-messy dining room:


Close up of the paint can:

Valspar Kira Caramel....

Once my dining room is void of little cute kid stuff, I'm painting it this soft shade of yellow.

I have goals, you know.


Total world domination, look out Jeff Bezos!!!!!  And clean dining room walls. 

I will smile a big smile when that happens!!!!!

And I'm loving people's responses/reviews for "Running on Empty"... I did a 5 day free promotion and folks downloaded over 31,000 copies of that sweet, heart-wrenching book...

And the ones who've read it already and got back to me love it.  Click here if you're dying to spend $2.99 to get a really great book for your Kindle or device with Kindle App!!!

And that just makes me smile.

Pass the cookies, please!!!!  And a tall, cold glass of milk.



  1. FOUR STICKS OF BUTTER??? I nearly fell over.

    LOVE THE BOOK COVER however!!!!

    1. Go big or stay home.... Melt in your mouth delicious and you can't stop eating them. They may be cursed. :) Do not make these.

      Really. Truly. Let's be good to ourselves!!! BUT.... I'm making them again for the fundraiser we're doing in October for my little buddy Roman.... we're having a dessert selling table and a giant cookie for a buck... hey, that's cheap in my book!!!

  2. I've never been so glad to hate coconut in my life.

    1. Coconut substitutions can be raisins.... just leave it out altogether, these cookies are perfect with just the chocolate. The almonds and coconut just made them a special melt-in-your-mouth treat, like an Almond Joy only better.

      Your father-in-law is adorable and I love how those men stand the same way. Too stinkin' funny. And cute.

  3. no way I'm gonna get anywhere near these! yikes! too afraid!

    making my way through Running on Empty - love it! supposed to be working and keep finding myself getting irritated with the work interrupting me!

    I haven't read anything of yours I haven't liked but none have compared with Winter's End and the one with Matt since this one. (and no I don't know why I can never remember the title of that one but those 2 are the ones I bought on kindle after buying the paperback - now all are ebook-but those 2 I had to buy for kindle so I can re-read from time to time but kindle only shows the title on the home screen..) anyways gonna finish in a little while if work cooperates (or I hide in the bathroom) and I want this sucker dead though you're not Mary so I'm not holding out hope for a good death scene..sigh...


    1. I'm saying nothing..... We don't want to spoil things for folks, but I hear you Susanna and thank you!!!!!

      Matt's book was Yuletide Hearts. I love that story, too!!!! :)

      He's such a good, sacrificial hero. Susanna, I'm so glad you're loving Running on Empty. That just means the world to me!

      Bless you and huge thank yous and hugs to you for buying our stuff, supporting Christian fiction.... and getting it free from time to time isn't a bad thing, either! Gracias. Danke! Many thanks, my friend!

      And don't lose your job while reading!!!! Yikes, I would feel terrible!!!

    2. I hope my friend got it - posted to her facebook page but who knows. I got it when it first came out :-)
      finished and no trouble! nights are quieter people-wise until around 5'ish. loved it! this was a really good one.


  4. I am already figuring out how to make this with almond flour. What a grand combo.

    People are going to break out into a mob riot at the auction over these cookies.

    1. We have already alerted the hottest and best built local sheriff's to break out the SWAT team gear on the 19th of October!!!! :)

    2. Julie, I think almond flour would be delicious with these buttery, molassesey (is that a word??), brown sugary cookies. Where do you buy almond flour--would Ingles have it? I'd really like to try it. I'm pretty much totally converted to almond milk already.

  5. Okay, the four sticks of butter felled me too. How many dozen does it make?!

    1. Oh gosh, this is a quadruple batch so you can cut it all in half. I forget that I cook/bake for hordes. But I often make a double batch and freeze half. Or eat half the dough myself and scoff at DEADLY RAW EGG DISEASE!!!!

  6. Four sticks of butter? You've got my attention!!!! And with six cups of flour, that must be a BIG batch of cookies.

    One that might last more hour at my house :)

    These will be fabulous for Roman's fundraiser. He's a blessed boy to have you on his team!

    Running on Empty is sitting on my Kindle...waiting until after I meet my end of September deadline. It's my reward for a job well done. So NO SPOILERS!!!!

  7. We won't spoil it for you, promise!!! And I hope you love, love, love it, Jan!!!! Thank you for grabbing it!!!

  8. Let me echo Tina and Jan - Four sticks of butter?! Of course, you had me at almonds, coconut, and chocolate chips. These sound absolutely sinful.

    Wish I could be there to help you paint. I love painting. It's instant gratification. I have a few rooms that need to be painted, but they'll have to wait. My butt is currently Velcroed to the chair. A good thing, but one that means sacrifices.

    1. MINDY!!!!! My lovely Texan have you recovered from your crazy week last week????? While I sat home and had fun and body-slammed my word count and ate very sensibly and cheaply????


      I love the idea of conferences, the reality has taught me that I like the people... and none of the hype so I loved being home but missed seeing my favorite peeps like you!!!!

      Yes, you keep writing... this is your new mantra, write... write... write....

      And have fun doing it! Sending you hugs and kisses....

  9. I LOVE the Kira Caramel!!! What a beautiful, warm color.

    And the cookies....YUM. I'm not a cookie maker. I buy the slice and bake (I know, pick yourself up off the floor). But I may just have to try this one. Anything with 4 sticks of butter is worth sacrificing for. :)

    1. Missy, I will convert you yet. :)

      Slice and bake....

      You know, I joke about it, but they're so much better than they used to be. And packaged crescent rolls make EVERYTHING okay in my world, so I'm not throwing stones. Not at all.

      And I hope the Kira Caramel looks good on the walls.... and I'm (gasp!!!) painting the old wood floor with ivory enamel. Very country, very old-time, very fun.

      And Dave may faint.