Friday, November 9, 2018

White Chicken Chili (Instant Pot!)

I was on a retreat this past weekend (will share photos from that soon) and they shared this recipe. I decided to make it last night.

Go here to find the recipe (at Natasha's Kitchen blog).

Of course I had modify it. I didn't have all the ingredients. (Surprise!! LOL) I know, I know. I never seem prepared for cooking. I guess it's a personality flaw. :)

I put in two large, mostly-frozen chicken breasts. Then I topped with the black beans, white beans, canned corn, green chilis (because I realized the can of Rotel had expired in 2017!), a can of diced roasted tomatoes, spices (because I didn't have the Ranch dressing mix), And some water with chicken seasoning (because I didn't have chicken broth and decided not to use the vegetable broth). And then I put the chunks of cream cheese on top--using fat-free to fit better in my Weight Watcher's points (with a little fear that it wouldn't be as good).

I forgot to take a photo! But it looked so tasty with all the bright colors of corn and tomatoes and beans.

I put it on high for 23 minutes (recipe calls for 20 but I assumed that was for thawed chicken breasts). I used natural release--well, planned to. I admit I was impatient and put a dish towel over the valve and released it after about 10 minutes.

I shredded the chicken, put it back in the pot and served. Some of you may need to close your eyes, but I also sprinkled on some dried cilantro. :) Using regular cream cheese would have made it creamier, but it was still excellent.

It was yummy and perfect for a cool rainy day!


  1. That sounds like such a delicious mix of flavors, Missy. Other than the chicken broth (and the low-fat cream cheese), I like the sound of your ingredients better. :)

    Happy Friday.

  2. I have a recipe for chicken chili that I make often, but it doesn't have the creamy sauce that yours has. Just looking at the pictures makes me hungry!

    Yup. Going to have to try this one. :-)

    1. Jan, just try adding a block of cream cheese to yours! It'll really make it richer.

  3. I am back home!!!! And it is SNOWING!!!! Like for real!

    Missy, this looks warm and tasty and marvelous.... I've never done white chili and I should do this! I would love it.

    1. Snowing??!! Well, I guess I can imagine it now. It's pretty cold here today. 54 degrees. LOL But it FEELS cold because it's raining!

    2. I'm glad you're home safely. And even more glad you had a great trip. How exciting to be a Christy finalist!! Congrats again!