Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pancake People versus Bread and Milk People

Here in North Carolina, we've had a mild winter so far. Last week, we even had temps in the 70s. ManO and I've lived in our area long enough to know summer in January or February is a bad sign. There's a winter storm coming right behind all that glorious spring break weather. 

Sure enough, the Jaws music played again. Meteorologists called for a snow possibility and then changed it to an ice storm definitely. Forget Snowpocalypse three years ago, at least that was just snow.
I love snow. Ice is an entirely different matter.

We don't do ice well here in North Carolina. At. ALL. One ice storm we had was a pitiful inch at an early rush hour. People were stuck on I-40 for seven hours, getting out of their cars to do their business behind bushes or just plain old walk home. Children were stranded overnight in schools.  Their teachers and staff stayed with them. They were saints. So you see why we might go a little overboard on cancellations. This time folks heeded warnings and left they could mob the grocery stores.

My beloved snow boots need spikes!

When it comes to storms around here, there are two kinds of people, Pancake people or French Toast fans (as most folks call them, Bread and Milk people). My sister pointed out she has a snow day tradition of waffle making. But waffles are just crazy pancakes IMHO.

Bad weather forecast? French Toast people risk life and limb to get these two items. Plus the eggs which I totally forgot to get more of.

This week's ice storm hit right before Fat/Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. The tradition of eating pancakes right before Ash Wednesday came from when Christians were required to get all the fat and sweet stuff out of their house before Lent.  No point in being tempted for forty days! Take that butter, flour, eggs, syrup and make pancakes. BUT our community pancake suppers were cancelled all over town. Bummed doesn't begin to describe how we felt.

The good news? I had pancake supper ingredients including gluten free pancake mix, syrup and the last two eggs in the carton. Yankee Belle is full of recipes. I didn't need to go the grocery store. No, let me be honest, I was scared to go. The Publix, Harris Teeters and Food Lions were packed with milk and bread people. Long lines, people fighting over the last of everything, and being impatient because they were sure they were going to get stuck in the storm before they got out of the parking lot. Whew. There's no place like long as there's a stocked pantry.

I didn't have to make a full recipe's worth of pancakes but I did. The great thing about these is they freeze well. And believe me, it's freezing here! Down to lower single digits the rest of the week!

Naked pancakes waiting to be all dressed up!

Pancake Supper Buffet Ideas: Feel free to add your own bacon, sausage, ham and pancake toppings. 

Hawaiian Pancakes   - My favorite pancakes of all time and makes me think of Hawaii, which I need right now. I use Pamela's gluten-free baking mix for this one.

Missy's easy Sweet Potato Pancakes   The great thing about these Southern inspired pancakes is you can use gluten-free Bisquick in the mix.

Ruthy's Pancake Heaven   Our New Yorker knows how to win my heart. Chocolate and peanut butter chips! Need I say more? Yes, it's also easy-peasy as she likes to say, thanks to Bisquick.

So, are you a bread and milk person or pancake person when it comes to storms? Did you go to a pancake supper for Shrove Tuesday?  Do you observe giving up something for Lent or do you plan to mark the days in some way before Easter?


  1. I'm afraid I'm neither since we always have bread and milk in the house and pancakes/french toast is for Sundays. And I may have to do as you said for Lent--no insecure thoughts--just gratitude for God's grace. :)

    1. What a great tradition for Sunday.

      And gratitude is a powerful thing!

  2. I love the sweetness factor of Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Tuesday. Don't you love the names and the rich history that goes with so many things? I love looking back and aiming forward!

    This is wonderful, Julie. Ice is tough for anyone, but it's really tough in areas that don't have stockpiles of salt and trucks to deliver it. Stay safe as this week delivers a late blast of winter your way!

    I love the prayerfulness of Lent and that commercialism has left our Easter traditions alone... It's like a constant reminder to be grateful, and to think of others first.

    It's so stinkin' easy to forget that!

    1. The main roads are clear here but we are at the bottom of an icy hill. But the windchill tomorrow is -14 and the talk is that school will be closed through the end of the week. No walking from that one room school house pioneers here.

      I love Lent. I really do for all the reasons you mention. Again, gratitude is a wonderful thing.

    2. Having changed to a primal diet a few years ago for health reasons, I'm a scrambled eggs and bacon person. But I'll have to check out your gluten-free pancakes for special occasions. My one emergency *must have* item for the ice storm? Coffee.

      When it comes to Lent, like Ruth, I like the prayerfulness. I grew up going to the Friday night stations of the Cross in a somber, darkened church. It helps remind me about true sacrifice and love. Like y'all have said, it's a perfect time to focus on gratitude and giving.

      Our driveway is at the bottom of a long slope also, Julie! So even when the roads are clear out of the neighborhood, we can only get the truck up the driveway until the ice melts. And even that can be tricky. I hope you get out for more eggs today before the cold weather tomorrow!

    3. I am glad I stocked up on coffee, Lee! I was wondering how things were going in your neck of the woods.

      Ash Wednesday services are cancelled too. That is another service I also love.

  3. Honestly, I'm a NYC kind of person who says, no matter how bad it is, the streets will get plowed and I can get to the store. That translates into - enough for a day or two, but not really necessary.

  4. Oops hit send before I finished.

    Julie, LL Bean sells very cool spikes that you put over the bottom of your boots. Too late to help with this storm, but you might want to check them out. I bought a pair for my daughter in Maine.

    When my kids were young, it was always pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

    As for Lent, I'm with the rest of you. Lent, like Advent, is such a wonderful time for prayer and reflection. And that guilt thing makes me not put it off as I might during ordinary time.

    1. Thank you, thank you. You must have seen me just slide down my driveway on pure ice that I thought was granular snow like up near the house.

      Ah, "ordinary time," I have always loved that expression.

  5. I have some of those spikes Mary mentioned - they are life savers!

    I'm definitely NOT a bread and milk person. When we lived farther south, I avoided the stores as much as possible when a storm was coming. Up here in the north, though, we don't have those crazy pre-storm panics. We're always prepared.

    No. Really. If I don't have at least a week's worth of groceries in the house, I get antsy. I have to stock up, storm or not. So we have our pantry full all the time. No need to panic. If we can't get to the storm for some reason, we have canned milk and everything we need to make bread :)

    When we have a rare snow day, I make a pot of soup. If the power goes out, I don't want the refrigerated food to spoil, so I make soup with whatever we have on hand. And if there's no electricity, I can always put the soup pot on the wood stove!

    1. Sorry for the typo - If I can't get to the STORE for some reason...

      But I also forgot to answer the pancake/french toast question. We love both, but I've never thought of either one as the perfect snow day meal!

      We never took snow days when we were homeschooling, and my husband has to go to work, snow or not! More snow just meant hubby had a bad drive in to the hospital.

      So I guess my children were deprived. Poor things. Of course, we never had to do snow make-up days, either :)

  6. I'm baaaack!!! We've had no power since Monday evening. I'm so so glad to be warming up!!

    I'm a French toast person all the way. But the kids like pancakes and waffles, so I make both. :)

    1. Yay, Missy! So glad you have power again!

    2. But I should add that like Lee, I'm more of a scrambled egg person--with added cheese.

    3. YAY!!!!!! I never knew how to make French Toast right so stuck with pancakes. Now with the whole gluten free thing it is just easier to make pancakes.

      But you have to have power for any of those. My friend whose boyfriend is a lineman has been putting up comics of those guys in Superman suits. Totally agree. We need those guys.

    4. Yes, those poor workers are way colder than I ever was! Plus, we had police officers outside constantly directing traffic around low or downed lines.

  7. I made a comment here and I don't know what happened to it! I hope you enjoyed your pancakes and y'all are all safe and warm!

    1. We did Nikki and we are. But I haven't been able to see the grandkidlets due to the weather. Can't wait for the warm up!