Friday, September 14, 2012

Breaking from Cakes to...Pancakes?

Missy, here. And I'm so sorry I can't carry on with our wonderful week of cakes and pies. I will be baking a cake...Saturday! But that won't do me any good for a Friday post. :)

So I'm sharing what I cooked in a pinch last week when the cupboard was totally bare. I'd never tried it. Had never even heard of it. I just dreamed it up according to what jumped into my line of vision.

I decided we would have breakfast for dinner. A fairly routine cop-out for me! :) As I was leaving the pantry with a box of Bisquick, I spotted one lone sweet potato and had a stroke of genius. Thus, today you'll hear about

Sweet potato Pancakes!

Peel and slice one sweet potato. Boil until soft when pricked with a fork.

Meanwhile, mix up the Bisquick batter according to package directions. I made a double recipe for my family of 4 (plus a friend), and we had two or three leftover pancakes.

I usually mix up the batter in my 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup with a pour spout, but I soon realized with the sweet potato, it wasn't going to fit. So I transferred it to my stand mixer. I added some cinnamon for flavor.

Drain off water and mash up the sweet potato. Let cool. I didn't have that long to wait, so I tempered it by quickly mixing in small amounts of the batter, stirring constantly until it felt mostly cool. Then I dumped it all in the stand mixer with the rest of the batter and mixed on low/med speed until smooth. Then I transferred some of the batter back into my mixing cup for pouring.

I wish you could see the beautiful color of the batter! It even had the occasional tiny chunk of potato.

Then pour your desired size pancakes onto greased skillet or pancake griddle.

The trick to easy-to-turn pancakes (besides spraying with the Pam) is to wait until you see bubbles all over before turning.

Then flip and cook until golden.

Serve with butter and maple syrup. (Okay, I admit, I used Sugar-free Log Cabin, so it's not true maple syrup.)

They were delicious! And bites with surprising bits of sweet potato were a treat! I also like to tell myself I got a little Vitamin A for dinner that night. ;)


  1. Ooooooh! That sounds really good! I wasn't a sweet potato fan or consumer until I met my husband. He uses it in a lot of things as a sweetener. Sort of odd. But hey, I'll take my sweets where I can get them!

    We usually have a few around, to be boiled or baked.

    I've never heard or thought of putting them in a pancake!

    Guess I'll forgive you for not posting a cake or a pie. :)

  2. Missy, I never thought of this! Oh, yum!!!! I love sweet potatoes and I eat them constantly. I microwave them and eat them for supper when Dave's not around. I mash 'em... Or I make very unfriendly fries out of them. And at the public market this sweet non-denominational church was selling little sweet potato pies for a crazy amount of money to make money for women's ministries and their work inspired a future book... And it was by far the BEST sweet potato pie I've ever eaten. Most are overcooked... these weren't. This woman/women knew good pie. Oh my stars, now I must go there again and buy more pie. Thank you for this, I bet Dave would love these!

  3. These look so good! And healthy, too :) I would never have thought of putting sweet potatoes in pancakes.

    Leave it to a southern belle, I guess!

    And Missy, put an 8 cup mixing bowl with a spout on your Christmas list (Pampered Chef sells a great one.) I don't know how I'd make pancakes without mine!

    1. Jan, I will add that to my list! Sounds like a perfect size.

  4. Virginia, I never would think to use it to sweeten things. I'll have to try that!

    You know, I love pumpkin pancakes which I've had before at restaurants. So I figured you could use sweet potatoes just about anywhere you can use pumpkin. :)

  5. Ruthy, do y'all have Bojangles (fried chicken) restaurants? They sell amazing sweet potato fried pies! My kids get them. I try to act like they don't exist or I would be driving through way too often. The place is located right next to our church!

  6. I wouldn't have thought of this either, but it sounds yummy. Especially with the cinnamon. And don't feel bad about the sugar free syrup, Missy. I'd do th same thing.

    1. Yeah, Mindy. I'm used to it. But I know Ruthy's up there where you have the 100% real stuff that comes out of trees. I was waiting for her to gasp in horror. :)

  7. Not only wouldn't I have thought of it, I wouldn't have dared to try it if I had thought of it! There, does that make sense? Probably not but it's Friday night and I'm fried! Great way to sneak veggies into your kid's food, eh? Love it!

  8. LOL, Kav! Made perfect sense to me in my rattled state (daughter just drove us home from the mall and gave us a terrifying moment!) :)

    BTW, she's Sweet Sixteen today!!

  9. sounds good! a lot of work though!