Friday, July 11, 2014

Strawberry Flag Cake

Missy, here. We spent the July 4th holiday with my husband's family in south Georgia. My sister and brother-in-law had us all over for lunch. It was amazing! My brother-in-law always makes fabulous meats on the smoker. This time we had two types of ribs, Boston butt and grilled chicken.

The main thing I wanted to share today, though, was one of the desserts. My sister-in-law Traci made a delicious strawberry cake! And it turned out so pretty.

I didn't think to get the recipe, and waited too late to get it before my post. But while we were there, I did ask if she used the recipe where you poke holes and pour Jello on top of the cake to soak in. (It was really moist, so I knew she had put something in it.) She said her recipe called for pureed strawberries with juice poured over the top.

So I went looking for recipes. This one at the Duncan Hines site was the closest I could find. Click here for the recipe.

Traci used whipped topping on top. And yes, she had 50 blueberries! :)

So yummy and moist! I hope to try making it soon.


  1. Now that's a clever idea. I'd have to tweak it a bit for up here. Ditch the blueberries and get creative trying to make a maple leaf out of strawberries! :-) And oh my goodness, but the idea of pureed strawberries leaching into the cake...divine!

  2. It was divine, Kav! When you make your maple leaf cake, be sure to send photos. :)

  3. That looks delicious. Okay, this question begs being asked. Does Tracy work out? She looks like a body builder, making me feel distinctly dumpy this am.

  4. LOL, Tina. Yes, she runs. I'm not sure about the gorgeous arms. She might go to the gym too. :)