Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lunch is a Wrap

Have I mentioned lately how happy I am to be eating real food again?

If not...

I am SOOOOOO happy to be eating real food again. 

Especially things that crunch.

Right now, I'd like to take a moment to publicly than Ruthy for turning me onto broccoli slaw.
That stuff is AMAZING!

And here's my favorite way to eat it. Matter of fact, this wrap has become my favorite lunch.
Yes, I said a wrap. Ruthy, you're gonna love this one because it's carb friendly.

With only 3 net carbs, Joseph's Pita Bread (also Joseph's Lavash) is Trim Healthy Mama approved.
My husband and I go through this stuff like crazy. We use them for wraps, put peanut butter on them, use them as a bun for hamburgers. I mean this stuff is just fantastic. 
Best of all, they sell it in the deli section of my Walmart, so it's easily accessible. 

But I digress.

So we start with our pita.
You could also use a tortilla or the aforementioned lavash.

Now I add a slice of cheese. Sometime I'll use two slices, but this day I just broke one in half.
Okay, for some reason, this picture rotates whenever I upload it, but I wanted to you to see the 
Sargento Ultra Thin cheese slices. Another one of my favorite things. 

Gotta make sure I'm going to have cheese in every bite.

Next comes the ham, turkey, roast beef or a mix thereof. Whatever deli meat you enjoy.
I usually buy the Hillshire Farms brand and use six slices, but this was Target's store brand and the slices were really big, so I only used four.

Now comes my favorite part.
So much better than plain old lettuce.

Then I top everything with a nice drizzle of Caesar dressing.
You're welcome to use whatever you like, but I'm on a Caesar kick.

Okay, I'll admit that rolling this wrap can be a bit of a challenge. 
But not impossible. After all, where there's a will...

I'll admit it. I lied when I said the broccoli slaw was my favorite part.
Instead, my favorite part is eating this happy little parcel.

If you're counting calories, there are only 160 calories in this baby, not counting the dressing. 
On Trim Healthy Mama, this would be an S meal, because it is definitely satisfying. 
It fills me up and keeps me full until well into the afternoon.
Best of all, the pounds are still coming off. I'll admit that I was a little concerned how the weight loss would be affected when I went back to real food. Granted, the weight's not dropping like a rock, as it did when I was on the liquid diet, but the downward trend is still there. And that I like.

What's you're favorite quickie lunch? I mean besides Chick fil A. :)
I'm also curious, is there anyone else Ruthy has sucked in with her broccoli slaw?


  1. well was gonna say Chick Fil A! I usually do something with eggs - scrambled with veggies or bacon and put in a carb balance tortilla - that's gotta be replaced because my close grocery store stopped carrying the small carb balance ones :-( not a happy camper with them over that decision.

    1. Susanna, I've used those in the past, too. Then I found these Joseph's tortillas that are even lower than the carb balance ones! Instead of being out in the aisle with the other tortillas, these are in the bread aisle near the bagels. So maybe check there to see if you can find them.

  2. gonna have to look for these tortillas!

  3. I haven't found the broccoli slaw up here, so I'm not a convert...but I likely would be if I could get it. I like things that crunch in my wraps too.

    My fav fast lunch is supper leftovers. Nothing like heating something up quick and devouring it on the spot! Or making a mini pizza out of baby naan bread. Just smear on some sauce, add some veggies and cheese and bake for a few minutes. Yum!

    1. Kav, you made me hungry for pizza! :)

  4. I just fell over because you mentioned broccoli slaw and Chik Fil A in the same sentence.

  5. Mindy, I discovered the Joseph's tortillas a while back! (Haven't seen the pita bread). I LOVE them. I have one every morning with melted cheese inside (Yes, I use the Sargento thin slices). Sometimes I add scrambled egg and rarely also bacon.

    I use them for sandwiches, too. Will have to make one with broccoli slaw!! Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Hey, everyone! Nothing worse than being late to my own party, but I've been summitting mountain passes all day, our last full day in Ouray. A little business, a little pleasure and a whole lotta fun. And yes, I've had these same wraps on at least three occasions, one tonight! Still love 'em. Ready to get home, though. :)