Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kids Do the Darnedest Things

Tex here and, once again, I have no recipe. I was in Ouray with the family from the 9th to the 16th, then I left yesterday to head to San Antonio, via the ranch, for Romance Writers of America's annual conference. Best I could manage for cooking during those four days at home was the daily slab-o-protein. You name it, fish, chicken, beef, pork... Just throw in a salad and call it a meal.

Going anywhere with ones children can be interesting. I don't care how old they are, you never know what they're going to do. My boys are 19 and 15, but there were times I thought they were 9 and 5. 

Like when Michael was determined to get to the other side of the creek.
He did it all right, causing his mother to have only the slightest heart palpitations. 
Here he's on his way back, solving the mystery of how he got to the other side in the first place.

Speaking of crossing creeks... 
This was supposed to be an opportunity for the boys to fish. 
Instead, Ryan saw a cave on the other side of the stream.
I'm sure you can guess what happened next.
You should have seen the look on his face when he got to said cave. And I could have shown you, except Blogger wouldn't take my video. :(

Suffice to say that he went through all that effort for nothing. The cave was caved in. 
But at least he settled his curiosity.

Then there was our hike on Ouray's Perimeter Trail. 
My husband and I spotted this pretty little waterfall.

My boys saw a challenge.
Sure enough, a little farther down the path, they found a way to get to that waterfall.
Yes, they're all about the photo opp.

And there's nothing like returning from vacation to discover that one of the little beasts hijacked your camera somewhere along the way.

You find pictures like this.
That's just rude to take a shot of someone while they're stuffing their face.

Apparently we're doing commercials now.

And lest we forget the gratuitous selfie.
Yeah, including this one in my blog post might teach him a lesson.


All kidding aside, we had a great trip. Saw some new things, had new experiences and made some great contacts. We did it all together AND lived to tell about it. :)

Have a great week.
Next week, highlights of RWA!


  1. Love this!!!! Thanks for a glimpse of Ouray, and I'm so excited about your new books, your trip, and that you're going to conference with Lindi of great Mac-and-cheese fame!!!! :)

    Have so much fun! Can't wait to hear all the stories, happy dancing for all o' youse already!


    1. Ruthy, we're two days in and I've heard her mention "a big crock of mac-and-cheese" at least twice. I told her she'd have to use Dreamfields.

  2. LOL and here I thought you were playing harmonica not eating! hoo boy time for bed!
    Susanna who wants to go to san Antonio since everyone's there...my friend lives 3 hrs away and san Antonio is only about 45 min from her - her hubby works between there and Austin for his job. sigh.

    1. LOL! Now that's funny Susanna.

      I think you should come to San Antonio. Like Ruthy said, SU-WEET!

  3. Suzy, a hotel full of romance authors!!!!! SWEET!!!!!! I'm keeping the upstate home fires burning, though, and taking care of young un's and writing... so I hear you, you and me can stay home together!!!! And VIrginia's hanging out with us, too.... We started a Stay At Home Author's Club in Seekerville... You can join us!!!

    1. Ruthy, I've always said I'll go when they pay me to go, hahahahaha. So expect me like... never!

    2. thanks but I got work night shift wed and thurs nights and probably fri night too. sigh.

  4. Mindy, you and Ouray both look great!

    The family does, too - but that was a given :) Can't dis the fam.

    Have fun in San Antonio! One of my favorite cities, and it's going to be extra fun this week.