Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cheeseburger Summer Squash Medley!

First: KAV:  Don't use the burger!  :)  This is basically the same dish we did last Thursday with the addition of ground round, bacon, mushrooms.... and oh my stars, it's delicious!!!!

1 lb. Ground round
1 can sliced mushrooms
1-2 slices of bacon, cooked crisp but not burnt (making note because yes, I burn bacon all the time... so sad!!!)

Brown ground beef in a 9" frying pan over medium/low heat.

Add salt and pepper and our famous Herb and Garlic rub because it's SO STINKIN' GOOD!!!!

Once meat is gently browned, toss in the crumbled bacon and the mushrooms to heat through...

Mmm.... Can you smell that???? Can you just imagine smelling that???????

In separate LARGER frying pan, you're going to stir-fry the cut up summer squash just like you did last week:

Pour a splash of olive oil into the frying pan. Heat it until the oil is hot.
Gently add 2-3 cut up summer squash. (watch for spattering) Sprinkle generously (which means POUR) with garlic/herb seasoning....

Add salt, a generous sprinkle.....

Stir around while frying. I use a nice metal spatula, you don't want to overcook the squash, you want it just barely done, not soggy..... When it's just about there, (you should see some delicious little brown/braising lines on the squash as you flip it around) Take the ground beef/mushroom/bacon mix and ladle it over the squash.

Cover with two cups of 4-cheese blend. Turn off heat, cover frying pan, and let cheese melt.

This is a meal in a pan, it's amazingly delicious and it's LOW CARB!!!!!!


But Kav will be able to tell you that this dish is amazing without the meat.... although my husband loved this even more than pasta dishes with meat, because the flavor of that just-cooked summer squash is divine.... and the texture is perfect.... and it's so good for you!

And if that isn't enough to make youse happy, hows about this????? THIS IS THE ELEVATOR WRAP AT THE SAN ANTONIO MARRIOTT RIVERWALK!!!!!!  I might not be at RWA14 in body, but I'm there (haunting everyone, no doubt!!!) in life-sized spirit, LOL!!  Happy dancing in upstate!!!

So here's a little glimpse of how I saw/see the characters in this fun series and in "His Montana Sweetheart"

Here is our "map" that Val Hansen did up to show where everything in the town of Jasper Gulch is located... this way we all used the same layout and people weren't like turning left when they should have gone right... or been buying ice cream at the auto parts store!!!!  :)

I love Colleen Dewhurst and she was my inspiration for "Chauncey Hardman" one of the voices of reason and a lover of history in "His Montana Sweetheart".... I miss this woman!!!!

But if you want to see something AMAZING..... Go to SEEKERVILLE TODAY!!!! Art Director Tania Pery is there showing how they put that beautiful cover together....

And how perfect that she's in Seekerville while her cover is being shown to over 2000 conference attendees in San Antonio????  I love it when a plan comes together!!!!


We're giving away copies of "His Montana Sweetheart" AND "Her Montana Twins" today... What better way to celebrate beautiful art work than to share it with our favorite peeps??? YOU!!!!


  1. looks good! think it needs a little sweet onion though...I'm hungry and at work and it's raining..not a good combo :-(

    1. Susanna, onion is never a bad thing! LOVE IT!!!! There's onion in the seasoning mix I use, but more is never bad!

  2. Thanks or the disclaimer, Ruthy! :-)

    Uber excited about your elevator debut! How cool is that? Wonder what they do with them when the conference is over? Did you know you could actually be two places in one?


  3. Yummola! Everywhere I go at conference I see Ruthy. Doubly cool!

    1. TEEEEENA!!!! I'm there in spirit.... :) And (of course!!!!) hawking books! Perfect!

  4. It is so super cool that your cover is on the elevator!

    And this cheeseburger squash pie looks delicious. I have to buy some bacon, though. With three young men in the house doing their own cooking (crazy work hours), bacon just disappears.

    Along with pasta. Ground beef. Cheese. Ramen noodles. Milk. Yogurt. Eggs.

    It's a good thing I hide the dog food ;)

    1. Boys eat anything and everything. I seriously just paid off the Boys In High School Grocery Mortgage. I'm not even kidding a little!!!! :)

  5. Need help. How do I get last week's recipe? Thx.

  6. Replies
    1. Judy, I think if you click on the banner at the top (Yankee Belle Café), you can scroll down through the posts.