Thursday, September 12, 2013

Finnian Michael Jamison, Welcome to the Planet!!!

8 lb. 1 oz.

Born at 11:59 Friday night, 9/6/13

Delighted parents, Beth and Jon...

So this is what I've been doing the past few days, LOL!

We did cook a few things.

I made red velvet cupcakes and cream cheese frosting for Jon's birthday on Monday.

He didn't like them.


Dave grilled him steak.


And some deep fried French Fries....

And mushrooms.

Which means I had a lot of red velvet cupcakes.

Here's what I ate last night instead of DIVING INTO THE STUPID CUPCAKES.

A grilled burger with swiss cheese and mushrooms, no bread.


But here are two reasons my days have been busy and not filled with eating!!!!

Big brothers Elijah and Xavier have been staying at Grammy's place the past week because it's fun to HANG OUT WITH GRAMMY AND GRANDPA!!!!

We rock the big kahuna.

We have toys and food and mud.

And this little fellow likes his French toast with butter, powdered sugar, and syrup... Not REAL maple syrup, like Grammy likes...

No, the pretend, thick, gooey stuff.

And he loved it.

Were we ever able to eat like that????


How cute is he?

So that's what I've been doing this past week. 

Playing Grammy and holding a newborn and writing books and my kitchen is a DISASTER...

Really, they could condemn this kitchen and it would be like doing it a favor.

But the most important thing is this:

Finn Michael, the "Mighty Finn" has made it to the planet.

God is good.


  1. I love that name! And you are just swimming in babies! How awesome is that??

    I tried to go low carb for two days. I almost died. And then I wanted to kill everyone.

    Must... find... good... diet.

    With carbs.

    Is it possible?
    Because the more I write, the less I move. For some reason, I can't write while jogging. (Not that I ever jogged...)

    1. I can't do low carb either - I get headaches and wanna kill..become totally the big B. :-( and feel woozy and weepy like I'm pms'ing..just thinking about no carbs makes me feel a bit shaky.


    2. I had to teach myself to do the low carb and it helped so much. My head WRAPS around carbs, it's a hormonal woman thing I know, and I don't avoid them completely. That's suicide or homicide waiting to happen!

      But I just avoid the ones I don't need, the bagels (yes, love them!) the bread...(whaaaaa!!!!) and the onslaught of baked goods I've learned to create. But I have them now and again so I don't feel like a big whiny kill everyone jerk. So I hear ya.

      But it's hard to keep your weight in line when your job is on the tush, right?

      Hey, Mandy's doing the Quick Metabolism diet... Or maybe it's Kay that's doing that, but it's working and it's different, and you have carbs and you eat regularly.... It's the fool your body diet. It's tough to find what works for us as individuals, isn't it? But that one is working for them and they're not homicidal.

      Not murdering people is good.

      And I love these babies!!!!

  2. might could've held off eating a whole platter of red velvet ones but chocolate is a whole different thing!
    I've let the house go over nothing - so holding a newborn is definitely worth letting everything else go! they're only newborn once..then they start walking and yelling 'NO'! and 'MINE' and they dont understand reasoning like 'it's yours when you get a job and pay for it' sheesh 2 yr olds just dont have good reasoning skills..but they're cute :-)
    I loved hanging out with my grandma but we never got to spend the night- my mom was too protective/clingy whatever you call it..sigh..but she babysat us for a while and she'd take us to her house on Fridays so she could do some cleaning and cooking and we'd play with puppies or kittens since she was in the country and seems there were always one or the other or both available..


    1. I love having the kids overnight. We have daycare sleepovers, too, boys night, girls night and we make popcorn and cookies and drink fancy red punch and watch cool movies or play Ghost in the Graveyard.

      My house rocks.

  3. Yawn -- Ruthy where do you get all your energy? Hosting here and on Seekerville on the same day while you juggle babies and kitchen duty and writing and....Double Yawn! No one will ever be able to say you did not live life to the fullest! LOL!

    Congrats to Mr. Finn on the occasion of his birth day -- very cute (but he looks kinda big, am I right?) baby.

  4. Sweet baby. Aww...he's so precious. Aren't they all at that age? You know, the first time you hold them. Take a deep whiff of that baby scent for me. Wish we could bottle that stuff. Talk about aromatherapy.

    Fixing to head out the door for the airport. Conference awaits. Yippy!!! Will miss those of you who aren't attending. :(

  5. Three boys. Put that woman on a pedestal! Such sweeties, all three of them.

    We have a sleepover scheduled for this weekend. YAY!

    And I am with you on the low carb thing. You have to gradually withdraw and don't over do. It definitely gets easier.

    Peace, Julie

  6. Once you get to three boys, you officially win the title of "Mother of Boybarians"! Congrats to Beth for earning her title!!!

    And low carbs don't work for me, either. Lower carbs, yes. So I stick to my whole grains, veggies, fruits and protein.

    And chocolate. Of course chocolate.

    It's the candy and cake that have to go.

  7. Ahhh! Congrats to all the family! (And how do you do it all, Grammy?)