Friday, April 10, 2015

Missy's Copycat Pasta Salad

Missy Tippens, here. I got inspired by Ruthy's post a week or two ago (click here) to make my own version of her pasta salad. It turned out so good I decided to share mine!

First, I went to the deli at the grocery store. I bought thick slices of pepperoni, hard salami and provolone cheese. I also gathered several Penzey's spices since I found out the salad seasoning Ruthy used has whole sesame seeds in it (I can't eat them).

I wanted to add sweet peppers as well and bought this bag of mini peppers for the first time. They were SO GOOD. Very crisp and sweet and easy to use. I'll be buying them again in the future.

I'd recently had this dressing, Ken's Greek, on a pasta salad at a luncheon so decided to pick up a bottle. It's VERY good! Not too tart like some Italian dressings (in my opinion).

I cooked the pasta about two minutes less than the package recommended. Then added the chopped veggies, meats and cheese. Look how pretty!

Wait!! I forgot the olives! So I sliced and added them. I used calamata, my favorite.

I added the dressing to taste, the spices, and then stirred well. I ate it right then, but it was even better the next day.


OH! I almost forgot. TODAY IS RELASE DAY! Two novella collections from some of the Seekers. Romantic novellas about second chances. Only $2.99 for each collection!

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  1. Missy, don't you love the versatility of this? You can do it any which way to Sunday, and it ought to come out great as long as the seasonings rock!

    Yes to the sesame seeds, I didn't realize you couldn't have them... Salad Supreme has them mixed with the fun seasoning, but you found a way! Go you!!!!

    Coughing woke me, stupid cold.... but I get an extra hour of writing time in, so that part's good! And I love pasta salad, so win/win!!!!

    And happy release day to us!!!! I'm so excited to see if readers love these stories as much as I do!

    1. Ruthy, I looked at the ingredients on the salad seasoning and then found 3 jars of Penzey's with similar ingredients and dumped some of all of them in ! :)

      I hope you're feeling better soon! Gosh, this crud is really hanging on.

    2. Ach, it's a cold. A week coming, a week going. And I am a whiner.

  2. Happy release day and here's to adapting all our recipes. Our financial advisor keeps telling us it's all about options. So true!

  3. I have to find a way to make this salad that will fit into Trim Healthy Mama. I think using Dreamfield's pasta is the way to go...

    And I looked for Ruthy's Salad Supreme seasoning at our store, but no way. Hunh uh. :( So I think I have a Penzey's order in my future!

    By the way, I love the feature that enlarges the pictures in the blog when you click on them. Now I know which Penzey's seasonings to order.

    And Happy Release Day!!!! My copies downloaded last night!

    1. Jan, thank you for ordering them! Tell me what you think when you've had time to read (I know that's not always easy!!!) Sam's just started carrying the BIG jar of Salad Supreme so I bought three last week, that's like enough for 7 or 8 pasta salads.

      And Jan, you can leave out the pasta entirely and make this totally carb-friendly by using broccoli/cauliflower/celery/meat and cheese, so it's more like an antipasto salad.

    2. One of my friends just messaged me with that broccoli/cauliflower idea. Why didn't I think of it?

      Going to Sam's this weekend, and will look for the Salad Supreme. Thanks, Ruthy!