Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A New Year's Toast

Okay, admit it, you were probably thinking something like this -

But I had something different in mind.

Start with some blanched, frozen kale (or spinach) and coconut water (or tap water).

Add some blueberries, beets, and maybe some pomegranate arils, maybe some flax or hemp.



I can hear some of you moaning now, but I honestly love this.

I'll tell you a funny story.

In the past few months, I've had numerous people tell me how great I look.

*not bragging here* Bear with me.

One thing you all know is that the last year was not an easy one. Haggard is how I'd describe my look most days! But after hearing this compliment a few times, I looked in the mirror - and tried to see beyond the hag staring back.

Truth was, my skin was kind of glowing. I attribute that to the kale. Seriously.

Honestly, my default meal always used to be cookies or cake, but this old body can't handle that anymore. I've learned that I actually really like these smoothies.

So, how about it, are you willing to give it a try?
The blueberries are great for your memory!


  1. That smoothie sounds delicious!

    Maybe it's the old lady in me talking, but I'm with you on this idea. One huge change I've noticed about eating healthier (less sugar, more healthy fats, more greens) is that my body responds to what I eat.

    You might think this is silly, but I use my fingernails as an indication of whether I'm eating right or not. Healthy nails = healthy body. Or something like that!

    Anyway, I'm off to make a smoothie for breakfast!

    1. Jan, I've always read that our nails can tell about our health!

  2. Mary Cate, I'm not really crazy about fruit smoothies. But I love peanut butter ones (with veggies inside)! I joined Life Time Fitness several months ago and would stop in the cafe every so often and get their vegan peanut butter and banana shake. It was SO good! So I finally splurged and bought the ingredients to make them at home. It includes a vegan chocolate protein powder (that has lots of vitamins and nutrition added), the Life Time Greens (a powder made from veggies) in the coffee flavor, a banana, and almond milk (and some ice). I make them at home now. So good!! And they really are nice after a workout. I hope to end up with glowing skin!

  3. BTW, I meant to say happy new year!!

  4. If the blueberries and pomegranate cover the tastes of the other stuff, I might be in. Actually, when there are no Christmas cookies in the house, breakfast is usually a high-protein smoothie for me. Since I go to the gym first thing in the morning, my muscles need that boost of protein. I usually add strawberries, whey protein, collagen, some MCT oil and little bit of lecithin. Yummy and so good for you.