Friday, September 14, 2018

Burned Cheese, Rubber Chicken, and Other Kitchen Failures

by Missy Tippens

<Big, huge sigh.>

It's been a kitchen fail type week for me. I have nothing impressive to share today.

First, I burned cheese toast at breakfast the other day.

But doggone it, I really wanted that toast. That was the last of the cheese!

So... I carefully dug through and discarded the scorched part...

Ta-da! There was good cheese underneath the burned "skin!" I had salvaged breakfast (much to my family's chagrin when I shared the photos with them). Some comments from them that I read AFTER eating my rescued cheese toast:

Oldest Son: Yummy cancer.
Husband: I would have advocated starting over.
Daughter: LOL Woowww
Middle Child (sent no reply. He probably just shook his head.)

So I figured I was done with kitchen failures for the week. Then I quickly proved that assumption wrong.

I made my favorite chicken recipe the other night (here's the recipe). And for some odd reason, it was as tough as nails!! I mean I could hardly cut it with a steak knife. Do y'all think certain brands of chicken are tougher??? I really wish I knew what to look for and what to buy (instead of just buying what's on sale).

Then yesterday, I decided to force myself to eat that chicken leftover for lunch (because I knew my husband sure wouldn't try eating it again!). I thought I'd steam some sugar snap peas to add a veggie.

I put the bag of fresh peas into a deep skillet, add a bit of water, covered the pan, and put it on high to steam. All fine.

But then I walked away and forgot it!! Thankfully, I heard it and remembered. But when I walked into the kitchen, I could smell the scorch smell.

Ugh. Another dish ruined??? I snatched it off the burner, then grabbed some tongs. Only the bottom layer was mildly scorched! I could salvage something healthy to go with my rubber chicken! haha

I gingerly lifted off the top layer and enjoyed them with my lunch as my teeth and jaws got a workout chewing the chicken.

I have a feeling next week will turn out better. It has to! :)



  1. We all have kitchen fails! Not that long ago I got distracted and burned tortillas not once, not twice, but THREE times.....the dogs didn't complain. I have started to use chicken thighs because I have better luck with them. Next week will be better!

    1. Katie, thank you for making me feel better! LOL

      I have been buying the thin cut breasts because they cook quickly. They're usually okay. Maybe this was just one tough bird! Or maybe buying full chicken breasts would help. I'll just have to be patient. :)

  2. Missy, distraction will get us every time. If I forget to use a timer, I'm toast. Or at least whatever I'm cooking is. Like you, I always try to salvage, though. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

    1. Yeah, too much around here that pulls my attention away.

  3. Well, Missy, you certainly know how to make sure your meals are well-done!

    The only thought I have on the tough chicken is that maybe it cooked dry? Did you use less mayo? Or maybe it was just a tough chicken.

    And I have been known to overcook a few things around here, too. We've all done it! I hope next week goes better!

    1. Jan, I did everything the same except forgot the bread crumbs. They were totally covered with cheese and mayo.

      I wonder if I could have put the oven temp too high?

      I've also considered buying organic or chicken from smaller companies. I've noticed it does seem to be more tender.