Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Mediterranean Stew with Eggplant and Chickpeas

Still sick here and not able to eat, so not feeling very inspired.
(This is what happens when the lab tech isn't sure what the doctor's order was so he/she just didn't run the most important test!!!!)

But all is good.

When I was in the hospital with my husband a few weeks ago, I saw this poster in the gift shop. Isn't it perfect?

So, no real cooking.  However, I wanted to share a recipe I came across that I am looking forward to making. It just calls out to me for one of those cool autumn nights.

Kav, this one has your name on it too!

I'm going to link the video with the recipe - Healthy Eggplant Chickpea Stew

Supposedly this recipe is a staple of the Mediterranean Diet so we know that means it's good for us. Thing is, I think it looks delicious too.

And you get to use the slow cooker!

It starts out with roasted eggplant, tomatoes, sauteed onions, and chickpeas in the slow cooker.

You add rehydrated porcini mushrooms and the water they soaked in.

Finally, the rich flavor is derived from adding minced garlic, oregano, cinnamon stick and sage (the last two are removed before serving).

Check out the recipe and tell me if it doesn't look gorgeous for a fall night.

The video is step by step - not quite like Missy's in-person cooking class, but a nice addition.

It's been cool in my neck of the woods this week. It feels almost wrong to be having such glorious weather while so much of the world is suffering. But I shall take joy in the Lord's creation and appreciate the autumn glory.

But before I spend too much time swelling on autumn promises (which is a great lead-in for my current novella collection!), I wanted to share some pictures I took on my walks around my neighborhood this summer. I love the beautiful greenery in the city.

See the corn!!!

These corner corn plots amaze me (and make me smile).

Bounty at the Farmer's Market


  1. Cate, I am so sorry you are sick! Right at the beginning of the school year too! Kidlets sharing germs already?

    This stew does look yummy. My daughter and I were just waxing poetic over stews and minestrone soup variations this past weekend...and then the temps changed and we're having summer weather this week! Gah!!!

    Love your greenery in the city. The corn surprises me!!!! Guess if you have a green thumb you can grow anything anywhere!

    1. Hi Kav. No, the kidlets don't get blamed for this. It was a reaction to an antibiotic I took for my tooth extraction

  2. I love these glimpses of Brooklyn, Cate! They make me smile. I love walking the streets of Brooklyn, checking out the shops, seeing the pretty decent prices that morph into CRAZY EXPENSIVE PRICES when you cross the river into Manhattan!

    Brooklyn rocks!

    But I love visiting Manhattan, too... and this stew sounds wonderful. We've got a plethora of eggplant right now, and it's so good! Thank you for sharing this!

    1. I guess we're sort of like the city mouse and the country mouse, Ruthy. I adore visiting your neck of the woods, but this is home now. It's funny that I'm now more at ease in the city because I was such a country girl growing up.

  3. Mary Cate, this recipe sounds amazing!! I'll definitely try it!

    I sure hope you feel better soon. I hope they got the test you need and got you on meds that'll help.

    Thanks for sharing photos! That corn still amazes me!