Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Chicken (or Pork) with Peppers (or Snow Peas) and Cashews

It was providential that Dana was scheduled to guest chef last week, because I had unexpected oral surgery which meant days of living on yogurt and ice cream. #nocomplaints

But hubby wanted to eat real food and he had his eye on the huge jar of cashews we'd bought at Costco.

He decided he wanted  pork with peppers and cashews.
That worked for me (as you'll see below).
The recipe is easy. I had an assortment of colorful little peppers. I stir fried them, stir fried the pork separately, mixed in the sauce and scallions. Served over rice. Sprinkled liberally with cashews! The catch here is the sauce. Ssssh. Don't tell anyone. It's really just pork gravy thinned out with a dash of soy sauce added in.

But, if you recall, I couldn't eat anything that chunky. I had gotten to the point that I could eat something more than gruel, so I settled on pastina. Remember that cute little star pasta from when the kids were babies?

First I mixed my trusty honey mustard in water and shredded in the cooked pork.

Simmer until very soft.

Serve over pastina!  

So yesterday, hubby was eyeing those cashews again. This time we went for chicken with snow peas and cashews.

So easy. Which was good since I'm in deadline mode.

Oh, and my other cheat - I was tired of buying scallions for him and only using half. So I decided to try these. He never noticed the difference!

What's your favorite stir fry?


  1. I love dried onions. It saves me so much time. It doesn't work for everything, but gosh... it sure helps on some things!

    Cashew and pea pods, oh my stars, I am in love, Cate! How wonderful this looks, and right now I'm starving.

    I am NOT REALLY starving, one has only to look at me and know that, but I'm hungry enough to jump through this screen and eat a plate full of that deliciousness!

    You've got another month off, I'm praying for your full success with this manuscript... and some fun in Brooklyn!

    That riverfront is a mighty cool thing.

    I love visiting Brooklyn. It's got a neighborhood feel in the midst of teeming with people "crazy".

    And the little shops.


    1. I'm laughing (sort of) at the little shop love because they're really here today, gone tomorrow. All it takes is for the neighborhood to go hip and the rents go up and the shopowners move on.

      It's always fun to watch the space and see what comes in next.

  2. Oral surgery. I'm so glad you're on this side of it!

    And what a great way to make two meals out of one! I would have been tempted to make hubby eat the mush with me. ;) (I wouldn't have, but the temptation would be there!)

    And we love stir fries at our house - some chicken, sesame oil, soy sauce, rice or pasta... Such a quick and lovely summer supper!

    1. Yes, Jan. My second in 7 months! Last time was the wisdom tooth. This time I had a molar that was so far gone that I had the choice of a root canal, post and core, and crown that might not (propbably wouldn't) hold or having the tooth extracted. I went with the extraction. I have a mouth full of teeth that have had root canals, so they really don't scare me, but the cost did.

      It was a good choice since Fenway snapped his leg the following week.

      The one and only cooking class I ever took was right after college - oriental cooking. I still remember the instructor telling us that the vegetables were the main part of the stir fry and the meat was just for flavoring. My husband does not subscribe to that version of the recipe!

  3. Mary Cate, you had me at cashews. And great cheat on the gravy. You're such a smart woman.

    Oral surgery. Yuck. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Especially with a deadline looming. But as Jan said, at least you're on this side of it. Hang in there.

    1. I saw some article somewhere that said women over a certain age shouldn't eat cashews. Hogwash!

  4. Mary Cate, I love cashews! I have them almost daily as a snack. I'll have to toss them over some stir fry soon!

    I'm sorry for your sudden oral surgery. Hope you're healing nicely!