Friday, August 11, 2017

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Missy Tippens

I don't have any cooking to share today. But I wanted to share some gorgeous photos I took this past week when we took my mom to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Our main goal was to see the Fuqua Orchid Center, so we headed there first. Who could've imagined how many orchid species there are! Here are several photos...

Love the little heart on this one!
Here are some of the unusual ones...

Growing from glass chandeliers!

Oh, and check this out! It's almost like a Rose Parade float. The whole sculpture is covered in plants.

It was a wonderful day! And we bought a season pass! So we'll get to go back and enjoy even more--especially once the weather cools.


  1. Missy, those are gorgeous!
    When we were in Maine, we visited the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden. I should share my photos from there. It was so peaceful and lovely.

    Who needs a recipe when you bring such glory?

  2. I hope you will share those photos, Mary Cate!

  3. Oh, these are so lovely! My childhood home has a large greenhouse attached and there were dozens of varieties of African violets, ferns, orchids, etc. It took about 45 minutes to water everything, even with a misting system. I remember the large cacti the most because every now and then they'd have an enormous bloom, and it seemed like Christmas!

  4. Virginia, that greenhouse sounds wonderful!