Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Coffee Cake My Way

When my children were young and the house was full, we baked a lot!

Nowadays, if I bake it, I'll eat it, so I generally don't.  Not that I don't want the delicious baked goods, but if they're in the house, I have no willpower.

We have a lovely muffin shop one block away and they make an excellent coffee cake.

So I was looking forward to a week off to write, and coffee cake to have with my coffee while I worked.

Except, suddenly last week..... NO MORE COFFEE CAKE.

Fortunately, I discovered a boxed mix in the supermarket.  

Okay, go ahead and say it again all you "from scratch" bakers. 
Quelle horreur!!!
I know.  But it looked so good.
When we're in Maine in the summer, the local bakery sells a delicious blueberry coffee cake.  I decided to doctor mine. I added an entire bag of frozen blueberries and (way too many) walnuts.

Finished cake!


Fenway and I were out walking yesterday. Look what we saw IN FEBRUARY in NEW YORK!


  1. Have you ever tried their gingerbread mix? It's the perfect combination of soft and spicy. My friend made us some, and we raved over it SO LOUDLY that she brought over four boxes. LOL. Maybe I was so excited because I can never get gingerbread right (always too spicy, too crispy, or too hard).

    The French was funny... Not thirty seconds ago, my thirteen year old came in and told me he'd just figured out how many verbs Italian, Spanish and French share. :D I guess there's always that moment when things start to "look familiar".

    1. I've never seen their gingerbread. My store only sells the coffee cake. I'll have to go searching. Thanks for the tip.

      I love that moment when things look familiar, but I really love your children and their inquisitive natures.

  2. I've used Krusteaz mixes before and they were really good! I use a lot of mixes as baseline (brownie, cakes, Bisquick) because honestly there are only so many variations on mixing flour, baking soda, salt and powder... it's like a "duh" moment, because if Duncan Hines and Krusteaz do it so well, why should Ruthy repeat the action???

    And then there are home-style recipes that scoff at mixes, so it's all good!

    So how was it? It looks WONDERFUL!!!! And check out those posies. Oh mylanta, there is hope and promise in Brooklyn air!!!!!

  3. My unschooled little self is taking you at your word for the French, Italian, Greek, German, Yugoslavian, Latvian, etc. linguistics....

    I do know a smattering of Spanish, and by smattering, I mean very little.

    But I get the gist, my friends!!!

  4. Love coffee cake with coffe. I've always enjoyed making a variety of coffee cakes for ladies prayer breakfast, family or friends get together. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Quelle horreur!!! HAHA!!! But I will give credit where credit is due, you DID add your own ingredients to make it what I call "semi-homemade". Which over the past recent years I've become fond of ;-) (and yes, I hear my self saying "cheater, cheater", haha!) But like you said, if I bake it, we will eat willpower whatsoever! I used to do so much more baking of sweets when my kids were little, now if I do, it goes straight to church for Sunday afternoon fellowship...share the love and all :-)

    I'd love a slice of that coffee cake, too bad you couldn't hand one through the computer monitor ;-)

  6. Mary Cate, I love Krusteaz mixes. Muffins are yummy and, if I don't have time to make lemon bars from scratch, Krusteaz is the next best thing. Love, love, love them.

    And don't get me started on the weather. We were in the 80s again today and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmed. The grass is greening, trees are budding... AND IT'S ONLY FEBRUARY! Like I said, don't get me started.