Thursday, April 16, 2015

Home Made Cream Horns

Well, this has been a while in the making because these are a work in progress! First, let me tell you that to make these cream horns, you need pie crust pastry, rolled out, and cut into strips. My favorite pie crust recipe is here:

Ruthy's Favorite Pie Crust Recipe!!!!

Mandy made me 3/4 inch dowels for frying:

First you wrap the strips around the dowel and then pinch the dough to help seal overlapping edges.

Heat fryer to 375°

Wrap around dowels and deep fry for 2-3 minutes until golden...

This is what they look like when they're done:

Slip them off the dowels and let cool, then roll in cinnamon sugar:

Visit kittens born on Easter while you wait!!!  Hello, sweet babies!!!!

Back to sugared horns:

Mix 1 cup smooth ricotta (I use Galbani) with 1/4 cup of powdered sugar and 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips. With small spoon (or frosting bag with no tip) fill horns. Refrigerate and enjoy!

You could use whipped cream or custard to fill these, but I used the cannoli filling style cheese filling. Delicious! The pastry melts in your mouth, it's that flaky and wonderful. It also breaks easily! Ooops! :)

From my friend Mary, they weren't blooming when she brought them to me... How pretty!!! And here's a gratuitous naked baby picture!!!

And this is Second Easter because so many of us were sick on First Easter, so this year we celebrated the Orthodox calendar as well! It was nice enough to re-hang the swing!

One of my finance boys, manning the grill:

And the hope of spring at last:

Oh, glorious day!

Hello, Spring! :)


  1. Deep fried dowels!! I love it! :) Actually, forget the dowels. I want the cannoli!!

    What fun photos. Looks like a fantastic second Easter!

    1. Missy, it was! I need to find a better way for the shells to stay together, though. Several broke because the pie crust is so nice and flaky... like me!!! :) I've tried it with a thin bread dough, too, but it tends to rise too much and then the ratio of filling to crust is off. In the end, it's all mathematical!!! :)

  2. I had to remind ManO about Orthodox Easter. So glad Spring has sprung in all the most important ways up in your neck of the woods.

    1. Well, this crew enjoyed a double celebration and it was Divine Mercy Sunday, to boot, so we had blessings galore! And we ended up with a beautiful day for second Easter, first Easter was snowing and cold and an indoor egg hunt. Second Easter was 68° and gorgeous and an outdoor hunt! And Matt cooked Zweigle's hots and fresh burgers on the grill. :) It was great.

  3. What a wonderful day, Ruthy! Those horns look delish. And Finn and the kittens are adorable. (That was Finn, right?) Love the yellow farmhouse!

    1. Mindy, both Easters were wonderful, but it sure was nice to feel a hint of spring! I'm avoiding the horns, I'm feeding them to others because I was THICKENING!!! All that writing (which I love!!!) and eating (which I love!!!) was making my dryer shrink everything! BAD DRYER!

  4. Bad blogger ate my comment. Grrr. He's been doing that a lot lately. :-(

    I'm terrified of deep fryers so I'll have to pass on this recipe, though it looks delish. I think you are scary brave for making them.

    Love all those glimpses of spring! I can actually say the last of the snow has melted off my front garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But everything is brown and drab still....but no icy white is good!

    1. Kav, we're about a week ahead of you! I think this is the first time I've had no points of green coming up in March, not a daffodil, not a crocus, Nothin! So funny, it was just sooooo cold! So hold on, I'm blowing hot air your way, and have I mentioned over here how proud I am of you???? What a stellar entry you had for Blurb2Book. I'm just delighted!!!! And you can bake these, too. It's pie crust, right? So you just suspend the dowels from side to side over a 5" pan, or whatever works, and bake them at 425 until golden. Easy peasy!

  5. Oh, wow. What deliciousness!

    I won't be making these (no deep fryer), but I'd gladly come to your house to help you get rid of the leftovers!

    I wonder if you could bake the shells, though. Hmm. I might have to try it the next time I make pie - which will be tomorrow, if my dear husband has anything to say about it!

    Love the kittens, too. Babies, kittens, peepers....spring has sprung at Ruthy's place!

    1. Jan, I just covered that above, yes, sure, you can bake them! I wanted to see if I could come up with that fried pastry texture (and it did!) but they're so delicate that they really need to be toughened up a little!

      I've been good for two weeks, and what I'd like right now is to go eat the WHOLE STINKIN' PLATE!!!!