Saturday, April 11, 2015

Friends to the Rescue! Impossible Pie and Dried Apple Snacks

Hello, everybody!

 Changes are afoot in the cafe! Oooh, I sure miss seeing my pretty books up there on top but maybe the page will load faster for all our visitors, now. Half the time I can't really see the food, so I'm just commenting blind. But I today DID see that Ruthy and the Seekers (who run this blog, too) have a collection out.

Happy release day! I'll just post that below, with a link, in case anybody hasn't ordered it yet. I know I did, and probably all of us working here in the cafe. But maybe there's a visitor today who didn't? Raise your hands! I know you're out there. 2.99... really, what is that? A latte? And look at all the book goodness you get! I'm sure the stories are fabulous!
 So, this little crooked picture is of a plant called a "dancing dolphin". Our treasured friend Eleanor loved this plant. :) It blooms about once a year. Anyway, when Eleanor passed away, we inherited the plant and this is one of the starts that is now blooming. (We've grown starts continually for two years. Every time one gets big enough, we pass it on. We're spreading the Eleanor love!)
I blogged about Impossible Pie here. 
 Anyway, on to the meat of this post. (Actually, not meat. Just pie.) I'd completely lost track of the days and thought it was Thursday. Which, really, is pretty much like Wednesday and very much like Friday... except it's hubby's birthday!!
  So, at ten this morning, my beautiful friend Barbara came over with a pie for my husband. I was a little confused. I'll always accept pie, no question, but why today? Why Thursday? Until I saw the card and realized...

With some strawberry sauce.
 OH MY WORD. The love of my life is turning forty seven! He's survived almost twenty years with me and keeps his sanity with six kids running through the house. (Ignore the fact he doesn't actually like to celebrate his birthday. It's not a custom he grew up with and thinks it's a little weird how Americans love birthdays. Just ignore all that. We love birthdays!!)
 She also brought dried apples. She makes them by slicing very thin and sprinkling with Jello and then putting them in the dehydrator. Isn't that clever? Flavored dried apples!
These are orange and strawberry. We saved hubby some, I promise.
 So, my friend saved me from completely forgetting my beloved's birthday even though we're all packed for a family reunion tomorrow, have baseball games scheduled in the morning, and hit all the dental appointments this week AND got the puppy neutered. Hubby wouldn't have been offended at being forgotten but I'm so tickled that Barbara reminded me... and she did it with pie! I can't think of a better or sweeter reminder. That's what friends are for!
  Okay, we're off to celebrate with a fancy dinner. And maybe a movie, if he can find something he wants to see. He's like me, sort of a picky movie watcher, but we'll see what happens.
  Until next time! (And don't forget to order those Seeker books!!)


  1. Virginia, you can't let him read this post or it'll give you away!! LOL

    What a sweet friend to bring that yummy pie! And those apples look amazing. I don't know anyone who has a dehydrator. Do any of y'all use one??

    Happy b-day to your hubby!! And thanks for mentioning our book releases!

    1. Oh, he knew! I can't keep a secret. I was laughing about it as soon as I saw him. LOL
      And this sweet friend... her birthday was last week and my kids asked her what kind of cake she wanted. She trying to be fun, so she said, "a rabbit". Haaa, that was an experience. But the end result was definitely rabbit-looking! I think we got a picture. The rabbit was bright pink. She loved it. :)

  2. Missy, that was my first thought too. Shhhhhhh, of course you knew what special day it was!!!!!! The pie looks delish and now I want pie. Boohoo. Poor me will have to make do with chocolate chip cookies. Oh the hardships I endure!

    Ahem...I'm one of the ones who hasn't preordered the books....but I will order them I never preorder. Is that weird? Probably, but that's me. :-)

    Happy Birthday Virginia's husband!!!!!!!!!!

    1. He says thank you! (He's burning the vines he cut from out grapes and there's a giant bonfire on our property right now. Yes, marshmallows and s'mores and hotdogs are happening now.)

  3. I'm with you, Virginia! I never turn down pie!

    We have a dehydrator, but don't use it often enough. (Usually only for batches of beef jerky, which make a great snack!) I'm going to have to try jello on apples! Sounds delicious :)

    Happy birthday to you hubby, and with the schedule you had this week, I think he'll forgive you for forgetting. Dentist visits and the dreaded operation for the dog in one week is nothing to sneeze at!

    1. I love the way you're spreading Eleanor love, too. I'm doing the same with my grandmother's beloved oxalis.

    2. I had to look that up. Beautiful plant!
      Oh, he's pretty easy-going. Unless you start talking soccer teams and then WATCH OUT. lol. Honestly, the man lives with six children and a red-headed wife. He has to be pretty calm to survive.