Friday, February 20, 2015

Ice Storm!

Missy Tippens, here. We were without power in our part of Georgia from Monday to Wednesday. So I did no cooking this week! Rather than re-share an old recipe, I thought I'd share some of the beautiful photos of our winter wonderland. It's difficult to enjoy the beauty when you're miserably cold, sitting in the dark in total silence. But once we had heat again, I could appreciate the beauty of trees tipped in sparkling crystals and the silvery woods surrounding us. So much glistening! And I'm a gal who loves sparkles and bling. :)

This first shot was taken while in line at Bojangle's trying to buy breakfast! Earlier that morning, traffic was lined up way out into the road. All the fast food restaurants that still had power were absolutely packed. When we went out to breakfast the second day (to get warm and charge our phones and computer!), the poor waitress said the day before had been terrible, and that quite a few people were really hateful to her. I know it was frustrating, but really? Why mistreat the waitress?

The rest of these photos are in our neighborhood. I wish the photos could somehow show how everything glistened, or let you hear how the icicles on the trees would make tinkling sounds in the wind.

I took these last two photos Thursday. The sun was out, and the temps had dropped into the teens. You can see the beautiful blue sky in the background.

I got behind on my writing this week. I was trying to type while wearing fingerless gloves with hand warmers (the chemical kind) inside. Maybe next week once I'm caught up on everything, I'll be able to share a real, current recipe. :)


  1. First of all... WOW! I'm glad everyone is safe. Those are beautiful pictures!
    And secondly, I have those hand warmers! A friend sent them to me. And also a pair that plug into the laptop via a USB connector. The little room I write in at the library in the evenings three days a week HAS NO HEAT. They tell me it does, but I can promise you, it does not. I close the door and after a few hours it's forty degrees in there and I can see my breath. I bring a heating pad and a blanket and my gloves.
    I call it my "homeless writer chic".

    1. Virginia!! Oh my goodness. I don't know how you stand that cold! Our house temp got down to 48 degrees inside by Wednesday morning. My fingers would hardly move even in the gloves. You know, you'd think the cold would make your brain zip along in high gear. But it just made me want to snuggled further under the blankets and sleep. LOL

      I want your USB gloves!! :) Those sound amazing.

  2. Missy, gorgeous pics! Ice storms have such an impact on communities, and they carry such beauty....

    We had an unusual occurrence here a few weeks ago. Dense fog that crystallized on trees. The air was super cold and the snow cover was warmer, so it created a fog. But then the fog FROZE on the branches, outlining every branch, big, small and tiny-tiny with tiny, perfect snowflakes. It was an amazing sight and I had no camera and my phone was home. The tiny crystals were gone within hours, the minute the temps changed and the wind picked up, but it was such a frozen fractal moment! Loved it!

    I love sacrificial writing, LOL! I think it makes us more empathetic with the rough situations we write about if we have to endure or suffer. You might laugh at me, but these character-building moments put more punch in our choice of words. (I tell myself this to make bad plumbing, old roofs, rotting beams and -7 degree mornings seem like research, Missy!!!) :)

    Such beauty in nature....

    1. Ruthy, that frozen fog sounds beautiful! I sure wish you'd had your phone with you.

      LOL on the sacrificial writing! I'll try to remember that if it happens again. ;) BTW, I've already called the plumber to come out and inspect the gas logs. So if it goes out again, maybe we'll have a bit of heat in the family room! (We're expecting another possible mess again tonight or tomorrow morning.) But he's swamped with broken pipes right now. So we'll see if he's able to get here in time.

  3. Hasn't this been a crazy winter weather wise? We've missed a lot of the heavy, heavy snow dumps here (it all seems to flow south over Ruthy instead) but the cold has been fierce. Brrrr to you not having heat for days. Mind you, I couldn't help thinking what a lovely setting that might be for a romance. Maybe the beleaguered waitress and...hmmmm...equally fed up first responder of some sort.

    I have great fingerless gloves that actually do keep me warmer. My school library is freezing --have a whole wall of floor to ceiling window panels that have awful gaps between them so it actually snows in the library! I took pictures and tried to shame the higher ups into doing something but no one seems to care. That's one thing I don't miss about being at work this winter!