Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Coffee Chat!

Missy, here. I'm so very exhausted. My kids had a high school tennis match today (this is written late Tuesday). Girls one location, boys another. I went to daughter's location. The other team showed up much later than expected, and then I found out she wasn't going to play until a court opened. So I hurried across town and watched most of my son's match. He ended up winning 6-0, 6-0!

Then I rushed back across town in time to see my daughter start playing. Her doubles match lasted two and a half hours! And...THEY WON! 3-6, 6-3, 7-5. Very exciting! And it also meant that the whole team won the match as well. It came down to outcome of my daughter's (and her partner's) match. If they'd lost, the team would have lost.

No pressure, huh? (Actually, the coach didn't tell them! She told them not to worry about how the others did. Smart coach!) :-)

So when I tried to think of something to chat about today, I thought about high pressure situations. Have you ever been in a situation where the outcome depended on you? If so, we'd love to hear about it! If not, well, then you toss out something else to chat about. My brain it too tired to think of anything. :-p


  1. How about the high pressured Speedbo situation? I'm sure they're doing the countdown wrong over at Seekerville. But I guess I can't fault them for their lack in math skills since they're all such awesome writers. :-)

    I can't think of a personal pressure cooker thing right now but what came to mine was figure skating -- pairs and dance. Worlds is this week, I think. Anyway, I totally get into my favourite pairs and I'm on pins and needles while I watch their performance. I always feel awful for the skater who flubs one of the jumps or wobbles on a landing or steps out of a twizzle. It's usually small things that can lose just enough points to mean the difference between a gold and a silver or not medaling at all. Now that's pressure!!!!!

    Congrats to both your kidlets. Do you get totally nervous watching them compete?

  2. Kav, that's a great example! I always worry about the pressure on young Olympians! Talk about pressure--your whole country is depending on you. I guess soldiers might feel the same.

    Yes, I get a little nervous for my kids! My son had a crazy match the other day, playing about the best I've ever seen him play against a guy who was really good. My son ended up losing a nail biter.

    And my nerves were just about shot last night. :) My poor daughter was the serving for the last point. She flubbed a couple of things (serves and hits) and was down love-40. She came back to win that point! I was so proud of her for keeping her calm (at least outwardly) and not getting discouraged.

    I want them to do well. But no matter, I'm always proud of them because they're always good sports. And not everyone they play is a good sport!

  3. The high pressure I'm living through right now is preparing my class for the high stakes State Testing program.

    I think it's downright cruel to put this kind of pressure on 8 and 9 year old's. They're so stressed out over them they don't believe any of my assurances.
    Which then stresses me out.

  4. Mary, I agree! All the testing absolutely drives me crazy. Teachers have to teach for the tests as well as meet the standards. I don't know how y'all do it. Thank you God for teachers!