Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coffee Chat!

Missy, here. It's Wednesday, and our day to chat. Do you think this should mean we don't have to cook today? :)

So...I thought of a great question the other day. And of course, it flew right out of my head. I've been distracted working on by new story. Today, I was heading to go to the church to pick up my husband so we could go watch our kids play a high school tennis match. And I was thinking about the scene that I had just been working on. And I went right by the church! I didn't even notice for a couple of blocks. :)

So maybe that's inspired a good question! When have you been working on your writing or some other project and been so distracted you either messed up or embarrassed yourself?

If it's as hot there as it is here, let's have an iced beverage and chat...


  1. Definitely an iced beverage is in order.

    I'm forever missing turns - not being distracted by work - just because I'm talking. Last summer I did it on my way back from a church conference. My f-i-l and I are officers, and had to attend, but it was just the two of us. We get along famously and love to talk about everything.

    We were talking, and I missed one turn. Instead of turning around and going back, he said "Let's go this way and get on the freeway. We'll get home a lot faster." That worked fine until I missed another turn and took us miles and miles out of our way before we realized it. A trip that should have taken 3 hours took about five. People still tease us if the two of us ride together somewhere.

    Another time, during my college years, a good friend came to visit for a couple of days during the summer. I met her parents half way between our towns. I managed to miss my turn off twice for all the talking we were doing.

  2. Oh, Andrea, I do that too! That's why we love each other. Or, like Missy, I'm too busy writing a scene in my head and miss an exit...

    Right now I'm immersed in two stories and I have my fun fantasy YA as back-up.

    I'm developing The Lawman's Second Chance, a breast cancer survivor story. And I don't know how a story about breast cancer can be so much fun to write (think naughty kids) but it is...

    Laced with hope, dappled with love.


  3. Ouch -- is there a booby-prize for the most embarrassing story? This happened when my Simba was still a pup -- a very energetic pup. I was working on my computer, totally engrossed in a story and he just wouldn't let me alone. Pawing my lap, bumping my leg with his head and yodeling. Oy -- the sounds he made! He even grabbed my shirt tail and started tugging. Managed to pull me clear across the room. When even that didn't get my attention he started barking frantically. Duh -- did that alert me? No. So, in desperation he actually lunged in a bit my butt! LOL. That got my attention. When I jumped up to deal with the rascal I noticed the haze of smoke. Still barking, Simba backed out of the room and led me to the kitchen just as the flames from the stovetop were starting to lick against the cupboards above! To this day that dog keeps vigil in the kitchen when I'm baking and always lets me know when something is cooked to perfection. :-)

  4. Andrea, I've done the same thing! My cp (and conference roommate) Lindi Peterson and I missed our exit when driving home for RWA in Orlando. It was so funny! We were talking like crazy and didn't even notice for quite a while. You'd think after spending 5 days together we'd be talked out. But noooo. LOL

  5. Ruthy, I don't know how you juggle so many stories! You're amazing.

  6. LOLOL, Kav!! Yes, you get the booty--er booby prize.


    Simba sounds amazing! He could have saved your life (or at least your kitchen) by being so persistent.

  7. My biggest problem is when I'm alone with my computer. I get started on a project - especially research - and time is gone.

    Those are usually the days when we have to order out for pizza...

    ...and no one has clean socks the next morning...

    ...and the dog's diaper has leaked all over the carpet...

    but who cares? I was WORKING!

    (Yes, I did just get off the phone with my oldest son who thinks I watch TV and eat bon bons all day, why do you ask?)

  8. LOL, Jan! I'll never forget once in elementary school when my daughter wrote in a report that I watch TV all day. :) I was mortified. :) Then I informed her I'd let her stay home with me some day to see what I did. Which thrilled her a little too much, so we never did it. :P