Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coffee Chat!

Missy, here. I know some of you are taking part in Speedbo over in Seekerville. I don't want to keep you away from your writing for long, but it's time for a quick coffee/tea/chocolate break!

So tell me...if you're a writer, what's something that's motivated you or inspired you in your writing pursuits this week? If you're not a writer, what's something that has inspired or motivated you in the work place this week?


  1. Oh, Missy, YOU INSPIRE ME, HONEY. :)

    Well, you DO, but this week I'm inspired by the fact that we've got a huge turnout for Speedbo and you know how hard it is to get us writers MOVING...

    And this is helping so many. And that we have Eva Maria now published, Mia Ross published (her book comes out next month!!!) and Virginia and Clari both contracted. That just means the world to me, even just being a teensy weeensy part of that wonderfulness. I'm so psyched!

    But my BIG motivation is that I won't let myself write any more of my story until I nail the synopsis for proposal approval. I'm nearly at 5k on the synopsis, and that's 3K today, so I'm pleased. The end is in sight, then I'll trim and layer and see if it makes sense. I'm thrilled with how Katie and the Trooper's story is moving and hate to pause to write the synop, but that's paying my dues...

    And the treat is a FULL WEEKEND WITH NO ONE AROUND so I can write to my heart's content!!!!


    1. LOL, I'm glad I inspire you sometimes. :)

      Enjoy your writing weekend!!! I can't wait to read the new story.

  2. Well, everyone at Seekerville is keeping me motivated and y'all here at the cafe are keeping me fed so what more can a girl ask for? (except more creamed corn so I can make my new favourite dish.)


    I've never prayed about what I write before. I know -- beat me with a wet noodle now and be done with it. What have I been doing all these years? Writing aimlessly mostly. :-)

    I was all gungho to start Speedbo but the closer March came, the more brain dead I grew. It was like I totally froze -- deer-in-the-headlights-who-me-write? kind of bizarre terror. I'd just finished wrestling out a ms that I was really happy with...and then promptly read it in published form already! LOL -- the similarities were uncanny and I knew I couldn't submit it anywhere. It would just look like plagiarism so I was pretty down about that for a while. Then Speedbo came up and I made the commitment and....nothing.

    So I prayed and got an inkling of an idea. I wrote it down and prayed some more and got another idea. I've never written so blindly before, but I like where it's going even as I'm terrified by how little I know where it's going (if that makes any sense.)

    Last night was a long work day -- really long commute home (I'm talking three hours) and I could barely muster up the energy to let the dog out let alone write. As I tumbled into bed I asked the Lord to help me keep my commitment to write every day even though I was too tired to stay up and write a coherent sentence. Seconds after saying that prayer, I was ready to give up but the Lord wasn't. A flash of a scene took over my mind. I wrote it out in bullet form (think Seekerville yesterday.) I only spent maybe 15 minutes on it but all the details are there. I'm going to write it out proper tonight. Still have a blank as to what I'll be writing next but I can't help but feel like the Lord is using this Speedbo challenge as a way to get me "to be still and know that I am God."

    And starting Saturday I have nine days off in a row...well except for the college gig so I'm yipee ki yi yaaaaaying right along with Ruthy.

    1. Kav, what a great story!! And now I can say you're an inspiration to me!! :) I can't imagine having a coherent thought after a 3 hour commute. You're amazing. God is amazing!

    2. I replied earlier and forgot to send, then erased it. I'm a dork.

      Kav, this is brilliant. You get the idea.... Put it down on paper... kind of.

      Then flesh it out later. And each day I build a little on what I wrote the previous day and it builds over a week... then a month. You go, girl!

      Really, that's the way to build daily.

  3. Kav, oh yes, prayer.

    For me it's been the dedication of two 1K1HR stints every morning - with a break for tea, laundry and chores in between. The regular routine, discipline and accountability of knowing I'm going to be reporting those numbers in has helped me crank out the chapters. I know I'll be going back and revising - but I would if I was writing more slowly, too, right?

    Speaking of which - it's time to get my breakfast so I can start on that first hour :). Yipee ki ye yaaaaay!

    1. What a great plan, Jan! I'm so glad it's going well for you!

      And like you said, it's time for me to get offline and get to work! :) (I already ate and am ignoring the pile of laundry for the moment). :)

    2. Oh, Kav -- I had a similar experience about finishing a story and then finding one much like it in print. I was discouraged but so grateful that I found the book -- it would have been awful if an agent or editor had thought I was copying another writer.

      What's motivated me this week? Several things (including Speedbo) but the best by far was hearing back from two critiquers who liked what they had read and offered constructive criticism/comments. The fact they are interested in the story is a great motivator to finish with Speedbo.

  4. Nancy, that's great that they're liking your story! You're right. That is great motivation. :)

  5. Kav, I forgot to comment in what you said about your book being so similar to another one. I had the same thing happen! And Nancy said the same thing. I imagine it's surprisingly common. At least plotwise. The voice would be very different, though.

  6. I can totally relate to what Kav said. I had an idea in the back of my mind. Read the back cover copy of a book that had virtually the same idea, right down to the hero's name and former occupation!

    It's definitely discouraging. I still haven't read that book.

    So what inspires me.... Deadlines. Either self-imposed or contest. A writing partner helps bunches too. Holding each other accountable. She and I are constantly kicking each other's butts.

    Oh, and lest we forget chocolate:-)

  7. Deadlines are the best motivators, Mindy! :)