Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mung Beans

Weird name, isn't it. Mung beans.

I first discovered mung beans when I'd see my vegan daughter soaking them overnight.

Fenway thinks these are odd little green things.  

But then I discovered sprouted mung beans and my life was changed forever.That might be a bit extreme, but seriously, these little beans take 5 minutes to cook, are loaded with protein, have no sugar or salt, and are super nutritious!

The fact that they are so fast and can be used in so many different ways is really helpful when you come home after a long day at work. **

I've done a variety of meals with them this week (because I cooked so many the first night - 1 cup makes a lot of beans!)

Mung beans tossed with tomatoes, garlic, oil, red onion.

Five minutes in boiling water and we're done.

Just some beautiful San Marzano tomatoes mixed with garlic, fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil.

Add the mung beans.

Some pasta and you've got a delicious meal - hot or cold!

Mung beans added into a salad with golden beets, red beets, roasted peaches (of course) and toasted sunflower seeds.

**caveat - my husband does not eat any of these concoctions. He's old school If it's Monday it must be hamburgers, Tuesday - chicken, Friday - fish - and so on.


  1. This is so funny, because my husband wouldn't eat this either... He'd be like "WHAT???" and then go all Clara Peller on it. "Where's the beef?"


    I've never had mung beans.

    That I know of.

    This is VERY INTERESTING, my friend.

    I was working the farm yesterday, mid-day, and so hungry... and I ran inside to get the KFC (laughing, UNHEALTHY ALERT!!!) coleslaw from the night before... and Dave had eaten it.


    I had to toss together an iceberg, tomato, peppers and cheese salad and munch fast because it's busy here until Halloween.

    And it was good, but I missed the crunch of my sunflower seeds and I bet I'd like mung beans with it, too.

    I do love me some sprouts!!!

    1. I had restaurant coleslaw the other night when I had to stay at school for Meet the Parents night - fish and chips and coleslaw and it was SO good. You'll get no laughter from me, my friend.

  2. You make such interesting meals. I need to be more creative in the kitchen. And this looks like a great way to boost protein. I've been getting some great vegan cookbooks from the library and my goal is to try a new recipe at least twice a month over the fall and winter. I just don't think of the right combinations that will wow a recipe.

    1. It' called throw whatever is around into the salad, Kav. Then take a picture.

      If you're looking for great cookbooks, try to see if you can get the Oh She Glows one. I've never had anything bad come out of it. She has a new one just out too.

  3. How interesting! And great dishes! Is mung beans a regional thing because I've never seen them here in the South. But then, we're all about black-eyed peas.

    1. Hi Edwina,
      That's an interesting question. I really don't know. I think they're Asian. I'd never even heard of them before my daughter started eating them. They're certainly not common here.

  4. So sorry to be absent most of the day. It's the first full week of school here and 90 degrees in a classroom with 27 bodies and no AC is not a happy thing. But we're reading Roald Dahl and making the best of it. Cool down is coming.

  5. How interesting! I wonder if we can find these here. We're always up for trying something new!