Friday, March 16, 2018

Impossible Burger

Missy Tippens

When we recently went out to dinner for my son's birthday, he asked to go to one of his favorite places, Argosy in East Atlanta Village.

He and my daughter-in-law ordered some nachos for an appetizer. Now, my husband and I don't usually order appetizers. We're always taking home leftovers as it is. But it was a special night, so I was excited to try the nachos.

They were amazing. Yummy cheese and beef and--

Wait. Not beef? After I had eaten a good many nachos and bragged on how good that beef was was, my son informed me that there wasn't any beef on there. What??? How could that be?

The dish had Impossible Burger on top. My daughter ordered her burger made from it that same night. And when I tasted her leftovers the next day, I was blown away. So I went hunting for Impossible Burger.

Here's their website. No, I have no affiliation with the company. I just wanted to tell you about it. They make a plant based product using wheat, potatoes and coconut oil, and also a type of heme (which is an iron-containing molecule that's abundant in meat and gives meat it's flavor). Only, the company uses a plant based heme called leghemoglobin (from soy) that's produced using fermentation.

I was stunned by how much this burger tasted like beef! So flavorful.

So far, they don't sell it commercially. But maybe they will eventually. For now, we'll have to eat it at a restaurants in Atlanta. You may be able to find some locations near you (you can search on the website).

I'm sorry I didn't take any photos! Maybe next time.

I like eating vegetarian on occasion. I feel like it's good for my body and for the environment. So it's nice to know there's this option out there.

Have y'all ever had an Impossible Burger?

Since I have no food photos, I'll share my gorgeous camellia blooms from this year.



  1. Oh, those blossoms are gorgeous and what a taste of spring! I love spring in the South. It comes on time and it's gorgeous. That is the only weather season I love in the south, but each year I have Spring Envy, watching the South bloom weeks before our grass even thinks of turning green!

    Missy, that's so strange and maybe cool about the burger... here's the funny thing from a farm perspective: These guys are totally processing a mix of substances together to pretend it's meat for health conscious vegans.... While those same health conscious vegans are protesting the use of genetically modified foods. The irony is a funny twist, right?

    I hadn't heard of this, but wow, they raised a storm about it last summer via Google... And you were able to get it at a restaurant and loved it... I expect there will be lots to say/hear about this over the next few years, but I wish I had some money to invest... because I think this could go viral.

    I'm not sure that it should!!! But I think it will.

    1. Ruthy, I hadn't heard about it before. I guess I missed the big storm last summer. To me, the process sounds similar to brewing beer. But I'll have to look into it further!

    2. Only available in US. :-( But all the ingredients are natural so it's not the same as the genetically modified produce issue so that wouldn't be a conflict for a vegan.

      I know there's a mindset out there that is trying to duplicate the taste of meat in vegan products. I think maybe to increase sales? I like to approach my vegetarian eating on flavour and texture and sheer yummiest factor rather than trying to duplicate something else. So I never really looked for tastes like meat alternatives. I'm more like 'acts like meat in a recipe' so using tvp in place of ground beef in sloppy joes. But, having said that, I do appreciate a good burger. So far my favourite is from the Green Table a vegetarian restaurant close to me. It doesn't pretend to be meat but it is truly divine. And we have a couple of restaurants in the village that feature only burgers and they have some great tasting vegan selections. Hope they might latch onto this Impossible Burger craze so I can try one!

    3. Kav, I hadn't really thought about the fact that vegetarians might be turned off my the taste of meat! I'm such a carnivore that it never occurred to me. I guess I assume everyone would miss it. :)

      I like this kind of thing on occasion, so I can feel better about the environment and my health by eating meatless meals every so often.

  2. I've always wondered why people try to make vegetarian "meat." Really? There are so many delicious vegetarian foods out there that don't pretend to be something why?

    But I can see that a person would crave a burger now and then, and if this is a delicious vegetarian option, then go for it.

    I'll stick with the original beef. Or bison. Or venison. And I'll eat my veggies in a salad. :-)

    1. LOL, Jan. That's a good point, too.

      I do love veggie/bean "burgers" though. They don't taste like meat to me, but I like the bun and toppings that you usually eat on a burger.