Thursday, March 29, 2018

Fun Easter Ideas for All o' Youse!

I love Easter.

Easter isn't crazy commercialized.

It shouldn't be, right? Because it is such a wonderfully marvelous celebration of the Christian beliefs in Jesus as our Savior, the risen Lord, the Son of God... Wonderful, Counselor, Amazing Grace Kind of Guy!

So after 40 days of prayerful contemplation, beautiful services, the poignant joy of Palm Sunday and the grave sorrow of Good Friday, we have the amazing blessing of EASTER!!!!

And we like to have fun on Easter... A big Easter egg hunt on the farm for the grandkids, a nice ham, some kind of cheesy potatoes, crepes for breakfast (RECIPE HERE!) and of course desserts...

Here's a super easy fun Easter centerpiece, Lacey's "KIT KAT CAKE" done with pastel M&M's and ... wait on it... Kit Kats!   This is so simple... Bake a 6 or 8" cake, any flavor.

Layer cake together with frosting of your choice. If you don't choose chocolate, I will make fun of you. Nicely. Of course. :) Trim top with large serrated knife so it's level. Frost top and sides. Press Kit Kats against frosting. Tie with ribbon.

Set top bunny in place, sprinkle M&M's around.... Done! Remove bunny and ribbon to serve.

Now here's a favorite that Beth Jamison (my editor daughter) does for us:

Jello Eggs are fun in a deviled egg container... Or piled in a bowl!

And the kids love them! Most popular part of Easter for the littles and the mediums!

Then there's this idea. Easter Cookie Cake done with chocolate chip cookie dough... laced with pastel M&M's:

First I draw a circle (using a dinner plate) on parchment paper. Flip paper. Press cookie dough of your choice onto paper to fill in circle about 1/2" thick. (Cookie will "spread" a little as it bakes. To help prevent this I use a folded piece of aluminum foil to form "sides" and help keep it in place.)

I bake it at 325 so it takes a little while.

Then you can frost or decorate anyway you want! I couldn't find the Easter Cookie picture, but here's a Christina birthday cookie cake pic:

This was all done with drop tips... nothing fancy!

And here's a project we did a couple of years ago and I meant to do it this Lent... but we had so many sick people this year!

But it's a beautiful centerpiece to make with kids, or just for yourself.

The base of a 10 or 12: flower pot.... potting soil. Sprinkled with grass seed. You use a small plastic cup to form the cave. A handful or two of pepples... and the crosses we made with twigs and twine. So simple. So poignant. So thought-provoking.

We did this as a lesson with 5 year olds and we watered every other day. It took about four weeks to get the grass grown enough, and then I just trimmed it even with scissors.

Such a great reminder of the true reason of the season!

I'm praying for a beautiful Easter for all of you. God bless you. May He keep you and yours safe and sound and may you be blessed in so many ways. And may the strength and grace of the risen Lord be with you now... and always.

Multi-published, award-winning author Ruth Logan Herne loves, loves, loves Easter... and she hopes you do, to! Come visit her on facebook or follow her on Twitter... or just have fun and buy her great books, starting with this beautiful re-release of her award-winning "Refuge of the Heart"

God bless you!


  1. Ruthy your cookie cake reminded me I haven't had time to make roll out Easter cookies! Easter is less commercialzed then a lot of other holidays, but I could go for less candy. I'm the aunt that always put quarters in the eggs I filled. It has been a long time since I have seen egg jello! Happy Easter Ruthy!!

  2. Katie, so good to see you! I love those Jello eggs. SO GOOD!!! I am a candy monster, I will admit... But how fun to roll out those Easter cookies! Pastel frostings abound! Have a blessed Easter, lovely Katie!

  3. Ah, the key to success with a cookie cake is the lower temp! Who knew? Ruthy, that's who! And your 'nothing fancy' decorating is fancy schmancy in my books! do you make the Jello eggs? Am I totally dense? All I can think of is in those plastic eggs that break in half but how would you fill them up? And get them out?

    Absolutely love that centerpiece. If I was still working in my school library I would do that with a class or two.

    Happy Easter, Ruthy!

    1. Here's the link to how to do it, but it's easy peasy... 1.5 cups boiling water.... 2 3 oz. packages Jello. Stir until dissolved thoroughly and pour from measuring cup into lightly oiled (I use cooking spray) egg molds! Perfect!!!!

  4. I used to have a special mold to make those jello eggs. I wonder if it's still around? Oh, the downside of moving! It might be in a box somewhere, or I might have passed it on to someone else.

    It's too late to do the empty tomb planting for my Sunday School class this year...but I need to stick a reminder in my calendar to do it next year. My 4's and 5's would love it!

    I'm making potatoes and rolls for Easter this year. We're having our dinner at Josh and Carrie's apartment, and everyone is bringing something for the dinner. (Katie is bringing dessert!) Knowing our crowd, will be light on green foods (i.e. vegetables), but it's Easter! We'll have fun celebrating!

    1. I'll try and remember to post about the empty tomb next February because it's so easy and most of us have the stuff hanging around.

      I am on my way to pick up TUB #4.

      Yes, tub #3 came cracked....

      Three tubs.

      Three breaks.

      Oh mylanta!

      So I'm hoping this one is fine!!!!

      I'm praying it's fine!

  5. Normally I'm 100% food-focused. But that centerpiece is really kind of touching. I, too, need to put it on my calendar to try it next year. Cool. Happy Easter, everyone.

    1. Jenna, so nice of you to stop in! Hey! And that centerpiece was such a topic of conversation... and so easy. I had to make sure we didn't break all the pot plates/saucers the summer before! We bought a few extras the summer before, just in case!

  6. Thanks for the post, Ruthy! These are fun ideas. I'm sooooo sorry about your tub problems! Maybe you need to get one of those cast iron claw foot ones. Hugs, sweet friend, and Happy Easter!