Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tender, Sweet, Fluffy Doughnuts

I claim no credit for this.

I must write that disclaimer because my first two attempts at fried cakes (doughnuts) last week were dismal.

The outside was too crunchy.... The inside was too dense. And they just weren't anything you'd jump up and down and say "Mommy, please??? Please can we go to Blodgett's Farm and get doughnuts and see the kitties and chickens? PLEASE????"

That's the reaction I wanted. That's what you need/seek when you want folks to come back again and again.

And there are tricks to every trade. In baking, the slightest variation changes the dough conditioning and then the final product.

I wasn't sure what I was looking for, and I'm still testing ideas, but this one worked so well that the entire crew (the weekend crew, and that's a lot of folks!) gave it a thumbs up....

The recipe was on Mom's Raised Doughnuts

These came out great. Does it take a little work? Sure, I was a first-timer so each step takes a little longer...

And this week I'm going to test this one:

Crispy and Creamy Doughnuts

And we're going to do some with plain glaze (that's what we did last week), maple glaze (Cle Elum Maple Bars, anyone??? From my Double S Ranch books? You better believe the sign on those will mention those amazing cowboys in Central Washington!)

And maybe some crushed-nut-crusted, too?

No cooking here this week, except for a pot of red sauce and meatballs..... My go-to standby on busy weeks and while I'm juggling seed orders, buying wood for new fall displays, writing, editing, and little ones in and out.... plus a fun day in Cheektowaga with the RWA chapter there!!!.... cooking took a back burner.

But we're going to call this all research. Research into little goats and delicious confections. Research into drawing two careers into a third and not having it become the BERMUDA TRIANGLE!!!

Did anyone read James Michener's Hawaii? I loved Nyuk Tsin,  the Chinese laborer/mother/grandmother who built her own little dynasty for the sake of her family. She worked hard, learned hard, and applied lessons to everyday life.

Nyuk Tsin was my kind of woman.

I loved that book, I loved the depth of characters and the outside look at how English/European/Christian influences can alter the direction of a nation... But also what the resultant blend can be.

Laney has discovered her first favorite book. The gets it off the shelf and runs it to me when she comes in the door... "My Symphony" illustrated by Mary Engelbreit. SHE LOVES THIS BOOK. I don't know if it's all the pictures of the pretty little girls, or the flowers or the colors, but she loves it. We read it again and again and again.... and she never grows tired of it.

Kind of like me and Sleepless in Seattle. Or Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth).... I could watch them so many times and not even care.... Because they're faves!

I'm not sure how much cooking will go down this week, either, but Lacey's going to make some of her Christmas sliders for Football Sunday (playoffs!!!) so maybe we'll check them out next week... And who knows? There might just be another doughnut recipe in my back pocket!!!

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  1. Ruthy, those are gorgeous!! How did you get them so perfect?? I wish I could be a taste tester for you! :)

    What a sweet grand baby photo! I loved reading to my kids. Someday, I'll have grandkids to read to (I hope!).

    1. Missy, the new recipe is just the epitome of perfect.... They are SO GOOD. They will bring people back, and that's the goal!!! :) And Laney and that book are so funny. It's just amazing how at 15 months she has a favorite book... and it's a big book... and she grabs it off the shelf and comes to find me and when we're done she taps the cover and gives me an Oh-So-Serious look and says, "Den" (Again)

      How can we resist??????

    2. Ruthy, did you say you like the second recipe better? (The one you called Crispy and Creamy?)

  2. Those doughnuts...they're perfect.

    Do you deliver?

    I love Laney's favorite book. A reader in the making! I read to my Sunday School class every week. It's such a joy to see them discover Mike Mulligan, the Little House, Laura and her Little House in the Big Woods, etc. etc. Like Missy, I look forward reading them with grandchildren someday.

    Enjoy your spring planning! That's what winter days are made for.

    1. Oh, they are! And I can't wait to get my hands on a couple of power tools and start planning a new chicken coop.... It will be so much fun (if hitting your thumb with a hammer is fun!!!) The chickens are moving to the back of the farm yard this spring, and it's time to get serious about it... It should be interesting... catching them all. :) Some are very friendly. Some are less so.

  3. Replies
    1. Jewell, I thought the same thing about Ruthy!

    2. hahahaha! Yes! When most folks are relaxing and watching TV, I'm zonked and that way I can get up super early and get stuff done before kids and husband and phone, etc. start pulling my attention. Hey, Jewell, nice to see you here!!!! Thank you for coming over, and I saved a doughnut just for you!!! :)

  4. Now I'm craving donuts....but not enough to make them myself. I'm scared of anything involving copious amounts of hot oil. LOL

    I get the gardening bug around about this time. Everything is buried in snow but I'm planning raised garden beds for veggies and what annuals I should mix in around the perennials. Leafing through my gardening books brings such a thrill.

    1. I love gardening books. When I created yesterday's order, all I could see were happy faces of kids and parents and cornstalks and mums and pumpkins!!!!

      It's so much fun!!!!!

  5. Ruthy, I stand in awe of you. I'm too chicken to try doughnuts. However, I would be happy to offer my superior skills as a QC person.

    And I may be behind the curve here, but is Laney Magdalena/Lena? Or am I behind on babies? I know how cold those upstate winters can be, so maybe I missed something.

  6. Your donuts look SO good I can almost taste them. I made (no, I *tried* to make) donuts once. They were heavy and not nearly as nice as Tim Hortons' -- they didn't even look pretty -- so I never tried again. That shows up my lack of perseverance, doesn't it? LOL.

  7. My favorite donuts are the apple cider ones from our local farm market. Yours remind me of KrispyKreme and they sure are a hit. Glad they worked out.

    The only ones I've ever made were baked cinnamon sugar. They were delicious.