Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Tale of Two Daughters - and some lentils

I've been trying to eat more fresh foods, mostly plant-based, for a couple of reasons related to health and optimal weight. So last night I made a delicious recipe I'll share below.

I messaged a photo to one daughter and she said - Oh, that looks delicious.

I sent it to the other one and she said, "I can't say it photographs well." So I sent another photo and got back, "Still not my kind of meal. I had chicken."

I raised them both!

The one who ate chicken - she lived on blueberries and green peppers during one childhood stage. She's now the carnivore. She was bragging about the chili she made the other night that was beef, beans, and cheese. 3 proteins  - nothing extra - and she loved it.

The other one became a vegan in college. Her food is healthy and wholesome, but so low in calories that it can't put weight on a bird.

Did I mention I raised them both?

On to the recipe -

Last time I was in Whole Foods I noticed something new to me - black lentils. They're called the 'caviar of lentils' probably more for their color than anything else.  It certainly wasn't price - the whole bag was just $2.99.

I looked over some recipes, but then I had an idea -

I baked a sweet potato.

I cooked the lentils separately (boil for 20 minutes)

I roasted and shredded a beet.

Then I layered - the way all the finest restaurants do, right?

A squeeze of fresh orange over the top was the perfect moisture and unifying flavor. Oh, and I added some strips of Swiss Chard.

So tell me about your families. Do the family members share the same taste in foods?


  1. I am clearly meant to be besties with chicken/carnivore daughter. I love meat. I love layering it with all kinds of things, but the meat is right there, riding shotgun!!!

    I can't imagine being vegan.... it's too limiting.

    I can see being vegetarian for whatever reason... But there's room for all of us, and don't you love how different our kids are? I see similarities between some of my six, but they all shine in their own way and quite differently. I think that's such a cool thing!

    Cate, thank you for this!!!

    1. Meat and I have never been friends - much to my dismay. :(

      But I do like lentils, so this was good!

  2. Looks yummy! I love a vegetarian meal on occasion. I'll have to try this. Thanks, Mary Cate!

    1. I find myself trying vegetarian/vegan more and more. The meals can be very refreshing.

      Thanks, Missy.