Friday, September 9, 2016

A Most Interesting (and Delicious!) Pizza

Missy Tippens

Last week, we needed to take something to my college daughter. While there, we took her to lunch. We love this restaurant, and I've mentioned it before when I shared a favorite salad. Today, I had to share the most unusual pizza I think I've ever had, and probably the best tasting, too. The restaurant is Slice & Pint. This amazing pie isn't on the regular menu on their website, so I'll try to do my best to remember all the ingredients.

Homemade crust
Sliced fresh strawberries
bacon (thick chunks like pork belly)
house-made fresh mozzarella
A drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar
herb (I can't remember for sure but I think it was basil)

It was so pretty, even my daughter took a photo (she who always makes fun of me for photographing my food for the blog!) :)

Next time you decide to make pizza at home, give these ingredients a try! And the next time I eat there, I plan to try the Southern Pie. Toppings include: fried green tomatoes, sorghum pork belly bits, and "Grandma's pimento cheese -- y'all." (quote off the website). :)

And while I have your attention, maybe you can tell me what this large bush in my new yard is called. I love it! And so do the butterflies and hummingbirds.


  1. Missy, I don't recognize that bush/perennial but it's gorgeous and what a space filler... and it draws favorite-status winged creatures!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!

    Oh mylanta, this pizza looks like wood-fired pizza up here, but I've never had a strawberry/bacon variety, although I love spinach, strawberry and bacon salad... so why wouldn't this be amazing, right???

    What a fun idea! And if you've got lots of delicious, chewy dough, then you can put most anything on top (except salty fish!!!) and I'm happy.

    The dough/crust is the groundwork I love!!!!

  2. Ruthy, I'm the same with spinach and strawberry salads. I hadn't thought of that! So it makes perfect sense on the pizza. :)

  3. Strawberries as a pizza topping?????? And people think my penchant for pineapples on pizza is odd. I must try this.

    I don't have a clue about your bush but it sure is pretty! And I like the feather leaves. Probably won't grow up here in these northern climes.

  4. Kav, my daughter loves a pizza with pineapple and ham. :)

    Well, I thought for sure you gardeners would know what that plant is! :) I'll do a little online research.

  5. Hi Missy.

    I think the plant is called British Ruellia

    Look at this image and see if you think it's right. It was a little hard to be sure without a closer view of the actual flower, but the leaves look right too.

    You've got me craving pizza for dinner.I visited their website and had a hard time getting past the S'Mores pizza! Yum. :)

    1. British Ruellia looks exactly like it! Thank you! At first I thought you had linked to my same photo. LOL

      Yeah, that S'mores looked yummy!

    2. Apparently it's also called Mexican petunia. I thought it looked like a petunia flower!

  6. I'm glad you were able to identify that plant. It's beautiful! So I looked it up - apparently it's hardy in zones 7-11. Yeah. We're in zone 4/5 (depending on your elevation). I usually don't try to plant anything that's even a zone 5 because of those occasional blasts from the North Pole!

    But I wonder how this would do as a house plant? Probably way too big!

    Count me in on those pizza cravings. The pictures look delicious. :)

    1. Jan, yes, it would be way too big for inside. :) Would probably fill a small bathroom. LOL

  7. Oh, that pizza looks fabulous. I don't quite understand the strawberries and spinach fad, but I could always pick that off, hahahaha!

    1. Mary Virginia, then you'd be left with a bacon and cheese pizza with a balsamic drizzle. Not a bad thing at all. ;)