Thursday, August 28, 2014

Roasted Butternut Squash (Harvest Spectacular at Ruthy's Place!!!)

Oh be still my heart when the time draws near of all the butternut squash I want to eat to my heart's content!

Enter farm full of veggies, stage right!

Enter, sharp paring knife for peeling....

And yon oven, through what does shine? 'Tis the flame of roasting time!

Good morning, peeps, I can tell it's almost September because the tomatoes are begging to be canned and sold, the acorn squash has taken on a deep gold underbelly and my favorite of all favorites....


Is ripening!

Oh, Hallelujah Chorus up here!!!!!

So this is easy peasy and so delish that it can be used for a meal, a side dish, an appetizer or a snack:

Peel a couple of butternut squash. Cut in half and scoop out the seeds. (My chickens think they died and went to chicken heaven when I toss these seeds into their pens!)

Slice the squash into wedges:

Peel the squash if you didn't already do it when I mentioned it above and sure, I could just go back and change the direction.... But it's more fun this way!

Cut squash into cubes, slices, about 1/2" thick.

Put in bowl. Drizzle with about 1-2 Tablespoons olive oil.

Toss. Pour squash onto cookie sheet or roasting pan. Salt the squash liberally. (Think "potato chip" liberal)

Roast in 450 degree oven (hot oven!) for about 20-30 minutes. Turn once if you want to, but it's fine if you don't.

Now you're wondering what it looks like, aren't you?


I can't believe I'm saying that, that I forgot to take a finished picture.


What kind of an internet hostess am I??????

I made a carrot cake on Sunday and ate 2/3 of it.


I'm ridiculously hungry this week.

But since I didn't snap that picture, let me show you this one!!!!


This is how I'm celebrating Labor Day Weekend! With some peace and quiet while staring at this adorable cover that I love, love, love!!!!! Max and Tina's Excellent Christmas Adventure will be here in December, and what a fun thing that will be!

Happy dancing in upstate!

So to celebrate this, I think we should have a neighborhood end-of summer party here in the cafe! I've got chicken wing pizza for everyone..... Let me know what you'd like to bring to the party and we'll get a menu going!

Happy Labor Day weekend to all of us who labor.... May God bless us, everyone! And here are a few local pics to make you smile as summer draws to an end....

From "Cousin Palooza" a fun pic of giant (and youngest) son Luke (NYC Finance Boy) holding Elijah.... When 'Lijah goes to visit his NYC uncles, he thinks the entire seaport, helicopters, boats, planes are THEIRS.....

And adorable two-year-old granddaughter "Annie"....

She's stinkin' adorable, speaks in complete and very long sentences, loves to talk, tells stories and is sweet and bossy....


And this came to me from my West Coast buddy Keli Gwyn, and I died laughing!!! PERFECT, KELI!!!!


And then there's this when I was walking into the house the other day.... An "aww..." moment.....

Kittens and tomatoes for sale! $1.00/basket!!!!  How stinkin' cute is that???? (notice she didn't go to sleep in the portable roaster oven behind her.... Mmm.... Roasted squash and kitty!!!!!! )






  1. Do another one so I'll know what it looks like when it's done!

    1. Will do when it cools off! I can't believe I forgot that picture, but imagine roasted dark, caramel-colored deliciousness, Susanna! So good!!!

  2. I love Butternut squash, anyway and anyhow. Especially soup!

    1. My reply got eaten. BAD BLOGGER!!! FOR SHAME! I concur, Radcliffe! It's awesome stuff, and it's great warmed up the next day, too. I haven't tried the soup yet, but maybe this year????

  3. I bought butternut nut squash and a pie pumpkin because of you. Love it roasted. Going to buy more this weekend. And the best thing is the sugary taste is natural. I salt it but also add cinnamon and nutmeg.

    Our tomatoes were so poor down here this year because of the weather. I'm jealous you have enough to can.

    1. Julie, ours suffered too. We had nearly 700 plants, so some ripened. Most drowned. :( But growing for the roadside isn't for the faint of heart, so we mustered on. (and by WE, I mean Dave and Seth) I did make a few signs, a website and a facebook page. I love working in the garden, but lack of time says the boys are shouldering this one!

    2. Yes, the water did us in. Crazy weather. But such is the life of farmers and gardeners everywhere.

  4. We rarely eat squash of any kind because (a.) my hubby doesn't care for its texture, (b.) neither his parents nor mine ever cooked it, and (c.) ... ummm... I really don't have a good reason. (We all enjoy pumpkin; does that count?) You make it sound so tasty, though. If it looks as good as it sounds, I might have to try it... but of course there's no picture, so I can't tell. Ha!!!

    1. It is to die for. I'm not exaggerating, I wouldn't have thunk it Carol, but on my word, roasted squash is better than potato chips.

      And the big, Kosher style salt or sea salt is PERFECT with it!!!

  5. We love a recipe I prepare often....make big patty of hamburger meat (turkey or whatever), put in tinfoil, place carrots, slices of potatoes, slices of zucchini, onion all over it and cook in oven an hour or more on 425! I am thinking the butternut squash would be a good addition!! My Mom always called it "hobos".

    1. Jackie Smith I love that you stopped by the cafe, my friend!!!!

      Well, that sounds amazing and easy and like something Ol' Dave would eat and not scowl at.....

      I am going to try that, it's similar to a campfire meal we made on our one and only camping trip because camping with six kids was way too much work for me.... I realized right quick that extra work wasn't on my short list! But the meal was so good!!!

  6. I LOVE roasted butternut! Only I'm too lazy to peel it. I cut it in half, take out the seeds, lay it on a cookie sheet, either drizzle with oil and salt and pepper or... put in several pats of butter and sprinkle on brown sugar. Then roast it. Once done, I scrape it out of the peel (or just eat it out of the peel). You should try this! :)

    1. Missy, I saw that in someone's recipe from last year, and that's a great idea. I liked peeling it for the kids because then it's like a finger food appetizer and more of each "piece" gets carmelized. But thank you for that tip, dear friend!

  7. Love the family photos!! Such cutie grandkids and kids. :)

    1. I love family stuff. Just love it. And kids + romance + dogs + farm stuff???? Great story fodder.... and of course, in fiction, I can make everyone happy, LOL! :)