Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pizza, Pizza!

What to have for lunch? Since hubby and I both work from home, that seems to be a daily dilemma around our house. Of course, we're much easier to please than those two teenage boys who seem to drift in and out. Many times we eat leftovers, which can be okay or OKAY!

This was one of those OKAY! days. 

The family came over Sunday and we did pizzas on the grill. (you can find that recipe here) Which meant we had all kinds of toppings left over.

Turkey sweet Italian sausage, bell pepper, onion, ham, mushrooms, mozzarella...
You get the idea.

Now hubs and I have both been doing Trim Healthy Mama since early April. I've lost 27 pounds and he's lost over 20. So we don't want to undo even an ounce of that weight loss by splurging on pizza.

(Insert Superman music here)

Trim Healthy Mama tactics to the rescue.

For us, the crust is what will throw the meal out of whack. All those carbs...(shakes head).

Here's our happy (and tasty) alternative.

You've heard me tout the Joseph's Pita bread before. Low in carbs, full of flavor, protein and omega-3s.
I get mine at my local Walmart, in front of the deli counter.

So you start with your naked pita. Sorry, no pix of this. We don't do nudity here at the cafe.

Oops, wait a minute. I skipped a step.

The first thing you do is preheat your oven (or grill). I programmed my convection oven to 400 degrees, and then it made the adjustment to 375. If you don't have a convection, you could go either way, 375-400. You're not cooking anything, just melting. And crisping.

The best part of these pizzas is building your own. Making it just how you like it. 
I did a layer of sauce with little bit of the turkey sausage, some ham, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and, of course, cheese. This was actually a blend of cheeses I grated for the gang. Some whole milk mozzarella, part skim mozzarella and some Parmesan. Perfecto!

Now put the assembled pizza into your heated oven for 8 minutes, then check to see if it's done. 
These actually went for 11 minutes, but you'll want to monitor yours to make sure it's cooked just how you like it.

A no-fuss, low-carb, completely delicious and satisfying meal.

And did I mention the crispy crust?
Just the way I like it.

So, do we have any writers in the house?

How's your writing coming along these days? Ruthy, you're not allowed to answer because you will likely outshine us all and we don't want to hang our heads in shame. However, we would love to hear what you're working on this week. :-)

I'm working toward a November 1st deadline, hoping to have a good chunk pumped out before ACFW Conference in September.

Which reminds me... Who's going to ACFW? 

Jan, I know you'll be there. Tina, too.
Anyone else?

I love conferences. So much neck-huggin'. One can't help but feel the love.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! You're so stinkin' cute, I love it, so I won't tell you EVERYTHING I'm working on, because there's still that SECRET I mentioned in Seekerville last week, and I think it doesn't have to be a SECRET much longer, but I do believe I'm still under the (ducks head, glances left... glances right....) cloak of concealment...... But I finished my LI spring book, the first book of the new contract I signed four weeks ago, and that finishes Kirkwood Lake... and now on to a fun wedding industry trilogy!!!! #funwithruthy !!!! :)

    And my Barbour novella edits are done and in, just finishing up my "All Dressed Up in Love" revisions, and it's just stinkin' charming. And it's mostly charming because Becky Monds, my Zondervan editor, had a couple of great ideas and I should have thought of them myself, because they're so perfect for this little book!!! So I'm fixing it.

    Love the quick pizza idea. There was no lunch or supper yesterday, but there was coffee... and then a late salad once I hit "send" on that book! If it had been earlier, I'd have celebrated with ice cream, but it wasn't earlier.

    27 pounds is AWESOME. I don't care if I never get thin, but I'm of the age where we know that extra weight puts stress on our joints and organs. I'm so stinkin' proud of youse guys, Mindo!!!!!

    1. No lunch or dinner? Ruthy, don't tell me you're starving those poor little kids. Surely you didn't give them coffee. Oh, I can just imagine the chaos that would ensue.

      Girl, you have so many irons in the fire. I don't know how you keep them straight. But you do stay on task.

      Now about that coffee... You heard what DiAnn said yesterday in Seekerville. Water is our friend. And while there is water in coffee, THAT DOESN'T COUNT. Just think how grateful you skin will be, especially in the winter, for all that water.

    2. Oh, man, I kind of laughed at sweet DiAnn.... I'm not a water drinker, and yes, I get scolded all the time, but honestly.... coffee and snapple are almost all water. I keep telling my skin that, LOL!!!! :)

      I do stay on task, I measure out what I can do by counting words/day and days in the month. Remember with me, it's always about the numbers even if the story is always about the warmth and emotion I long to stir in hearts and souls.

      My affinity for numbers helps me to realize that my two CPA children, and 4 Econ majors in undergrad, must have a little of me in them because I can understand numbers.... They're either right. Or wrong. I love that about math!!!!!

  2. Now this is just an awesome idea because you can use leftover taco stuff. Great idea!

    1. Ooo, I hadn't thought about that. Kind of a soft tostada. YUM!

  3. WAIT! I just realized. This is AMAZON release day for RESCUING THE TEXAN'S HEART. Happy Release DAY!!!

    1. Tina, that means it also Amazon release day for STRANDED WITH THE RANCHER. So happy release day to you, too!!! :-D

  4. YUM! I've been avoiding pizza but hadn't thought to make a crust out of a Joseph's tortilla or pita! Thanks for the idea, Mindy!

    1. Yes, we can have our pizza and eat it, too, Missy. Makes life just a little sweeter. :)

  5. Oh, this is Happy Release Day!!!!!! I forgot too, I had them both on pre-order!!!! The good thing about pre-order is that Harlequin LOVES IT!!!! The bad thing is I forget important dates like this one!!!! So proud to play in the same sandbox with both o' youse!!!!

  6. I think an internet ghost keeps deleting my posts...not just here but on a couple other forums! sigh...and such wonderful masterpieces I write..

    actually just said congrats on the weight loss and how I keep forgetting how good these little pizzas are - haven't tried this brand yet but have used other stuff before. one time I was using up some leftover spaghetti sauce and didn't have high hopes for the pizza but it was actually one of the best I'd ever made LOL!

    1. Happy accidents, Susanna. It's how some of the best things in life came into being. :)

      Boo on Blogger for eating your comments. :(

  7. I love pizza with the Joseph's pitas! One of my favorite lunches, too, Mindy!

    Yes on the writing - book two of the Amish historical trilogy for Revell.

    And yes to St. Louis! I'll see you there :)

    BTW - I'm late to the party because blogger still hates it when I use Google Chrome. It will only let me comment when I use Mozilla Firefox. But I can't see the pictures with Firefox.... So I read the posts on Chrome, but then have to go to Firefox to comment. Grrrrrrr!