Friday, December 27, 2013

Quick Chicken (or Leftover Turkey?) and Dumplings

Missy, here. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas! I recently came up with a very quick version of chicken and dumplings and thought this would be a good time to share it in case you'd like to just use leftover turkey instead of chicken.

Quick and Easy Chicken And Dumplings
Missy Tippens


3-4 Chicken breasts or a whole chicken (If you want to make this asap, pick the meat off a rotisserie chicken and use a box of chicken broth plus several cups of water).
1/2 bag Frozen biscuits

Yes, that's it for ingredients! 

First, these are the BEST frozen biscuits! I love the tea size, which is what I used in this recipe.

I used frozen biscuits because I cooks several chicken breasts and then realized I didn't have any Bisquick or frozen dumplings! So I thought I'd give it a try using frozen biscuit dough.

Cook your chicken in a big pot of water (enough that you can cook the dumplings once chicken is done). Don't boil it or it'll become tough. Keep it simmering on medium-low until done (about a half an hour).

While chicken is cooking, place half a bag (about 12 small) biscuits on a cutting board to thaw slightly (enough that you can cut them). I cut the tea biscuits in quarters.

Remove the chicken to a plate to cool. Then shred or chop

Keep broth simmering and add the pieces of biscuits a couple at a time. At first, they'll sink.

Then when they start to cook, they'll start floating to the top. DO NOT STIR! Resist the urge to stir or they'll tear to pieces and you'll have a cloudy pot of goo. If you must make sure none are sticking to the bottom (like I had to do), then gently stick in a spoon and give it a brief, gentle stir.

Cover and let simmer about 10 minutes. Longer if you're using bigger biscuits.

Before serving, add the shredded chicken in to reheat (again, gently so you don't destroy your dumplings). Spoon into bowls and serve. Add salt and pepper to taste. This turned out surprisingly well! I don't think that I'll make dumplings from scratch or from a baking mix again.



  1. Missy, this sounds like a fun recipe! We've taken to eating Chicken soup with no noodles/pasta/dumplings to keep the carbs at bay, but this sounds fun! I've never used those little fellows. But I love dumplings!

    We did turkey biscuit "pie" last night.... Only I used Bisquick to top the hot pot of gravy and turkey and baked it. Gravy and/broth and biscuits is a marvelous thing! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Tasty!
    Now about those frozen biscuits.... I bought two bags of frozen rolls and thought I'd throw them in the oven before Christmas dinner because I didn't have time to make them from scratch with all the other dishes claiming counter space and time.
    Well, I check the instructions about an hour before the meal was ready to e served and it was something about 3.5 hours prep time! Rising and what not, I guess. I was gypped! I thought these would be easy and you just throw them in the oven! Isn't that was pre-packaged food is for??
    So, yes, frozen biscuits look awesome here because you can just add them in! None of that 3 hour business.
    That's my Christmas meal rant. :P

    1. Virginia, I've had those before! That yeast has to rise. They turn out good not need to make it clear on the FRONT of the package that they take forever. I'm sorry that happened! Did you eat sliced bread? :)

    2. my aunt had some of those...and I agree with Missy they should say in big words on the front and back both that they need to be thawed for 3 hours..they taste good though!
      love mary b's biscuits- I have the 'thin' ones since I figured those would save me a few calores LOL didn't work!


  3. This does scare me a bit. Afraid of dumplings. Yes. I am. But it sure looks yummy!!

  4. Yeah, Tina, they're scary addictive. :)

  5. By the way, I left them to cool a while before storing and FORGOT them! Found them the next morning and was so mad. Hated to throw that whole pot away.

  6. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that Missy. But I think it was very cool to use frozen biscuits this way. Dumplings rock!

    1. They turned out surprisingly well, Piper. I hope you try it sometime!

  7. I have quarts of turkey broth in the freezer just waiting for a recipe like this! Thanks, Missy :)

    But I'm so sorry you won't have leftovers! I hate it when I forget to store things right - but you were right to throw it out. Chicken broth sitting on the counter? You were growing your own universe of organisms - and all bad guys!

  8. Jan, you're right. I don't mess around with chicken! :)

  9. I miss my mom's chicken and dumplings - esp the from scratch ones (she cheated for a little while with the canned stuff (even the canned chicken which I hate) my dad finally talked her into going back to the 'middle ground' instead of cooking the unused parts of the whole chicken to make broth or the breast cuts with bone she compromised and used boneless skinless chicken breasts). I'm gonna try this with the biscuits I have - mary b's think biscuits. haven't seen the tea ones yet. these are some good biscuits.