Saturday, December 1, 2012

Simply Saturday Cranberry Orange Bread Using Tastefully Simple Wheat Bread Mix

Ruthy here.... and yes, you must gaze upon the cover of my Christmas book that's in stores and on Amazon right now, because I just love, love, love this book...

The hero.... (yes, this is commercialism to the max, right????)  Troubled. Tortured. But so good, so kind, such a wonderful man!!!

And a heroine, going the distance, longing for love that's eluded her for nearly three decades...

(FYI: Walmart has all of the December Love Inspireds on sale at 3/$9.99  AND THEY ORDERED A BUNCH EXTRA FOR THE SALE!!!! How stinkin' fun is that?????)

Oh, and today is our 39th anniversary...  I was a ten-year-old December bride... Shame on you, Dave!!!  Oh, wait... that would make him ten years old, too!!!  :)  Anyway, our treat for this anniversary is to go watch one of our young charges from Ruthy's Place perform in "Sister's Christmas Catechism" at Geva Theater's "Next Stage" this Wednesday... I love seeing my little guys and gals spread their wings... Cole and the rest of the kids who make up the children's "choir" are working with Broadway actress Colleen Moore....

What a nice thing to put on a nine-year-old's resume!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program!!!  :)

First, this bread is amazing.

Second, it's ridiculously easy.

Third, that fact just makes me smile!!!!

Here's what you need:

One box Tastefully Simple Wheat Beer Bread Mix

1 12 oz. can cranberry soda (I used cranberry ginger ale, just delicious!)

1/2 cup cranberry orange relish.

Mix by hand.

Spoon into greased 9" x 5" loaf pan.

Bake at 375 degrees for about 40-50 minutes until golden and sides just come away from sides of pan. Okay, I ask you, can you get any easier than that????  I submit that you cannot!

Okay, how pretty is this loaf???? Bits of red, peeking through???? But will it taste good?

Here's Beth slicing the bread... She's cute, right?

Did you notice in Missy's pictures yesterday, her kitchen table in the background is like sparkling clean????


Note the difference here.

Sigh.... ;)

DELICIOUS! Yes, party-worthy. But also, just plain worthy. The bits of wheat give crunch... the cranberry orange gives taste and texture (two huge things with me for bread...) and the flavor of the cranberry soda background is just enough to lightly sweeten the wheat bread. Truly a perfect balance and it took all of like THREE MINUTES.

Now that's a Simple Saturday, LOL!


  1. I DID notice that! I was loving the pics of the clean, clear water against the white on white background. WOW. Dreamy!

    Yum. I'm a fan of cranberries. And I'd get to drink the other half of the cranberry ginger ale soda. Which I'm fairly sure is not available out here. But in case I ever see it... I'll know what to do with half a can!

    1. You drink nothing, chickie! It needs the full twelve ounces.... but buy a twelve-pack and you can drink ELEVEN of them!!!! And it was so stinkin' delicious. Kids ate it... Parents loved it!!! I am popular once again!!!!


  2. So glad you cant see my kitchen table (or any table for that matter) the kitchen one isn't clean! infact to cook I need to clean stuff away.
    thinking of doing some fudge or gingerbread or sugar cookies.

    I am so excited I will be getting Ruthy's christmas book. (now back to my tree)

    1. Yay, JENNY!!!!!!! :)

      Happy dancing for you in upstate New York, chickie!!!!!

      And yeah, I hear ya' about the clean table. I had to wipe finger paints, boogers, toast crumbs and possibly a small child off of mine first.

      Reality, 101!

    2. mine has a jigsaw, papers, groceries, rubbish, and many other things. but I do want to do some cookies soon. only 24 days to go but then I need them before that.

      Yes really excited about the books.

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the Tastefully Simple Beer Bread!! This would be amazing with it. Where do you get the relish?? I think I've gotten it from Harry & David's before, but do you have to get that fancy? Can you find it at the grocery?

    BTW, you wouldn't believe how many times I have to re-shoot photos because I find crumbs or scratches or stains on my counter tops!! LOL So don't let that photo yesterday fool you. :)

    1. Missy, I make mine. It's simply grinding fresh cranberries and oranges together and then adding sugar....

      But you can buy it at the grocery, too.

    2. glad I'm not the only one who wondered where to get the relish! and i was right - she DOES make it herself which subtracts easy pts from this recipe!!
      gonna be a happy camper when I click on my kindle today - but cant' touch it yet since I need to finish eating and kick booty on a quilt top _ I want to finish as much as I can this weekend - which means until I run out of the light background fabric and have to wait for the order to arrive- hopefully I'll get it finished with what I have...

      I'm assuming the bread mix is from one of those pampered chef type companies? or is it grocery store stuff?


    3. Susanna I love that you quilt! That's so stinkin' cool!!!! And yes, this is from "Tastefully Simple" but I bet the bread mixes that mix with soda and/or beer from other companies would work, too. Kohl's Department store has a line now... my favorite apple farm is carrying a line now... they're kind of EVERYWHERE!!!! How fun and easy is that?

  4. BTW, you can also see the stacks of mail and bills in the background on the table! And usually also dog dishes. And sometimes piles of dirty laundry! (the laundry room is to the left of the table).

  5. Ps I forgot to say Happy anniversary how could I have forgotten to say that.

    1. Jenny, thank you! I'm spending the day writing, cleaning, decorating and we have a nice man coming to look at our house and tell us if we have a spot to put a family room...

      We'll see. If he figures out a way to do this so my huge family can find separate corners on holidays and vacations, I'm totally in favor of it, LOL!

      Bless you!

  6. Happy Anniversary, Ruthy and Dave!!!

    Thirty-nine years? I think you guys were born married.

    The cranberry bread looks yummy.

    I'll be looking for cranberry soda at the grocery store this morning.

    My day is filled with helping a friend move this morning, and then going to the Symphony Christmas concert this afternoon. Their 2nd chair bass player is FABULOUS. I should know. I get to hear her practicing all the time...

    Have a good day, everyone!

    1. Thank you, Jan! :) Born married.

      If only it were so!!!!

      Anti-wrinkle cream... be thou my friend!

    2. Oh, and have fun at the concert, chickie! I love it when I know the peeps on the inside!

    3. The concert was great - all the wonderful Christmas music and carols. The Children's Chorus sang - I had never heard of them before (not having children that age), but their voices were wonderful, sweet, and soared above the orchestra without competing with it.

      A beautiful start to the Christmas season!

  7. I, too, forgot to say Happy Anniversary!!! Wow, a child bride!

    Jan, enjoy the concert!! I'm sure that bass player is the BEST!

  8. I won't forget... I'll say it first: "Happy, Happy, Anniversary to you and your hubby!"

    This sounds like a wonderful loaf to add to my favourite Christmas recipes. Easy, pretty and delicious are what my Christmas baking is all about!

    Our church's annual Christmas turkey dinner is this evening. A fine way to kick off the Advent season. Have a great weekend, Ruthy!

  9. Carol, we're kicking off with a Lessons and Carols service tomorrow. I always love this service!

  10. I missed the anniversary sentence!! I was so taken with that smiling nun in full habit. :D Or maybe it was the giant apple.

    39 years. Wow. That's longer than I've been alive. And I'm practically ancient.

    And it's all been great fun, right??? Because nobody would stick it out if it wasn't.

    Honestly, I have friends who've been married 27 years and every year on their anniversary I bring them an ice cream cake and BOW DOWN to their awesomeness.

    They get along great, but 27 years of anything is a big deal. Love long marriages and the people that make them happen! What a point of pride in the family, a legacy for sure!

    I never cry at weddings, but I would cry at a 39th anniversary party because that's just beautiful.

    1. Oh, dagnabbit. You got me all ver klempt....

      And yes, of course it's all been fun!!!!



      But we got through those times... and then we fell in love again.... and got through 'em again.... and then fell in love again....


      I think that's pretty much how it goes! Bless you!

  11. oops happy anniversary - shouldn't stick important info like that in with pics of food!

  12. Happy anniversary, Ruthy!!!

    Love the mix of cranberry and orange but I've never heard of cranberry soda. I'm sure we don't have that up here. Do you think I could make my own by mixing cranberry with ginger ale? Dashing to lock up the library so I can go home. Wooohoooo!

    1. Kav, sure, why not? I'd do a fifty-fifty blend, ginger ale and cranberry juice.... so 6 oz. each.

      But this soda... oh my stars, it's so stinkin' good. And there's a Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash that would work, too. It's like a party in a can.

      So wonderful!

  13. Happy Anniversary!

    Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Melissa!!!! Thank you, lovely lady! You're welcome!!!