Saturday, December 8, 2012

Simply Saturday "Brinner" Winner!

This is a favorite in our house. 

My kids love/loved it.

My little buds in daycare love it.

The amazingly simple and delicious BREAKFAST SANDWICH!!!


Typical breakfast fare

Eggs fried or scrambled
Cheese (American, Swiss, Cheddar, etc.)

(Mushrooms, peppers, onions, etc. can be added, but I don't want an omelette when I make a breakfast sandwich... I'm looking for an outstanding array of culinary EASINESS that tastes awesome together.)

Cook bacon
Scramble or fry eggs.
Toast or broil bagel, biscuit or English Muffin
(Chewy, fresh bagels win the toss here... but they make HUGE sandwiches, like 1 1/2 egg per sandwich....

But that chewiness... Oy, that's the ticket!

Lightly butter bagel/muffin/biscuit while warm. Add the egg and meat. Put top on.


We like scrambled eggs with our breakfast sandwiches, and there's always a crowd so I crack 12-14 eggs into a bowl.... I whisk them really well (free upper arm work-out, YAY!!!!) then I cook them in a preheated BIG skillet.....

When they're almost done, I flatten them against the bottom of the pan and let them cook for another minute or so over medium heat. Then I cut the big, round circle of scrambled egg into 7 pieces, 2/3/2

Then I put cheese on top of each piece. Turn off heat. Cover. This will melt the cheese without overcooking the eggs.

Now you're ready to remove each "sandwich-sized egg" and put it on its bagel-ly resting place.

All told, it's about a 15 minute meal (and that's if you're pan grilling the bacon. In the microwave? You can take 5 minutes off that estimate!

A great Saturday night "pick-up" supper!


  1. YUM wish I had one of those right now! :-)

  2. But how do your kids eat it with their dentures?? ;)

    dang it. Now I want a breakfast bagel. although I'm not fond of eggs so I'd probably have a cream cheese/lox/caper bagel.

    As long as I'm dreaming, I can dream BIG.

  3. well so long as we're dreaming I want my bagel toasted and lightly buttered and the bacon sorta cooked into the eggs but still crunchy-ish and some hot chocolate..

  4. Ruthy!!!!!!

    I love bringer. Actually, I kind of feel guilty each year for looking forward to Shrove Tuesday because it's all about waffles and pancakes and bacon and sausage and eggs for dinner.

    You should see my husband's face light up when we're discussing dinner and I suggest breakfast. He always asks for home fries with the eggs and bacon.

  5. Argggh. That was supposed to say brinner but apparently unto-correct is not a fan since it changed it to bringer. No bacon for you auto-correct!

  6. Another great thing is that this is something the carnivores can make for midnight...

    I'll even buy the pre-cooked bacon, if it encourages them to feed themselves :)

  7. This has officially made me extremely hungry since I didn't have breakfast this morning and I'm at the college, stomach growling until lunch BUT I think Starbucks does something similar and they also have white hot chocolate so that's where I'm headed for soon! Very, very soon! Thanks for the suggestion!!!!

  8. Mmmm, this is one of my favourite brunch meals, especially when we're camping. Everybody puts their own together. Another is the individual 'omelet boiled in a bag', but that's for another time. Either way it's easy eggs and my hubby thinks eggs are the perfect meal any time of the day.

  9. I'm sorry I missed Saturday! We were helping our son move.

    These just made me so hungry! I think I'll go make me one now! :)