Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rye Boat Non-Poisonous to Dogs!

Okay, my head's not on holiday calendar-friendly status, hence the lateness of this post, but I knew youse would be glad to know that a full grown poodle (who shall go nameless) and a full grown Golden Retriever (ditto) did not DIE after consuming an amazingly delicious left-over HUGE plate of rye bread and the accompanying dip.

Suspect # 1: Maddie, aka Hearthside's Madison O'Malley
Suspect is never considered dangerous but she'll eat herself to death if allowed.
Note trusting brown eyes...
Red coat.
Do not let those beguiling eyes fool you!

Suspect #2:  "Libby" aka "Hearthside's Lady Liberty"
Libby rarely instigates trouble, but she's proficient at riding shotgun.
Unarmed, undangerous and very friendly.
But she barks loudly when people approach the gates of the stronghold.
Good dog! (then)

They did seem to prefer the light rye to the dark pumpernickel.

I have no idea what that means.

I like both. Breads, that is.

The lovely Christmas platter (Mikasa, not pricey but really sweet, you know, deer in the woods, just lovely to behold) suffered no damage and was literally licked clean so washing it now is really a 50/50 shot around here.

After all, a dog's mouth is supposed to be VERY, VERY clean.

I do not know if this is true, I'm not even sure I like dogs right now, but I do know that I need coffee.


And I'm realizing that shutting doors with a firm "click" is in my best interests.

And that they saved me a gazillion carbs and calories.

I'm not telling them that.

The end.

(No, this isn't my picture, but mine was just as pretty... before I erased my camera on Christmas day. Oops. Actually, I liked mine better. It also had the dark rye in the middle, but the surrounding bread was alternating dark and light rye. Quite festive! And my parsley wasn't the size of a tree. I'm calling that OVERKILL.... :)

Rye Dip Recipe:

(there are multiple variations on this recipe, but this is the one we eat voraciously!)

1 1/2 cup sour cream
1 1/2 cup mayonnaise (I use Hellman's)
1 pkg cut or diced into small pieces dried beef
1 1/2 tsp. beau monde (found in spice section, very Southern!)
1 1/2  tsp. dill (also found in spice section or your garden)
2 Tablespoons parsley (I just remembered this, doh!!!)

Mix in bowl. Spoon into hollowed out round rye loaf... serve with additional rye bread. This is a single recipe, we usually double it for a party.

Also, this dip (without the beef) makes a great "spread" for cucumber sandwiches for parties. Slice chilled fresh cucumbers thinly. Cut crust from bread (or use cute cutter thingamajiggie) Spread bread with thin layer of dip...

Add cucumbers.

Cut sandwiches into serving sized pieces, refrigerate (covered) and serve ice cold. Great for showers, church functions, parties, card groups, etc. Very well received up here!


  1. funny how dogs save there owners. my friends dog helped woops i mean saved my friend from eating shortbread. it was on the counter cooling safe she thought. then the next day her hubby briught her a cup of tea and peice of shortbread and the dog grabbed the shortbread out of his hand. (still typing one handed)

    1. You're doing well, one-handed! :) And I know what you mean, I can just see that dog nipping that shortbread.

      Deb Marvin was making shortbread yesterday for something.... I didn't get any from her, but I bet it smelled wonderful!

      Jenny, dogs are too funny.

  2. Replies
    1. Hush, you.

      I'm pretending it was their Christmas dinner.


      Very late.

  3. You mean you don't buy your rye dip from Wegmans???? ;-) I know whenever we used to have this at my in-laws', it would be rye bread and dip from Weggies. Don't get it very often, but it's the only time I like rye bread.

    I remember one of our dogs years ago stealing a cooked hamburger off the kitchen counter. *sigh*

    How's the snow out your way? It's snowing here now. :( We're heading to Wyoming County today--to celebrate Christmas and our daughter's birthday (which was yesterday) at her house. Don't think our son, d-i-law and grandson are going because of their bad colds. :(

    Happy New Year, Ruthy! *hug*

    1. So many colds/flu/respiratory viruses right now, Melanie! Sorry they have to miss the fun.

      I never buy rye dip. I know, it's easy... and I love Wegmans and Tops, but their rye dip isn't as good as this recipe.

      But maybe it's what you get used to. Snowing here, yes, and I went out (roads are terrible but the Stabili-lock traction on the Cruze is awesome. No skidding!!! No slip and slide. Love it!) because I ran out of putty for fixing walls and the wall in the spare room I'm stripping has two significant (read: you can almost see the neighbor's house and read their newspaper) cracks so I had to get putty. So of course then I needed more sandpaper... and some paint stripper. And dust masks for my face. And then I was halfway to Starbucks so why not drive the rest of the way and get a caramel macchiato because I figured out how to fix my hero in the book I'm working on!!!! Coffee is my reward!


      Now home... quiet... everyone's away and I'm loving it!

      Sign me,

      Happy in Upstate!

  4. smart dogs - I"ve had LOTS of food swiped (though nothing that fancy!) but hey at least they're better than men- you cooked and at least they cleaned after eating... :-) man a sandwich on homemade bread sounds good right now(yes it's 7:25 am and I just had leftover chinese for breakfast -along with a cup of hot green tea...)

    1. I ate potato soup for breakfast with Dave... although it was more like lunchtime for me by then.

      I hear ya', Susanna.

      Homemade bread.

      Oh. Yum.

  5. Blissful sigh, I love a good dog story but I'm not going to share it with Simba. Don't want to give him any ideas. He's excellent about not snarfing down food. Mind you, I've never cooked squirrel so I'm not sure what would happen if I did. :-)

    1. Umm...


      Not to be insulting or anything but you know that dogs are attracted to MEAT, right honey?

      And you have none.

      Therefore your sweet dog might just be smart enough to avoid a corn-and-pea fest at your place.

      I'm just sayin' that the beef in that dip was a real DOG-ATTRACTOR type meal.


      Now squirrel... Simba knows that's some good eats right there!

    2. my girls are actually more partial to CHEESE than meat I think..unless the meat's raw - something about that and cooked bacon just bring out the beast in them but I think I should have named them 'cheese' since that's the guaranteed word to send them rushing to the kitchen.

      wasn't the snatched bread homemade?! I assumed it was since you're the mega-cook-from-scratch queen! that's what made me start thinking of homemade bread!

      gosh gotta get to teh store-christmas get-together wiht some friends and 2 unexpected kiddos are showing up early - same time as my friend's little dude- I'm one of these who may not buy equal for the unknowns but I sure don't like not having anything for a kid though I could probably get by with it since they're really little - under 2 - but still...need to brave the crowds(hope they're not out since it's after Christmas and cold but not holding my breath)
      Susanna - I think Maddie ate it and Libby figured out how to get it...

    3. Rats...and I thought it was my latent dog whispering skills coming to light. :-(

    4. hahahahahahahahaha! Susanna, you're a hoot and I'm sure they were in "cahoots" together. They're best buds and love each other. I bought the bread at Tops Market. They're rye breads in the bakery are wonderful. I can't make them as good as they do.

      But thank you for thinking that!!!!

      Kav, I have no doubt as to your dog whispering... It's the availability of tempting items (unless there's cheese around. Or egg puffs/cream puff biscuits. Dogs love those. And yes, I found out the hard way.) that had me second-guessing you, my friend! :)

      Although they do love pasta and rice at our house.

  6. First of all, that plate of bread/dip/etc. looks delicious. No wonder the dogs had to have some!

    Second, we had multiple problems with Connor stealing food (or anything) off the counter, until his hips got so bad he couldn't get his front paws up there anymore. I'm sure he tried to talk Wynter into stealing for him, but she's a strange dog. If she thinks something belongs to her god (aka my dear husband), she won't touch it. So our counters have been safe for a few years now.

    On the other hand, if it hits the floor, it's hers.

    Too bad about losing the food, though.

    1. Jan, I hear ya'! The nice thing is, they looked so stinkin' HAPPY!!! PARTY!!!!!! :)

      Naughty girls! I love your spelling on Wynter... very poetic!

  7. my old cat Meggs was a theif couldn't trust him with food at all. more than once a cake bared his scars like the cake with honey topping. He took a couple of swipes out of that one. a sponge covered in cream got his attention. Mum took the cream layer of and redid it and i took it to supper.
    didnt need a vacuum cleaner Meggs found every crumb oh but didnt like turkey.

    1. A cat that likes cake and not turkey.

      Jenny, that's a cat for you. Fussy, strange creatures! I swear they can smell through glass... I was cleaning shrimp for the Christmas party the other day, and two of them hopped onto the wood pile, staring in the window.

      The thick, plate glass window.

      How did they know?????

      Can they smell fish/seafood through glass?

      They stared at me, willing me to give up the shrimp but their feline mind control games didn't wear me down.

      They got cat food and a firm scolding to go find mice!

  8. I love reading dogs' registered names-- I guess that's why I love book titles so much, or vice versa. Anyway, I know all about those big eyes. Yeesh.

    I am very glad to know a rye bread and dip platter is not poisonous to dogs. :p

    They did seem to prefer the light rye to the dark pumpernickel.

    Oouuugghh. I can tell you why. I ate a piece of pumpernickel bread when I was child-- I thought it was a brownie-- and well... the aftermath wasn't pretty. I'll let the undescribed description suffice. I can still *smell* the pumpernickel bread when I see it or hear the word. The horrors. Oh well. At least you know now that nobody-- not even dogs-- like the stuff.


    1. Oh, Whitney, darling girl, I can just imagine how that all turned out.

      Oh. Yuck. Poor baby! The surprise of expecting melt-in-your-mouth chocolate....

      and getting pumpernickel?

      Oy!!! Hugs to you!

      Although I love pumpernickel now. I do not remember liking it (or maybe even seeing it???) as a kid. It's pretty strong for a kid.

  9. LOL, Ruthy! Naughty dogs! But so funny! (sorry, had to laugh). :) :)

    Had to laugh at Whitney as well! I can't imagine thinking something is a brownie and then getting pumpernickel!! LOL And I even LIKE pumpernickel. Still...very disappointing. :)

    BTW, Ruthy, what's dried beef? All I can picture is beef jerky. Are you talking about what we called chipped beef?

    1. Yes, Missy. Chipped beef. But if you say that up here, people look at you crazy.

      Up here the package says "Dried Beef" now but I always heard it called chipped beef.

      And it's tricky to find because stores put it wherever they want to. Ours generally have it near the tuna and canned meats.

      But I've seen it in the snack aisles, too, near jerky.

      I'm posting a pic of it now.

    2. Thanks, Ruthy! That helps. I'll know what to look for. It would have been a little weird with chunks of jerky! LOL