Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve with the Drexler's

Crowded malls fall silent...

Streets empty...

Church bells ring...

Candles are lit.....

Have you noticed how the whole world holds its breath in anticipation on this one holy night of the year?

Christmas Eve at our house has changed over the years.

Children grow, 

Grandma and Grandpa with the Drexler children

 Leaving behind memories,


watercolor ponies

and butterfly kisses.

We move from house, to house, to house...and from church to church to church...leaving behind friends, but taking more memories.

The one thing that remains,

The one thing that stays constant,

Is God's incredible love. His gift. His indescribable mercy and grace.

The baby born in the shadow of the cross.

So how do we celebrate this wonderful night at our house?

First of all is church.
My daughter, after working at our local mall all day long, will be playing this beautiful song for the service: O Come O Come Emanuel.

After the service we'll come home...everyone...all six of us. Adults, every one.

I'll have our Christmas "Tea" prepared....  

....and we'll spend the rest of the evening enjoying family.

No television, no video games, no computers.

Just snacking, talking, laughing....

....whopping the pants off some poor soul in a game of dominoes....

Adding to the Christmas memories.

May your days be merry and bright,

And may all your Christmases be white.

Merry Christmas!


  1. tried to post before but lost it. problem typing one handed. its christmas eve night. we always watch carols by candlelight from melbourne. then chuch Christmas day.

    my pastor gave me a candle to light to remember mum tomorrow but have lit it tonight as mum loved the carols.

    on a sad note a middle aged lady lost her life a mile or so from the town today. so please take care on the roads.

    1. That's a beautiful way to remember your mother, Jenny, and a wonderful tradition to carry on. Praying for your peace and comfort today and tomorrow.

      And you'll be enjoying Christmas Day long before the rest of us!

    2. Oh, Jenny, so sad to hear that. I always hurt for people who lose loved near the holidays.

  2. Beautfully said, Jan. And I love your emphasis on simplicity -- moving away from the bustle of the season so you can make memories that count. Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh, this sounds wonderful! What I wouldn't give for a quiet night of dominoes, ha!

    One child is pounding out 'O Holy Night' on the piano. You know that scene in 'It's a Wonderful Life' where Jimmy Stewart loses it when his daughter is playing the same tune over and over? Yeah. :D

    Another child is behind me practicing a Christmas carold for the Christmas Eve service. She has a beautiful voice and at 11 is leading the service. But she also has quiet a pair of lungs.

    Two toddlers under my chair, running monster trucks over my feet.

    Older boys are cleaning the turtle tank and I can hear water sloppign down the hallway. Dirty turtle water. Salmonella water. Ick. I'll be mopping that.

    Can I come for Christmas??


    Seriously, loving it all. Noise and everything. Lookign forward to the quiet days of dominoes.

    1. LOL! I KNOW what your house is like right about now!

      Our family is in that brief lull between wild and crazy children and wild and crazy grandchildren - we'll enjoy the quiet while we can, but I crave some of that toddler energy again :)

    2. My sister says the wld and crazy grandkids part is THE BEST. It will be there sooner than you know it!

    3. We have to have at least one wedding, first.

      And before that, there should be a time of courting/dating.

      And before that, a first date is a necessity.

      And then, of course, there has to be "the meet".

      I can plan it all out for fictional characters, but real flesh and blood people are another animal altogether :)

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  5. I'm a day late but loved a glimpse of your evening, Jan! Merry Christmas to all of you!

    Jenny, I love that you lit a candle to remember your mother.