Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cajun Jewish Country Christmas Latkes!

 I didn't set out to make Latkes, I was just coming up with an inventive fried potato cake that would stick together and that's pretty much the same thing and then Lawyer Boy from Manhattan said, "Oh, you made latkes! Great! I love them."

So here's our new Jewish Christmas County Breakfast Tradition:

I started with these ingredients:

1/3 cup flour
2 eggs, beaten
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon Cajun seasoning
3 Tablespoons or so chopped onion (can use fresh or dried, or use chives or shallots)
1 teaspoon garlic
About 3/4 bag of shredded hash browns, thawed
1 1/2 teaspoons salt

Beat eggs with whisk. Add flour and seasonings. Beat together. I thinned it with about 1/3 cup water.... better mixing consistency that way.

Add potatoes, mix well. (I use my hands because them thar spuds are slippery little suckers!)

Heat olive oil in large frying pan until hot, but don't catch the house on fire. Oil burns quickly so ignore the naughty children and the cute guy on TV and if you're dancing around the kitchen, dance with one eye on the frying pan.

This gratuitous pic is of freshly cooked bacon....

Mmm... BACON......  We made breakfast sandwiches for the crew, also. Hence the bacon... Oh, yum.

More bacon cooking. There were a lot of us.

Form the seasoned shredded potatoes into patties. Place carefully in hot oil. Allow to brown on bottom before turning...

I actually turned these a little too soon. I like them browner (crispier) so I re-did this side... but then I hit some button on my camera that ERASED ALL MY PICTURES.... Which I meant to do one of these days, although I'd have been more selective.


Drain these delicious, slightly spicy Cajun Jewish Christmas cakes on clean paper towels and enjoy! You can pick these up and eat them out of hand once they cool a little... or serve with gravy for a heart-attack-in-the-making feast!

And look who's on the side porch, wishing us Merry Christmas?

Why it's the CHRISTMAS CHICKEN, of course!!!  :)

Hello, Chicken!

I do believe chicken is hoping for some latke... or a breakfast sandwich. Or something.

Clearly the bird is hungry... so yes, I went to feed her. And her friends.

But they didn't get Cajun Jewish Christmas Latkes!

Ruth Logan Herne loves to write, she loves to cook and bake, and she's not all that big on cleaning...

This gets problematic after a while, but she doesn't care, she simply continues writing, cooking and baking and eventually someone comes along, digs their way to the sink and makes things shine for an hour.

Or two.

You can find her books at Christian Book or AMAZON and she loves it when you visit her and her buds in Seekerville... or here at the cafe!


  1. that is ONE FINE CHICKEN!

    I have chicken envy. Ours are little scrawny things.

  2. This bird is an escape artist. There is only one tiny corner of the top of the run that's open... and she pumps her wings and works to fly up through it.

    She's one tough lady. I love that about her.

    And none of the other chickens or roosters are smart enough to follow her and realize there are endless seeds, bugs and cat food on the other side of the fence.

    She was letting me know the cat food dish was EMPTY.

    How dare I????


    So there's your secret. Cat food.

  3. Your chicken eats cat food. My cat eats dog food. My dog will do anything for a leftover pancake. What's wrong with this picture?

    Nothing is wrong with the Latkes. They look so good! I have a feeling my crew would eat these up, especially with the bacon on the side.

  4. Oh my stars, Jan, can you imagine how good these would be with crumbled bacon IN THEM???? (sorry, Kav!!! Erase that image from your mind, ASAP!)

    And to just sit there and eat, eat, eat....

    I think I"m getting hungry, LOL! Where's that Italian Cream Cake???? (Which is similar to the Cannoli Cake on this website, peeps!!!)

    1. Hmmm, I have bacon...I have potatoes...I have cheese....

  5. LOL -- that escape artist chicken is a picture book in the making, Ruthy. Ever read the Minerva Louise books to your brood? (feathered or otherwise?) I'm thinking that chicken is Minerva's kissin' cousin.

    I could have done without the gratuitous pics of the bacon :-) but Simba appreciated the tantalizing visual. Poor boy, he's never smelled bacon cooking, but he's heard about it at the dog park.

    And your potato latkes look delish. I had a German roomie who used to make what we dubbed German pancakes -- very similiar to this. I'm having a nostalgic craving.

    1. Poor Simba.

      How does he do with pancakes? Wynter loves anything bread. Sweet and bread together make her drool.

      Of course, her access to these things are limited - unlike the brown rocks the cat loves.

    2. Simba's a foodie -- or would be if I let him. Shelties aren't supposed to drool but when I make homemade pizza -- that yeasty herbed smell has him salivating. And he's dreadful to walk at supper time in the summer because he has to stop and smell the air in front of all the houses who are barbequing. So embarrassing.

    3. Wait, wait, there are non-drooling dogs??????

      Why have I never known this?

      I can deal with shedding. Maybe even a little barking. But the drool... no.

      I may just be a dog person after all.

    4. Hahahaha! I can't do drooling dogs either, Virginia of many names....

      We have our Standard poodle "Libby". She's dark brown/charcoal gray and such a good dog.

      Maddie is our Golden Retriever mama. She is dark red with silky hair (so she sheds but not as much as some Goldens do) but NO DROOL. Not a bit.

      Although they both like to chew my underwear if I leave it in the laundry basket.

      Oh. Ugh.

      But luckily undies are washable!!! :) I confess to being an anti-drool dog owner/lover.