Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Break from All Things Pumpkin

Shrimp - it's what's for dinner when I need to eat something, have no appetite, and not much time.

I've been fighting the cough that threatened Cleveland for the past week or so. The good thing about having a cough is it really zaps your appetite (good for dumping that summer ice cream weight gain).

The bad thing is, you'd better eat if you're taking cough medicine, or funny things can happen. I still remember the Manhattan skyline twirling in circles around me while I stood on Third Avenue many years ago. Cough medicine + no food = dizzy Cate.

But if I had no appetite, I had even less energy for cooking. 

The one thing I know always helps my cough is my nettle tea with herbs and spices (thyme, oregano, basil, cayenne, garlic).  So I decided to play off that.

I'd thrown a potato in the oven to bake earlier. Once it was done, I took some pre-cooked shrimp from COSTCO, added a bunch of oregano, basil, garlic and lemon. Stirred in the chunks of potato with some butter and bread crumbs, and put in the oven to toast.  All told, prep time was about 5 minutes.

Not bad. Even if my tastebuds didn't care. There was enough flavor to at least make them take notice.

What's your go-to when you need food, but don't feel like cooking????

So, how about some pictures?

I saw this on a rainy, chill Saturday morning when Fenway and I were out walking. So lovely.

Now, they take Halloween seriously around here -

It glows purple at night! 

This I took for my editor :)

This just reminds me of Miss Havisham.

BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!  What is this I spy?????????

Less than 2 months, but really????


  1. The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming!!!


    I think they try to put pesky things up before the weather turns. I do that with Great Grandma's Santa and reindeer set, because they're huge and we have to pound stakes into the ground to keep them from blowing over in windy snow storms...

    I'm loving your quick shrimp dish, and so sorry about the cough, Cate! But loving the crazy fun Halloween look in the neighborhood. And your tag on this: "not healthy writer", LOL! Get better!!!!

    1. Yes, I did think they probably did it while it was still warm. I think it was 80 the day they went up! At least they haven't lit them yet.

      You have more of an excuse living up north.

  2. Hi Cate, My standby one pot meal is a package of rice-a-roni, add a frozen veggie when cooking the rice and some cooked chicken (usually leftover or if I don't have leftovers, I can grab a can of chicken breast I keep on hand for such occasions.) Whole meal cooks in one pot and done in about 10 minutes. Grilling is always easy too.

    Hope you feel better. Your shrimp looks yummy. And loved the photos of the neighborhood. Ours looks that way also. smile

    1. I'm going to have to try your recipe, Sandra. Maybe tonight!

    2. I wish I could eat chicken. Life would be so much simpler.

      Thanks for sharing, Sandra.

  3. So sorry you're sick! That is NOT the way to enjoy the fall weather. :(

    But your throw-together meal looks delicious! I have all of the ingredients on hand...maybe lunch!

    I'm with Ruthy - we put our Christmas decorations up when the weather permits...and helpers are around. We don't turn the lights on, though. Some things wait until Thanksgiving has been celebrated well.

    1. Hope you enjoy!

      Yes, lights should wait. But you're cold. We did dip down into 30s today, but very unusual.

  4. Sorry you're sick, Cate. It's those pesky children sharing all their germs. Something I don't have to worry about now that I'm on disability leave...though I've probably just jinxed myself. Nooooooo!

    When I'm sick I crave carbs. I want pasta. And if I'm feeling really yucky, I'll pass on the sauce and just have pasta with butter and salt and pepper. Strange, eh? But if I'm really felling blech, I call my daughter and sound pathetic and then she comes over with homemade exotic vegan soups and crusty bread and something chocolate. :-)

    1. A reason to retire and stay home and write, yes????

      And yes, they've been coughing on me for two months, so little surprise. I suspect the culprit who put me over the edge is the cat who decided to sleep in my room while my daughter was away. Cats are not good for my allergies.

  5. Mary Cate, those nasty coughs are never fun. But shrimp...! I always keep a bag of shrimp in the freezer. So many quick and easy ways to use those little creatures. Plus there yummy. Not to mention loaded with protein.

    Love the fall color. We might have some by Thanksgiving. Just in time for the Christmas decorations. At the yaupon holly knows the rules.