Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Praline Peach Shortbread

Sadly, this post almost didn't happen today.

You see, I got on the scale this morning.


During the school year, I'm running all day long up and down stairs, walking around the classroom, walking almost an hour altogether to and from the subway.

In summer I sit and write.

Not pretty.

Even walking the dog doesn't help because he doesn't much like walking in the heat either.

But I decided to be kind to you and give you a lovely recipe to enjoy before I head into heavy-duty healthy eating. Warning: I've already been preparing the beets and kale.

But let's forget about that for today.

I have something so tasty you won't care about the calories. At least not while you're eating.

For the past few weeks, Facebook has been taunting/tempting me with a recipe for Peachy Praline Upside Down cake. Have any of you been getting that in your sidebar? It shows up in mine at least once a day.

So of course I had to look.

It's a recipe from Taste of Home.

Here's the link in case you want to make the real thing. Taste of Home Peach Praline Upside Down Cake.

I didn't want that big cake - mainly because I'm the only one here who would eat it. But really because it involved separating eggs and whipping the whites... and well, I just wanted something simpler.

Then I remembered a praline shortbread I'd had a few months ago from the farmer's market. It was pretty good, but lacked that home made taste.

So, why not combine them.

The first part I cribbed from Taste of Home.
2 sticks of butter softened
2/3 cup of sugar  (They call for brown. I used coconut palm sugar which is brown ;)  )
1 tsp of cinnamon (They added ginger but I skipped that. Nut meg might have been tasty.)

You mix all of that together over low heat until it's a yummy, gooey texture spread across the pan

Then you layer peach slices and pecans. I used 4 peaches and a bunch of handfuls of pecans.

Next, with bows to King Arthur Flour, we had shortbread. You can find that recipe here:
King Arthur Flour Shortbread Recipe.
2 sticks of butter, 1 cup of confectioner's sugar, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla.
Cream everything together, then add 2 cups of flour.

Mix well and spread over the peaches. Bake at 350 degrees until done.

 The recipe for the shortbread says about 35 minutes, but I found that it took longer this way because the peach praline mix made the dough take longer to cook. It tasted really good after 35 minutes, but it wasn't thoroughly cooked.

I couldn't resist a peek as it was cooking
The finished product - a perfect accompaniment while I write.

Note: It is very rich, hence the small serving. But oh so delicious!

This is sort of like the cobbler Jan shared last week, but upside down and caramelized.

Next week -


  1. YUMMY!!! Someone just gave us a box of peaches and I have to go steal some for this recipe (otherwise we'll just eat them all fresh).
    I think we have the opposite problem. In the summer I'm running everywhere, not a minute to sit down unless it's my normal writing at night. But winter... Ah, winter. No swimming, running to the park every day, or gardening/creating something beautiful outside.
    Just the other day I made four loaves of zuchhini bread. One was regular, one had walnuts, one had blackberries, and one was cinnamon peach. In 24 hours, my teens have friends over, the middle kids have friends over, the little guys had a play date, and my husband had several slices. I got HALF A SLICE (I left the other half on a plate and my six year old thought it was for him). I want to glare and laugh at the same time. LOL.

    Looking forward to the beet recipes! I only know two and one is borscht.

    1. Four loaves gone, just like that. Sigh.

      When that happens around here, my family says, "You'll just have to make more."

    2. Virginia, I would probably cry if I made all that and only got a half a slice. LOL

    3. LOL -- at least you know they love your cooking. And think of the fond memories they'll have of mum's creative zucchini bread.

    4. Those sound so delicious, MaryJane. My daughter brought me a zucchini peach carrot muffin the other day and it was SO delicious. It was from our local Swedish coffee shop.

      Next time, hide some for you!

    5. Missy's taking the high road. I would have made sure my family knew just how disappointed that I only got a half a slice. Maybe not with words, but definitely in actions. Or silence. Of course, one of them would probably say something like, "But your such a good cook, Mom. We couldn't help ourselves" and then I'd turn to mush. :P

    6. I should clarify! I really wasn't upset. LOL. Sweets are nt my thing. Probably why I make them so often. Now, if it were gourmet pizza I would have LOST MY STUFFING. (No, but I would have been disappointed.)

      I LOVE that they eat everything. I don't have to worry about hiding it from myself.

  2. Oooh! My peaches are all gone, but I wish I still had a few for this recipe! It looks scrumptious!

    I'm with you on that "sit and write" syndrome, except I have it all year long.

    Walking the dogs keeps me going, though. On these hot summer days I'm up before dawn, getting our walk in before the pavement loses the overnight coolness. They love it, I love it, so it's all good.

    In the winter, I put my snow cleats on my boots for traction. But I don't head out so early. We wait until the rest of the neighborhood has left for work so we don't have to fight the traffic. Yes, call me a wimp.

    But in between, it's BICHOK! *Bottom In Chair, Hands On Keyboard*

    1. I love walking in cooler weather, Jan. unfortunately, due to his illness and treatment this winter, Fenny no longer has the stamina for long walks, especially in the heat. But he's alive 7 months after they couldn't promise he'd live the night, so I'm grateful for every day and quite content to have him sleep beside me as I write.

      My husband asked the other day if I thought love could heal. I don't know if it can cure, but I believe it has helped.

  3. This looks so good, Mary Cate!! Thanks for sharing. I love shortbread. And peaches. And caramel. LOL


    1. Missy, it tastes even better cold! I had some with my coffee this morning. I'm calling it work because it would be unethical to recommend something I hadn't scrupulously taste-tested.
      That's my story.

  4. Oh yum -- a truly decadent peach creation. And I'm in awe of the carefree way you adapt a recipe. I think we might finally have some decent peaches at the market so I may be tempted to try making this too.

    Looking forward eagerly to beet and kale week. Bwahahaha!

    1. Kay, decadent is definitely the word for it.

      I'm laughing attack your praise. My husband loves to remind me that baking is a science - chemistry. I was never much good at chemistry, but baking I can do.

  5. Cate what a delight...peaches, pecans, and caramel! I'll use the coconut palm sugar, since I have a package languishing in the pantry from my I-thought-I'd-try-healthy phase. What a TRY to sample in a tiny portion. Ha! Thanks!

    1. I've become a big fan of coconut palm sugar, Sherida. I don't know if it's in my head or real, but I have heard that you don't get the same sugar spike.

  6. Peaches and pecans... Be still my heart. Thanks, Mary Cate!

    1. Mindy, the peaches that were resting on that brown sugar and butter mix - well, I just had to taste them. Oh my! I wouldn't have had to even put the rest of it together!

  7. I am all over this. I can't wait to try it!!!!

    The weight thing: I read a great article in Reader's Digest about timing food... the twelve hour fast at night.

    Then I went online to check it out....

    And it got lots of kudos, Cate! You simply eat normally through the day, and do the heavier meals early.... and then a light supper and then 12 hour fast.

    So if we're sleeping 7 of those 12 hours, that's a couple hours on either end... and then you eat what you want again.

    Honestly, the hardest thing for me (being short and sedentary) is having to skip out on carbs or treats.

    And on this, it's not a huge deal. So I'm trying this, and so far it's working. Because even though we're sitting, Cate... I GET HUNGRY!!!!

    It's a conundrum, isn't it????? But I'm in love with this idea and can't wait to give it a try!

    1. Ruthy, I have a hard time thinking of you as sedentary. More like the Energizer bunny. ;-)

    2. I wonder if I could convince myself to do this. Snacking at night is my worst crime against weight.

      Being home all day is also a problem because the refrigerator is just right there!

  8. I will just add, for anyone who might be tempted, I would add way more peaches. They kind of get lost under the shortbread because the shrink while cooking.