Friday, October 30, 2015

The End of an Era -- Evans Fine Foods

Last weekend was my daughter's Parents and Family Weekend at college. So my husband and I spent Friday and Saturday with her. On Saturday morning we took her and some of our longtime friends to one of our favorite restaurants that we ate at while we were in graduate school.

Evans Fine Foods has been in Decatur, Georgia, since 1946.

I can't count how many bacon and cheese omelets I've eaten there! In fact, it's the place I first met my then-boyfriend's parents who became my in-laws.

Our friends, who live in the area, had heard a rumor that the place was closing. Sadly, our waiter confirmed it. (And I just saw this article today that shares the fact of the closing as well as the restaurant's history.) I was so sad to hear the news. I snapped this shot on the way out the door to remember by.

Since we now live an hour outside Atlanta, I hadn't eaten there in years. But Evans will always be a part of my history. In fact, I hope I'll hear that some group has come to the rescue and will keep the place open.

Do you have any restaurants that hold special meaning to you?


  1. Our favorite spot to eat closed three years ago, a little restaurant and tavern that had been around for decades... and I heard it was because one of the two owners had an addiction problem and drove it into bankruptcy... which is sad, right?

    But it gave me story fodder, too, how one person's life choices can affect so many people on the peripheral. The partner, the staff, the clientele... The ripple effect of one addiction messing up an entire circle of people, but then the plus side of the ripple effect is the increased business at other places and a new opportunity for the other partner/partners.

    Story fodder.

    But I still my restaurant.

    1. Ruthy, I saw a piece on the news the other night about this closing. The owners are just retiring. So unless someone steps forward to buy it, I guess we'll say goodbye.

      I'm so sorry to hear about your favorite local restaurant.

  2. All our landmark occasions for years have been celebrated at a vegetarian restaurant called The Green Door. No signs of them closing (I hope) but if they do, I have their cookbook.

    The place I really miss is The Olive Garden. Sigh. There was a group of us who all celebrated our birthdays there so we'd all get together about once a month for a girls night out. The place was always packed so I have no idea why they closed.

    1. Kav I'm glad your favorite is still going strong! My husband's favorite is the Olive Garden. :) I hope y'all can find a new place to get together!

  3. Monti's in Tempe was a historic landmark and the first restaurant in Tempe. They made the best prime rib and a delicious homemade herb bread. Another restaurant that is a landmark for hubby and I is still around at Lake Tahoe. You sit on the river and watch the people feed the fish off Fanny Bridge.

  4. Not a favorite because I'd never eaten there, but a local restaurant closed for the same reason as Ruthy's did. I was sad because I had an unused $100 gift card for it!