Friday, June 29, 2018

Quick Low Country Boil

I wanted to re-share this (probably for the second time!) because I love it so much and have been craving it. And because it's so quick and simple. Enjoy!

Quick Low Country Boil
Missy Tippens

I love a good low country boil. And today while looking at shrimp at the grocery, I decided to make it! Of course since I didn't get home until 6 pm, I had to make a quick version.

I started with a basic recipe and altered it to fit my schedule.

1 lb. shrimp, I bought peeled and deveined
potatoes, washed and quartered (or cut smaller)
4 ears fresh corn (or buy the small frozen ears)
Andouille sausage (I used two links)
Crab boil seasoning

Heat a large soup pot of water. I used my steamer basket so I could drain the food to serve. Pour in about 1 TBS of crab boil seasoning and taste to see if you're happy with the flavor and strength. I thought it was really spicy so didn't need more.

While water comes to a boil, cut potatoes. I cut the red potatoes in about 6-8 pieces each so they'd cook quickly.

Then I cut up the sausage.

Once the water boils, toss in the potatoes and sausage. Simmer for about 20 minutes.

While that cooked, I pre-cooked the corn for so we wouldn't have to wait so long. You can see the microwave cooking method in a previous post. But it only needs to cook for 4 minutes. (Click here and then come back.)

You can see this is a great way to make it so you don't have to spend time shucking it. And when you squeeze the corn out of the husks after cooking, most of the silks go with the husks.

Since the corn was basically ready to eat, I didn't need to cook it for long in the pot. I broke each ear into 3 pieces, then added them to the pot. Then I tossed in the shelled, cleaned shrimp. I boiled for 3 more minutes.

Then dinner was ready!

Either drain (using the steamer insert) or else scoop out the food. I've been to parties where they dump the food out onto newspapers and everyone helps themselves.

It's not traditional looking. But it sure tasted good. And was ready in about 30 minutes.

I added a kale salad from the deli (raw kale with orange dressing, dried cherries, pumpkin seeds, and carrots.)

Have you ever had a low country boil before?


  1. I remember this, Missy. And it looks as yummy now as it did the first time around. No wonder you're craving it.

  2. I've had low country boil, although I've never made it myself...and I won't make it. Alas, seafood doesn't go over well at our house.

    So I'll watch for it on restaurant menus and enjoy it then!

    Thanks for sharing it again, Missy!

    1. Jan, we have a restaurant near our house that does an excellent job! And they provide a bib for the mess of peeling their shrimp. :)

  3. Regardless of what the other half days this will end up on a menu at our house one day. I think he can handle shrimp and I know the rest of it will go over well. Maybe we will invite Jan over when I finally make it ;)

    1. LOL, Katie! I think Jan will love that. :)

    2. That kale salad looks good too. What did the orange dressing taste like do you remember? I have started to enjoy making my own dressing for certain salads.