Friday, June 15, 2018

Creative Ice Cream Flavors!

Missy Tippens

Have you ever been inspired by something ice cream flavors?

I was inspired recently when we went to an ice cream shop I'd been hearing people rave about: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. We went to the one in Decatur (Georgia). I've also heard you can buy it at the grocery store as well! Or order online, apparently.

Here are some of the cool flavors I saw in the store. I had such a hard time deciding...

Yes, I ended up getting the goat cheese flavor. It was so good! I really want to go back soon to try more.

Next time you're doing something creative, try something different. Combine different flavors or shapes or colors...or (for us writers) different character combos.

Maybe combine characters from two towns. Or two families from different series.

And if you need inspiration, try visiting a cool ice cream shop. You never know what you might dream up. :)


  1. Well, now I want ice cream, Missy. And I haven't even had breakfast yet. Definitely some interesting flavors. Obviously the owner has no problem thinking outside the box. Like you said, lots of inspiration.

  2. I know, Mindy. I could definitely eat it for breakfast!

  3. Goat cheese ice cream? I think of goat cheese as being savory, not sweet, but you said it was delicious, so I'd try it!

    Our favorite ice cream store has the basics - vanilla, chocolate, and "flavor of the day," but the variety comes in the sundaes and malts. Our daughter who works there has come up with her own sundae, and it's delicious. She hopes it will be on the menu the next time they reprint them!

    1. Jan, I adore goat cheese and could even eat it plain. So I knew I'd love it no matter what. :)

      You'll have to let us know your daughter's recipe!